Maintenance man was 'infatuated' with missing teen, family says | LiveNOW from FOX

The family of missing 19-year-old Miya Marcano says that Armando Manuel Caballero, who worked in maintenance at the apartment complex where Marcano was also employed, was “infatuated with her,” and would not leave her alone, her family says. Police continue to search for Marcano after Caballero was found dead of apparent suicide inside his home.

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29 Responses

  1. Sandra Ochoa says:


  2. Charlene Yvonne says:

    I think because he couldn't have her, he made sure nobody else would.

  3. nybsbfan18 says:

    I pray that she is found safe.

  4. CannabisKelly Stover says:

    Get his phone check his GPS on his last location and search.

  5. Tim W. says:

    Advice to anyone . If you feel uneasy about something or someone please speak up. Don't brush it off.

  6. Lisa says:

    Are you guys searching the area and dumpsters at the complex he killed himself at. He likely still has keys for that property given he was in a maintenance garage hanged at that location.

  7. King Jay says:

    Maintenance man had master key to apt…had a fixition with her sounds like a kidnapped rape murder.. Why else would he kill himself if she was possibly still alive.. smh this is so sad reality is she's gone hopefully the family finds peace ,.I hate this world sometimes so senseless.


    Why don’t people care as much about this case as the Petito’s case? Probably because the public just cares about pretty young popular girls who go missing. Disgusting!

  9. Loli Kim says:

    Let's all be as active as everyone has for Gabby Petito. This needs more coverage.

  10. Andrew Remeselnik says:

    Wow She talks too much. Going into details about irrelevant things like how she bought her stuff for her room and all this decor stuff. No one asked you all of that. Just babbling on and not even answering the question. Sometimes even forgetting what the reporter is asking her.

  11. miss jill says:

    Get it on Social media … this is the way now just like Gabby. Post videos, photos what're you have even friends and friends if friends and social media will share it everywhere in the world

  12. Lava Lamp says:

    Oh my god please let this get the attention it deserves

  13. Mary Kinuthia says:

    Dig out his living space.

  14. Jesse Garcia says:

    They keep hiring these criminals w no back ground checks…

  15. L Joy says:

    Family needs to go to every apartment in that complex . Someone has to have a camera , maybe on one of their cars ! They need to go to each car in that lot and any garages . They have to plead with the neighbors there , some people are scared to get involved ! my heart goes out to this family !

  16. Scorlin gonzalez says:

    I hope am wrong but thr family does not want to accept the reality that she is prob dead… sad they hard gonna feel it extra hard because they are on denial. Why would he killed him self unless he did the extream

  17. They Close Channels That Speak The Truth says:

    And people saw this and didnt protect her.

  18. Manamal Reacts says:

    What is wrong with the men. Leave woman alone. Deal with rejection. We all get rejected in life. Do not rape and kill someone just because she does not want you. This guy did what he did and then killed himself. I just hope he didn't kill her as well. I hope she is in some sort of basement alive and tied up. Sad that we are not even safe in our own homes anymore. WTF!

  19. Jennifer Swan says:

    I hope they find her. I have a creepy neighbour who came off as nice and helpful (too much so both my mom and I found creepy). He befriended my dog and offered help in my apartment. He was a neighbour and even though my woman's intuition was trying to alert me, I squashed the voice but tried just told myself I will be cautious. Stupid stupid stupid. I had let him in to help fix things, well more like he was insistent til I said yes. Earlier in the year I thought someone was coming into my apartment and had problems with other creepy neighbours with master keys that no longer live here. The neighbour next door heard me and oh he just happens to be a locksmith. He changed my locks with a bump free lock. It was in the back of our minds it could have been him. But any lock isn't going to keep him out. Later a subject came up about projection and how you can tell what someone is thinking of themselves….the next thing I know he's talking about rape!!! How and when a man should be allowed to rape or get away with rape!!! He thinks that if a man thinks its normal!!!! I'm sure all rapists think its normal…omg. Then passive aggressive comments about tying things down with inner tubes and he's going to come over to show me. He's now got a chair to sit on the fire escape smoking knowing there is now only one entrance in and out of our apartments due to repairs to the other entrance. So maddening. How do I go to police when he can say any fingerprints were there while helping? And for an opinion? Its scary out there and have to wait for the man to actually do something to do anything and then he could do this when its too late. I know how scared and helpless she must have felt especially when they guy worked there. Had to watch and see him everyday. Even telling the office felt like a waste of time especially when you have to watch the man you are afraid of laughing together with all the other employees while they look at you. The boys club. Worst is when the excuse that my neighbour gave about when its ok to rape….when and if he thinks its normal especially if it happened years ago. So having the other men laughing along with him saying that justifies in his mind, it is in fact, normal.

  20. Mav says:

    Advice to the family of Miya, do what the family of Lacie Rocha did:
    1. go door to door in the city with her picture
    2. plaster her picture everywhere
    3. involve all family members and friends to speak publicaly
    Good luck and hope for the best outcome

  21. Chris O. says:

    So heartbreaking. God bless this family. I pray they find this woman. This case needs more media attention!!!!!

  22. Al Desar says:

    I don't think she's alive

  23. Delia Jones says:

    Florida is the new murder capital in this country! Who let this happen?

  24. Evar Dion says:

    They will most likely find something of hers at the dead guys home that he could never have obtained without kidnapping her.
    Sad to say but I doubt he would kill himself if she was still alive. If he was that infatuated and still thought that he had a chance with her (in his deluded mind) then that would be enough to keep him going…
    hope she was lucky enough to escape but the situation doesn't look good.

  25. joebojito says:

    i been telling these dudes stop going after these chicks. they have to focus on other things in life that whole persistence thing doesnt work now a days. if a girl likes u she will come to you thats how it is now a days.

  26. Ricardo Chavez says:

    Sadly she's probably dead , hopefully they catch the dude

  27. Guccisox22 says:

    More info on this story what made this guy a person interest ?

  28. Dusty says:

    They need to track his phone movement and all the vacant apartments asap! I hope they find her..

  29. Cortney Whitecotton says:

    Really sad my heart aches for her familia

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