🔴 LIVE: Bitcoin – Dead Cat Bounce or New All-Time High? (WTM ep: 064)

In the past 5 weeks, we’ve seen an incredible rebound in bitcoin’s price.

It’s up 70% since the low’s just one month ago.

And altcoins have bounced over 100% in the same timeframe!

But will these price gains continue, or will we see a deep pullback?

That’s what we’re going to explore in this week’s LIVE We Talk Money show.


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17 Responses

  1. Jessie Philiphs says:

    Hey guys, making money with LUMI coin.

  2. Lauri Elias says:

    Lol BTC 'fundamentals' : D

  3. Lil Pedro says:

    Well, BTC looks so bullish now. Anyway, looks like many projects start coming out lately but im so excited to follow KSM Starter, will be huge

  4. Bob Pruss says:

    They really need to edit these videos more and add time stamps to key questions and talking points.

  5. Ryan Ozbirn says:

    Its very possible its going to new highs according to the chart, but dead cat is possible, alsoit could start trading sideways.

  6. PILOT says:


  7. Ken Scott says:

    There are two things I am thinking about. First, if US economic data is better in September then I think the dollar may rally and this will create more of a risk-off mentality likely hurting a crypto rally.

    Second, if the US government does tax crypto to help pay for the Infrastructure Bill, then I see people and institutions exiting crypto thus hurting the market.

    Now, if both of these happen soon, I am concerned the crypto market will take a huge nosedive.

  8. David Davis says:

    the 5 minutes intro with countdown is terrible, cut is off

  9. Toronto Bitcoin says:

    No fear of market collapse regarding Tether and DOJ investigation?

  10. Chris Washington says:

    New all time high

  11. Gippo50 says:

    Great episode guys!

  12. J R says:

    Could have benefited from understanding context of that Tesla tweet stuff a little better. The obvious bias (to the point of being unreliable) tell is Travis using the word "infuriated"

    Doesn't mean he can't be right. Just emotionality makes one much more error prone.

  13. marc999 says:

    new all time high not dead cat

  14. Uncle Richard Jr. says:

    Travis is a beast!

  15. Cryp!0G00n says:


  16. Sam W says:

    Yes on the DAO's!!

  17. Mark F says:

    Great show as always!

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