LIVE – Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Kenosha, WI shooting suspect faces homicide charges

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Warning: may contain graphic language and images

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25 Responses

  1. Alien S. says:

    White guy who was attacked by three violent, WHITE guys, with two of them being killed, and is found NOT Guilty by the Jury, this is a Great Day for America! This is a first step to stop the Lies of the Leftist Media. Take back America from the Socialist Media, who is driving their racist narrative to divide and destroy…

  2. MR Burnett says:

    Sure for dirty , liar prosuter i am garantee 100% he is far left democrat.Is hero for .But America build on constitution and Justice win!

  3. Greg Cooper says:

    This needs to be treated just like Jan 6th and any damage needs to be paid for by RIOTERS!!!

  4. 50Shades says:

    Any child molester deserves to get shot period

  5. Rob Adcox says:

    I hope Kyle Rittenhouse sues the msm until he owns you pukes.

  6. Matt Bruns says:

    Evil can never be "Dead Enough". Good job Kyle!
    Now…go sue racist Biden, racist Deblasio.. and ALL THE FAKE NEWS morons. You deserve to be rich after what these democrat nazis did to you.
    Lets go Kyle.
    Let go Brandon.

  7. slow Ginn says:

    Sue Joe Biden sue Joy Reid sue MSNBC sue them all.

  8. Lu cz says:

    What stupid parents let their 17 year old run around with a rifle like that ? He is not there to protect anybody.his stupid mother is not protecting him.but he's a white kid OH IF HE WAS A BLACK KID WHAT THEN??????

  9. America is Freedom says:

    Mob witha gun chasing Kyle, three ofthe mobsters witha gun closein.Kyle stumbles + falls, mob with gun points it at Kyle's head.Kyle fires his gun hopes he won't get shot + mob disperse.Self Defense.

  10. Hang Ta says:

    the video image is too poor, you need to fix it more

  11. Aaron Brown says:

    Self defense… set this man free. Set us all free. Let us defend ourselves. Let us defend the law. Let us defend our families. The mob is not the law.

  12. ONE PIECE says:

    I LOVE who they chose for Usopp spot on

  13. 39satcom says:

    Why does ABC News point out one of the jurors is a "person of color"? What relevance is that?

  14. NuclearSFX says:

    Kyle is a god damn american hero, he was doing god's work.

  15. Mark Eger Petersen says:

    Abc is race baiting again.

  16. Mark Eger Petersen says:

    This is propaganda. Let the jury decide.

  17. Jay Ava says:

    And then we have blm threatening to riot if they don't get the verdict they want.

    As usual they are a threat to our democracy

  18. Neo Seth says:

    Gas chamber

  19. Jax says:

    Free Kyle!

  20. Jax says:

    Free Kyle!

  21. shar martin says:

    I was watching yesterday and the defense attorney said, "I'm glad he shot him" (Rosenbaum, I presume), and something to the effect that Rittenhouse was defending himself. Edit: quote: "Kyle shot Joseph Rosenbaum to stop a threat to his person, and I'm glad he shot him —

  22. Brenda Shanks says:

    Well jurrors are off to deliberate… If they do convict Kyle, he's not gonna be allowed his hunters rifle to run the halls of prison shooting people and claiming self defense… But he better figure out some sort of self defense, cause he gonna need it up in the streets of the prison house….

  23. Jade Hudema says:

    HE DIDN'T TAKE THE GUN ACROSS STATE LINES!!!! That has been made abundantly clear throughout the trial. Are you deliberately misrepresenting (even emphasizing that misrepresented fact)? Or have you just not been paying attention to the trial at all?

    Mickey Mouse reporting at it's best.

  24. Brenda Shanks says:

    If everyone want to praise this Kyle (KID) for what he did, why don't everyone encourage (His PARENTS) to go enlist him into the military, slam A HUNTING RIFLE into his hand and ship off to a foreign land to run the streets KILLING ADULTS….. come on people then you can praise this kid….

  25. 999 777 says:

    I saw a guy at a gas station with a glock 9 on his side.Was a little intimidating,but i sure wasn't going to take his gun.

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