Luffy's Death At The End of One Piece – Every Sign Explained (Joy Boy & Roger Final Will Theory)

One Piece anime and manga is 80% completed with the One Piece series now coming to an end, One Piece Theories of Monkey D. Luffy deaths is popping up, so we decided to break down everything you need to understand about the Death of Luffy, and if Luffy will Die at the End of One Piece. There are so many foreshadowing that Eiichiro Oda has placed throughout his manga, to even the Parallels of Luffy to Gol D Roger, from both being Pirate King to having Vice Captains who are Demon swordsmen, Roronoa Zoro and Silver Rayleigh, to having fools abroad their ship like Buggy D Clown to god Ussop. Let’s not leave out Legends who are theorized coming from Royalty; Red-Haired Shanks, and Black Foot Sanji.

We also bring out evidence debunking Luffy Lifes pan being the cause of his death, using Official Interviews with Oda alongside his SBS.

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34 Responses

  1. MUHAMMAD Uzair says:

    but luffy is rubber so 2nd gear nothing

  2. Kingg _shuffle says:

    His heart isn’t effected literally says because he’s made of rubber it works better meaning because his heart has the ability to stretch Great lengths so nah gear second does nothing

  3. rintaro okabe says:

    can any manga reader tell me what is brook , franky and jimbei doing in the manga now ?

  4. Jonathan Perez says:

    What do you make of the official drawings of Luffy at age 45 and 65 and the rest of the crew then?

  5. Nehal Paunikar says:

    So the guy who doent know the s of sword, is now samurai

  6. Baddass Nobita says:

    If he dies I would have regrets.. But he should be the true King of pirates and hunt all the world nobles and world govt..

  7. Rajiv Sharma says:

    Blackbeard's df is yami yami no mi means he has the power of darkness and black hole might be one of his powers and just like a black hole absorb light he may also have the power to absorb the powers of other devil fruit. During marine Ford he covered whitebeard just so that his darkness can consume whitebeard devil fruit just like he destroyed the whole town while fighting ace.

  8. Joe Damage says:

    You said second strongest that is not true

  9. Roy Jones says:

    Between his friendships with doctors …one who actually took poison from children’s bodies instantly and basically friends with gods he will be alright lol and it’s a shonen anime luffy will outlive us all( this show ain’t never gunn end)

  10. James Barton says:

    I feel hes will die but he has been lucky this whole time…yet we have little to no information about his mother

  11. Deandre Dunbar says:

    Oda is not a reliable when it comes to how much longer one piece will go on. Other high ranking people who work on the manga laugh at the idea of it even ending in the next five years.

  12. Dominick Sanchez says:

    What if someone needs to be sacrificed to open the one-piece

  13. lakers uchiha says:

    only law can make luffy immortal

  14. GABI-PLAY says:

    I don’t want luffy to die but I would want to see a time skip 100or 500year later after luffy becomes a pirate king let assume that luffy die at age of 100 but went time hundreds year time skip there a group of people who look like luffy and his crew and there are straw hat pirate reincarnation or there descendent and all of them have the same power as straw hat pirates it would be nice just like in demon slayer manga

  15. jessyca houston says:

    Noooooooooo could be the best theory and have the best arguments, i dont wanna believe it! It’s painful just to think about it! Lol

  16. Deon Mark says:

    Very cool theory it seem logical because he believes in self sacrifice so I can see him dieing in that way !!!

  17. Chris Jones says:

    Yes he will and it will be because his life was shortened by Ivancovs DF ability when she healed him. You herd it hear first.

  18. DadeMadeNeyo says:

    Luffy mother is world government

  19. DadeMadeNeyo says:

    Luffy is roger reincarnation

  20. Shaba Sfshabz says:

    He will die a old man with boa Hancock by his side..

  21. Reup202 says:


  22. Epic Life says:

    They cant make me waste so many years of my life to just killed my mc .

  23. e bp says:

    Luffy dies, and I’ll unlock 69th gear and go ham on everyone and everything

  24. olga syahputra says:

    don't forget luffy received an injection from invakov which effect shortens his life

  25. ChrzAdrn says:

    let the man get kids and honeymoon before he dies

  26. k s says:

    Anime doesn't know science

  27. Ewan MP3 says:

    Where did the boruto videos go?

  28. theswiftrob says:

    Dislike gets the views for rage boo

  29. Andrew Lucks burner account says:

    It’s been a month since any boruto uploads

  30. Gumgumfruitz says:

    Emporio Ivankov even said the hormone technique will shorten Luffy's life

  31. LaMont Wingate says:

    Luffy will not die. law will give his life and give him immortality………

  32. Rhonda Mclearran Htd Omargoshfam says:

    Luffy had a normal lifespan he’s had it cut in half numerous times. He’s not going to be immortalized because I don’t think that’s the story Oda wants to tell. (P.s. I think Ilm had the immortality surgery and that’s why the one piece verse is so messed up) I think that law will have to reverse that surgery. But luffy just wants a life of adventure. Yeah he helps people but he’s not a ruler type instead I think he will enable freedom and that’s when op will end

  33. Ugochuku says:

    2 minutes in, currently dying, SID, Yusuf, and sonrio pulled out all the stops on this

  34. Anime Balls Deep says:

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