LIVE: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds press conference

#WhiteHousePressBriefing #JenPsaki #Biden
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki delivers the latest news from the White House.

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20 Responses

  1. Blue Skies Forever says:

    Come on Jen, answer the question .. why is WH and Congress and crooked judges EXEMPTED from jab? We want to know !!

  2. Love Life says:

    Democrats ruining this country to the ground day by day and we still have 3+ years of this hell? Oh boy I can't imagine where we will be even a year from now. I pray for this country

  3. Ella Twmah says:

    Lets go jen!!

  4. Derek Smith says:

    This lady is the devilz

  5. Ram Amit says:

    Let's go Brandon!

  6. Redux Castrang says:

    Let's go Brandon

  7. Cora Sanders says:

    This woman is horrible.

  8. Patti Cake says:

    Happy Friday she says!! With the Afghanistan horror show and the open border policy!! Happy Friday indeed!! The hypocrisy and gall of her!!! Boooooooo!!

  9. R1GAMBLER says:


  10. José Flores says:

    La Casa Blanca y sus integrantes son los más grandes traficantes internacionales de personas…

  11. rRobert Smith says:

    STARTS AT 36:18…..your welcome

  12. Odin Fudge says:

    PATRIOTS know you lie

  13. Host Hoof says:

    Gaslighting is not working anymore.

  14. Jerry Nadler says:

    What a lying stool

  15. flores kimmy says:

    Nice video due to the rate of economic pandemic and financial instability investing in crypto should be the priority of individuals to be become financially stable…..

  16. motaki701 says:

    Little Miss Red Riding Hood Spinning Another Grimms Fairy Tale.

  17. Bussiness Name says:

    I can’t wait for 2024. Let’s see how Biden can cheat then.

  18. UnrulyOne 74 says:

    I bet that is how she answers her husband !!!!!!!! She not an American !!!!!!!! She lies to us about everything !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Erick Robertson says:

    Ssdi need a stimulus hell Child support still paying for poor kids..

  20. Frank Castle says:

    Let's go Brandon

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