Max Blumenthal : The Pandemic and State Control

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24 Responses


    If only Max spoke out about 911, JFK, and the moon landing

  2. Experience Scotland Differently says:

    I remember very clearly how from one day to the next, the US Americans where shouting and demanding revenge, even so they never had any country to really attack them.

  3. Woodysdrums says:

    It's a question of freedom not wether the vaccine works. Freedom get it??

  4. michael hogan says:

    I agree that Covid has been monetized and the public has not been served by Fauci's leadership. However Max, your statements are not science based and I consider uninformed.

  5. hermenutic says:


  6. Gabriel Bradley says:

    The threat of the virus (WHICH IS REAL) has obviously been exaggerated.

  7. Jorge Case says:

    Every six months? Every three to four months.

  8. hippychikforever says:

    When you see a politician saying V mandates are for public health, ask them why we STILL don't have Medicare For All, which would go a lot farther in healing the population than any jab.

  9. MoneyThink says:

    When will you have enough boosters? When Big Pharma is satisfied that they've made enough billions from this situation. IOW, never.

  10. Luke, Jen Majewski says:

    Idk bout this one RJ

  11. Naomi Ruocco says:

    Glad someone out there is stating logic in all of this.

  12. Paula B says:

    I really wish more of these guys tuned in to This Week in Virology (TWiV). So much misperception of the science. And science journalism is at its worst these days.

  13. Dan Harris says:

    There is no left RJ, none at all. Why do you continue to work under the paradigm that there is.

  14. Jimi Lee says:

    I think it's funny that when you scratch the surface, Dems are every bit as hateful, bigoted, cultish, cruel and authoritarian as the republicans, whom they despise for those very reasons.

  15. Jimi Lee says:

    This was always the purpose behind creating a virus and releasing into the global population. I don't see why it's not obvious at a glance to see what they're doing here. Create a virus, make trillions of dollars, and assert absolute authoritarian control.

  16. Kris H says:

    I really don't understand what's the big deal with digital IDs or vaccine passports. I pdf printed my vaccine passport (not that I necessarily even need it as I don't go out that much anyway).

    Colin Powell likely would not have died this year without Covid19. People with Parkinson's and heart disease can be treated. Haven't you noticed that life expectancy has steadily risen in the western world during 1800's and 1900's?

  17. Kris H says:

    Max is repeating here the same lies as Jimmy Dore. You should check Shaun's video of Jimmy Dore's anti-vaxxine lies where the Singapore situation is explained properly.

  18. Kris H says:

    I can't believe that Eskow is interviewing this anti-vaxxer whom I have a hard time trusting in anything he says anymore. And I used to respect Blumenthal re his political views. Just because governments lie about Venezuela and Syria doesn't mean they'd lie and misinform their populations about health related issues. And big Pharma profiting doesn't mean that the scientists would be lying about vaccines. I guess being American makes one doubt every aspect of government; here in Europe not so much unless the American disinformation spreads to certain lunatic circles via Internet

  19. michael kulman says:

    Eskow, it's like bait and switch though…
    Oh forget about the spread argument we've been wrongly beating you over the head with while calling you a monster, forget that noble lie as we move to talking about not overwhelming hospitals again… as our fallback position…ignore natural immunity which other countries accept
    and that the hospitalization percentage for the unvaccinated is .89% (.01 for the vaccinated, yes much less but both are less than 1%.)
    You ask me to ignore or forget a lot of
    chicanery, deceit and many noble lies.
    You probably have called it a pandemic of the unvaccinated, if not you then those you defend,
    it's not.
    It's a pandemic moving to endemic.
    It's a hospitalization of the unvaccinated in that .89%.
    Am I supposed to let you and others shift their noble lies without calling them out?
    Are you an apologist for that?

    The nature of this:
    An individual might look at .89 percent, about 1% and say I'll take a chance on not getting vaccinated.
    A bet they may lose.
    They bet their lives whether they realize it or not but it is their life to bet despite your paternalism.
    An official in say a country of 100 million
    would say hey 1% of 100 million is a million hospitalizations!
    We don't want that so instead of honest arguments made in good faith let's use chicanery, deceit, and noble lies to manipulate the little people to do as we wish.
    I feel you are casually brushing away
    valid criticisms and switching arguments
    without acknowledging the so called noble lies I abhor and you seem to apologize for.

  20. michael kulman says:

    Doesn't protection from getting an infection (not protection from hospitalization) with vaccination equate to the level without vaccination at 12 weeks?
    If so then why get a booster at 6 months as opposed to 3 months? Wouldn't 3 months make more sense? If you follow that line of thinking?
    Or…should we question the whole premise?
    Isn't the main reason to get a vaccine to avoid a bad outcome like hospitalization when you get Covid?
    Delta seems to spread pretty well among the vaccinated.
    Is the spread argument still viable?

    The data on 3 months versus 6 months is from a study.
    If someone can provide a link to it or it's abstract that would be helpful.

  21. floyd wilkes says:

    Great dialogue. Please keep giving him and others of his intellectual ilk a mic dj RJ! gracias for producing this episode of a great program.

  22. Karen Neely says:

    I am educated and I am over 60 ,white middle classed home one I know ,in my same situation, want all these vaccines..15 offered now at CVS,FFSAKE

  23. Karen Neely says:

    Friend had it before and after vaccin÷..both the same.So there is that

  24. Karen Neely says:

    Thank you Max

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