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19 Responses

  1. Hector Diaz says:

    Hey Sherry! I applied and they said they were unable to approve me and directed me to a secured cc instead. I didn’t accept the offer….

  2. Tamara Lawrence says:

    Got approved I was debating for weeks to apply for this card and only decided to go ahead because of your video.. thx so much

  3. Lady Bosses says:

    Thanks for the information…I applied and was approved

  4. RobTomica5 says:

    Was sent to an open sky secured card offer with no information saying approved or denied.

  5. LaDawne Malone says:

    Maybe turn off comments so folks will go directly to your website ✨

  6. Wealthbuilderz TV says:

    Thanks for this one.

  7. Lulu Bayou says:

    Does finger hut look like debt on a credit report?

  8. Jonny L says:

    What do you recommend to someone who has plenty of credit but the credit utilization is 70%??? Thanks

  9. Erica Washington says:

    This was a hard pull and showed up on my credit within moments. I didn't want this card, I was just testing it out and now I am stuck and I have a hard pull. I want it off my report what do I need to do.

  10. Keisha Rose says:

    Sherry I always appreciate the information you give. I pre-qualified for a secured card as usual. Bummer, such is life. I'll keep working on my credit.

  11. kizzie kente says:

    Also, please please do a video on Vantage vs Fico…. I have two different scores on Transunion uggghhhh… because of Fico and Vantage

  12. kizzie kente says:

    Sherry, just got an Avant Mastercard with $500 CL. That is up from $300 lol…. They also do a SOFT PULL
    Just bought your Ultimate Pkg and sent my first letter yesterday.

  13. Carolyn Allen says:

    Sherry, your information is always welcomed and extremely helpful. Thank you so much! May God continue to bless you. Much love.

  14. Iris Wilson says:

    I just got Approved for a SECURED card. I’m not going to take it though because it’s for a Secured Card.

  15. K&Q Family says:

    Thanks for the information,,

  16. JLlo says:

    Also do you have any unsecured credit cards for scores 620-640?

  17. JLlo says:

    Can you get a limit higher than $300?

  18. Estrellita Hayes says:

    Good afternoon Sherry, I sent you a message via your website and have some quick questions for you.

  19. Big Toast says:

    This card has terrible reviews I’m talking 2 stars I tried to get this card recently and I was denied with fair credit.

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