Medicaid, explained: why it's worse to be sick in some states than others

Where you live could mean the difference between life and death.

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Matthew is a Medicaid recipient with a life threatening illness. He is one of 70 million Americans who depends on this program. Medicaid was passed in the mid-1960s after decades of fights over the role of government in medical care. FDR and Truman fought for healthcare, but Johnson wound up passing this landmark legislation. Around this same time, developed nations around the world passed universal health programs. The US got Medicaid.


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45 Responses

  1. Fish Burger says:

    lol imagine not having a national health care

  2. get countered says:

    britan isnt the best example, literaly all our nurses are underpayed and hospital are understaffed soo

  3. Rejected says:

    poor country

  4. Soha Abdul Azeem says:

    capitalism strikes again

  5. Sankalpa Huddedar says:

    Like other countries Private Healthcare should be Nonprofit. CEOs and board of directors can take salaries that fits in nonprofit rules.

  6. Tyyppi kyl says:

    Vox videos be like : "America has always been a little different"

  7. Mr. & Mrs. D. says:

    All of those things get done without anyone getting a bill in both of the other countries I have lived in, UK and Portugal.

  8. da JAG says:

    America is run by greedy corporations and bureaucrats.

  9. Om G says:

    I'm a Republican, but I would 100% support expanding Medicaid. The government has a duty to help the poor and the old, and help other Americans pay for it via Tax Rebates.

  10. bwci says:

    Hey I just thought I'd say something real quick. I'm from Wales a country in the UK. And I honestly thought all American news corporations where highly corrupt and only looking to back up the political part they support. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised vox. You guys are what the media should be. So thank you, you've reinstated hope in humanity. ❤️

  11. karina caballero says:

    We need healthcare. Middle class is really not middle class when we make 75k and end up with a 200k bill for 2 days in the hospital. Not including if one of our children get sick. Either we have to be extremely rich or extremely poor all our lives.

  12. Hugo Louëssard says:

    It's astonishing how in the US, you don't seem to understand the only problem in healthcare : Price regulation ! Your federal government has to pass a low regulating health related prices ! Take the cost of something, add a percentage of profit, and the prices won't skyrocket. That's just what we do in France for example and drug prices for example are very low. Rarely does a drug costs more than 10$

  13. Roger Szmodis says:

    For American doctors, do no harm only applies to their bank accounts.

  14. Epic Gamer says:

    The name Medicaid sounds made up

  15. LJG says:

    The United States have the most complex healthcare system in the world…

    Germany: hold my beer

  16. Ladder says:

    1:00 that guy's heart isnt surviving.

  17. Theodora Yuuki says:

    The problem is unmonitored privatised health care system

  18. Billie Maier says:

    Greed destroys your soul. Even the soul of an entire nation.

  19. Legend Unrealistic. says:


  20. Dylan says:

    I wonder how many years have to go by till trumps just remembered for being president like Reagan is.

  21. Human -NPC says:

    Yay I live in Connecticut.

  22. Infi says:

    Californians: Texas is a bad place
    *Lets move to Texas*

  23. Julia Kaz says:

    Im 24. Im 113,000$ in medical debt thanks to a near death experience and being in icu on a ventilator. I was in a coma for 4 days, and ive spent multiple long term hospital vists as well. My credit is ruined now

  24. Edwin perez says:

    Without Medicaid I could not afford my medication for schizophrenia and OCD the OCD medication is $458 and for schizophrenia it’s $595 that’s without insurance and my outpatient program

  25. CaraMarie13 says:

    So those states that are supposedly great for retirement also happen to be the ones capping the living daylights out of the health insurance many of those retirees are going to need. Well, good thing those savings are enough to cover their medical cost, i said sarcastically

  26. Tonisha Garland says:

    The disastrous garden ecologically notice because grease socioeconomically heal along a shiny competitor. dysfunctional, meek single

  27. LlamaLord says:

    you need to make healthcare affordable, not free. Its too late to change the fundamentals of American healthcare.

  28. Stormi Story says:

    Just the same way I saw testimony of how Austin helped a man make -$50,000 weekly Profit I tried now am also sharing my testimony with over,$10,000 from the company thanks for the good did she has done for me for this short period of time

  29. Bohimio says:

    Ihr Opfer

  30. Ursula Smith says:

    Get the Bismarck model.

  31. dacadz says:

    Americans are some of the most propagandized people in the world… and they don’t even know it

  32. Marcela Cavalheiro says:

    why isn't Brazil in that Universal Healthcare list? WE HAVE S.U.S.!!! Which is literally an acronym of "Universal Healthcare System".

  33. Veysel Macit says:

    turkey is in wrong place. here we have universal health insurance.

  34. sanctificate says:

    Lobbying ❌

    Clear Corruption ✅

  35. njhawk says:

    TL;DR get health insurance

  36. burper2000000 says:

    That British cartoons hair is too weird

  37. Arkesh Bora says:

    "i got sick as a little kid"

  38. Karm Silva says:

    Medical costs in the US is for the birds.

  39. Jason Messinger says:

    Sometimes I'm so ashamed of my country.

  40. Ori Istzer says:

    Canadian Dora be like: do you know what free healthcare is? No! Oof

  41. S L says:

    Grew up In GA and thought that was the only way it was in the US: Government bad, Jesus good. 

    Then I joined the Marines and was stationed in California and it was, for all intents and purposes, a different country. People were happier, healthier and more secure. I couldn't believe the mental and societal difference. All my life I heard my dad's thick southern twang: "Well it's like this everywhere". I can tell you after living in many states that it is not. The fears that my family and people I knew had – that if you hurt yourself you would lose your job, or if you got sick you'd have to go bankrupt paying for it went away for the most part. This blew me away and yet when I went back home for leave, people were dumbfounded, like they just couldn't understand how it could be so different.

    Now I live in Berlin, DE on the public option and I can tell you that it's amazing coming from the US. It's not perfect but I've never once had to argue with someone on the phone for coverage. I've never been worried that I'd get hurt or sick and lose my job. I weep for my fellow Americans back home, they are deceived at every opportunity into thinking the people in power are on their side and this is the only way life can be. It breaks my heart and what's worse is listening to Americans fight for the very system that wants to use the pain, suffering and fear caused by medical issues to squeeze every dime from them.

  42. Alexander Fezza says:

    8:50 No cap.

  43. Ashley Dietz says:

    America happily chooses profit over people's lives. I will never understand

  44. Lisa Brooks says:

    health care is a human right.

  45. TheBaconAvenger says:

    Greece DOES have a free healthcare system,but its undermanned and underdeveloped

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