Me And That Man – Nightride (Official Video)

Nightride (Official Video). Me And That Man debut album ‘Songs of Love and Death’ is out now. Get it here:

Director: Roman Przylipiak
Screenplay: Nergal & Roman Przylipiak
DOP: Jakub Jakielaszek
Cast: Nergal, John Porter, Justyna Wasilewska
+ Sylwia Boroń, Milena Staszuk, Agata Skórska, Michał Stec
Producer: Jan Dybek-Perski, Wojciech Szwagrzyk
Costume Designer: Olga Przylipiak
Make-Up Artists: Magda Szulc, Ola Najbauer, Anna Wierzbicka
Director Assistant: Krzysztof Ginter
Camera Assistant / Focus Puller: Łukasz Gracz
Gaffer: Maciej Rosik
Light: Marcin Pabin, Michał Mankowski
Sound on Set: Adam Stanisławski
Grip: Paweł Megalon
Production Assistant: Karolina Waschto
FX on Set: Dariusz Młynarczyk
Online Effects: Orka Films
Color Correction: Olek Winiecki
Stills: Krzysztof Waś

One Production 2017

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38 Responses

  1. QBits Con dias alterados says:

    Strangled words in the dim light
    Feelings fall and turn to ice
    Where the amber heals the desolation
    Of the wound deep in you tonight

    This is a nightride with stones in your pocket
    This is a nightride to your half-life
    This is a nightride down to your railroad
    And you've never felt so cold

    You ruled the world for a moment
    Thought you were in the kingdom of love
    You were fooled by your own fantasies
    And she kicked you in the balls

    This is a nightride to burn your poetry
    This is a nightride to smash up your guitar
    This is a nightride down to your graveyard
    To see who you really are

    This is a nightride with your monkey
    This is a nightride with the Devil on your case
    This is a nightride to your nightmares
    It's time to cut to the chase

    This is a nightride with stones in your pocket
    This is a nightride to your half-life
    This is a nightride down to your railroad
    And you never felt so cold

  2. Detertronix GunFuphoniex says:

    This song needs to be in some type of QUENTIN Tarentino Crime flick!

  3. BonzoBanzai says:

    Fair enough! Cheers!

    Nergal is the man!

  4. Joe Martin says:

    so which music video continues with this?

  5. sewerslide 1312mg says:

    hahahaha " cuz u can't fn sing" great band n song

  6. dudidi dd says:

    Je adore John et Adam j adore

  7. Julie Manning says:

    Blues is for Americans. Stick with Metal bro!! Love Behemoth!! <3 <3

  8. Hugo Guzman says:

    fucking nergal… lmaoooooo

  9. Vlad Vampirelord says:

    Always keep a wing man in the trunk.

  10. Jason Good says:

    Being buried in my Behemoth shirt

  11. L. Salisbury says:

    1:51 – there is NOTHING funnier than someone getting kicked in the balls!

  12. dudidi dd says:

    Ocu iste takve tablice na mom autu

  13. Eric McDaniel says:

    Death proof car !!! Nice

  14. Scribe 69 says:

    Lance Henriksen's musical career is going really good.

  15. Xardas Necromancer says:

    Still not as good as Chris Rea's "The Road To Hell"… 🙁

  16. Mati says:

    …from the Pagan Vastlands

  17. Brian Williams says:

    Deathproof… Scull and crossbolts

  18. Andres Media says:

    jajajajaa becouse you can't fking sing ♥

  19. Uruk says:

    Awesome guys, buying the CD

  20. Meruem sama says:

    just have noticed that the numberplate says GO LUCFR

  21. Nick Buchowisch says:

    Is Nergal a country singer now ?

  22. Jaxxy James Phaniswaranunt says:


  23. Karlamar Castro says:


  24. A Kvam says:

    the guy in the back is like "im getting to old for this shit"

  25. Shivaya Kali says:

    (Behemoth) 🙁

  26. Razor True says:


  27. Gospel969 says:

    Don't get why the prostis get mad at him, looks like he stabbed one of them?, he tried to steal her handbag? He wanted to touch for free?

  28. Gospel969 says:

    to be continued?? wheeeen??!!!!

  29. DUNCE-A-TRON 5000 says:

    bad ass

  30. Teresa Juźko says:

    Niesamowicie zrealizowany klip w oparciu o fotel z "Szatańskich wersetów" Salmana Rushdiego.

  31. L. M. says:

    Personal Jesus plagio

  32. Ian Gabriel says:

    Death Proof s2

  33. rollss123 says:

    Hey could someone tell me whats that car?

  34. Diego Valadares says:

    Im a man who need some more of this…. In a brazilian style, I had like too much that song! I aways walk alone, and whith my motorcycle…. Im fucking drunk now…. So! ALL The churches are Black and Im waiting The Jesus came. How I can say when we are smiling till DEATH? Hahahahahahahaa. Kkkkkkk. Or low?

  35. Timothy Hale says:

    The theme for the next season of True Detective.

  36. JF says:

    Ok… But where is the video for O Father O Satan O Sun?

  37. filip telega says:

    bravo lucifer nightrauin to hell genius sin city dirty blues watch out fallen angels they re danger

  38. Lucas Vital says:

    This song is amazing !! Great work !!

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