Loan Repayment Default – EMI Default | Hindi

What happens in case of loan default or EMI default of a home loan, car loan, personal loan, credit card, loan against property, education loan, student loan, gold loan etc.?
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इस वीडियो में हम समझेंगे की होम लोन, कार लोन, पर्सनल लोन, क्रेडिट कार्ड, लोन अगेंस्ट प्रॉपर्टी, एजुकेशन लोन, स्टूडेंट लोन आदि ना भर पाने, लोन या ईएमआई डिफ़ॉल्ट करने की स्थिति में क्या होता है।

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In this video, we have explained:
What is an unsecured loan?
What happens if you default loan or default EMI of any loan?
What are the consequences of loan default of an unsecured loan like personal loan, credit card, education loan, student loan?
What are the adverse effects of unsecured loan defaults?
How EMI defaults of unsecured loan affect your CIBIL score and credit history?
What is secured loan?
What happens in the case of secured loan defaults?
What will happen if you default home loan, gold loan, car loan, loan against property?
What is the bank recovery process for secured loans?
What happens in the case of borrowers death?
What is the auction process of secured loan defaults?
What can you do if the bank sends you an auction notice?
How banks recover loan repayment default?
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Hope you liked this video in Hindi on “Loan Repayment Default”.


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21 Responses

  1. ARVIND GAUTAM says:

    Fantastic thanks

  2. Sheetal Patel says:

    Sir mena front loan aap se loan liya tha… 2500 ka… Nd lockdown ki wahaj se pay nhi kar paye… Abhi vo force kar rahe he… Ki abhi ke abhi karo. Mena bola time do but man nhi rahe he

  3. Montu Kumar says:

    Hello sir agar hum bank ya recovery wale Ka phone uthate hai to kya vo Ghar par visit Kar sakte hai kya ye ligal hai

  4. Aditya Anand says:

    Sir corona ke karan mere papa ki job chali gae hai or mera home loan hai jiski emi 9k per month wo hum dene me saksham nhi hai kuch solutions bataye

  5. Hemendra Kumar Varshney says:

    What about the deduction of auction and legal expenses involved in the process. Who will bear?


    Example: person A dies leaving behind his unpaid medical bills and unsecured loans.
    Now who will pay this

  7. Ayan Shaikh says:

    Thank you sur

  8. Shibu Thankachan says:

    Sir, the bank has submitted my EMI twice in the same day and made my bank account negative to 3700/- can I claim this amount?

  9. Azhar Shaikh says:

    Thanks Sirji
    Nice Information

  10. prakash choudhary says:

    In this case what should we do sir?

  11. Althaf Hussian says:

    Hi sir thanks a lot for your information I got pension loan at ease thank you

  12. Manjit Das says:

    What about mobile EMI LAON?


    Sirr agar 2 emi late h toh kch hoga ya nhi

  14. Mahesh Chaudhari says:

    Sirji,मैंने pmegp में fabrication ke लिए लोन लिया था,,और एक कंपनी के लिए jobwork करता था,कोविड के कारण अब काम नहीं मिलता है,,और मै दूसरे काम नहीं जानता,,दूसरा काम करनेके लिए labour Nahi mil रहे,,I got this loan without any collateral,,but the bank has taken a 500rs blank signed bond,can I be sued if installments not paid,what worse can happen or what should I do ,,I am helpless right now,,pl advice

  15. Bake A Cake Kitchen says:

    Pmegp loan unable to pay
    What happens with defaulter
    No security deposit or guaranter was there it is unsecured loan … 5 lkh
    Please reply

  16. Uday Pille says:

    Thanks sir.

  17. pragnesh game says:

    Sar ji mere pass Bajaj Finance car personal loan hai usne security Ki Tarah check liya hai agar main galti se bhi loan Nahin Bahar Pa raha hun To vah Kya kar sakte hain

  18. Syed Asif Ali says:

    Car finance par bano sir

  19. gulam gulam says:

    Sar my name Ghulam Rasool lone kadar Khan 30000 bahut argent mein 8056075782

  20. Jeet Sen says:

    Sir mera loan Balance reh gaya hay, or me pay karneki halat mey nahi hu. Sir mey kiya kar sakta hu avi??

  21. Music Lover's says:

    Sir I have taken bank loan for business before three years but I can't pay it because I have lost everything what can I do pls replay ,… I am in very tress

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