Level1 News October 20 2021: Amazon First

0:00 – Intro
1:19 – Amazon Puts Its Own “Brands” First Above Better-Rated Products
4:27 – Acer launches bacteria-resistant PCs
6:15 – Palm Is Trying to Make a Comeback, This Time With a Pair of Earbuds
7:48 – Microsoft Folds LinkedIn Social-Media Service in China
9:13 – Apple Set to Cut iPhone Production Goals Due to Chip Crunch
11:35 – iPhone gets USB-C thanks to creative robotics engineer
12:48 – Apple argues against allowing app sideloading by pointing out Android’s malware figures
14:34 – Google says Fortnite’s in-app purchase swap was a breach of contract, sues Epic
16:51 – Activision unveils Ricochet anti-cheat system for Call of Duty
18:47 – Windows 11’s first update makes AMD CPU performance even worse
20:15 – Microsoft warns of new Windows 11 problems with apps using unusual registry keys
21:15 – Renew your service or we’ll trash your credit score, Spectrum tells ex-customer
25:01 – US overtakes China as biggest bitcoin mining hub after Beijing ban
26:25 – Best Buy’s new $200/yr membership locks PS5, hot holiday items behind sign-up
27:47 – Adobe Uses DMCA to Nuke Project That Keeps Flash Alive, Secure & Adware Free
30:05 – Magic Leap somehow raised $500 million to make another AR headset
32:39 – Coinbase is launching a marketplace for NFTs
33:18 – Amazon will allow many employees to work remotely, indefinitely. Affected businesses react
34:30 – Ex-Ozy Media Employees Say Company Used Dubious Tactics To Build Newsletter Following, Raising Legal Questions
36:44 – Dead-End SF Street Plagued With Confused Waymo Cars Trying To Turn Around ‘Every 5 Minutes’
38:54 – AI fake-face generators can be rewound to reveal the real faces they trained on
40:39 – Star Trek’s William Shatner blasts into space on Blue Origin rocket
42:52 – Microsoft’s Project Turing is Building AI to Rival Google
45:47 – Google AI department sued for using the health data of 1.6 million NHS patients
47:05 – Germany unveils first self-driving train
48:26 – New robots patrolling for ‘anti-social behaviour’ causing unease in Singapore streets
49:10 – Artists create AI that predicts who the police will kill next
50:36 – Facebook is researching AI systems that see, hear, and remember everything you do
52:09 – US weapons manufacturer shows armed robot dog


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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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36 Responses

  1. Grumpy says:

    Load be bitches

  2. Grumpy says:

    Nvidia did steal my freesync !

  3. TheMartiansLoveKuato says:

    Right on showing the evils of Amazon. It is rediculous and disingenuous that they are both storefront and shadowy competitor. The sooner Shopify (et al) offers an ecosystem for thirdparty sellers, the better.

  4. dunastrig says:


  5. 8MxYue4RzFfx9ATjLc says:

    41:08 That's dark

  6. Fred E ᗜˬᗜ says:

    I can say, for certain, the Microsoft board of directors does not want to do anything ethical with what they have. On the recent stockholder vote, they advised against every kind of ethical behavior on the ballot.

  7. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting says:

    Remove the engine from the miata, then picture a hollow point hitting a watermelon. What would the earth look like?

  8. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting says:

    @2:06 what brand do you reccomend?

  9. First Last says:

    love it!

  10. Ryebread095 says:

    I am so glad I didn't borrow/rent anything from my ISP. Buy your own modem and router!

  11. Titanium Mechanism says:

    51:20 "Oh, Uncle Bob was told by the AI that he had forgotten to take his meds even though he took them and he died of an overdose"
    This may not be the worst timeline, but certainly not the best either!

  12. Value Tech Tube says:

    Amazon is taking pointers from Aperture Laboratories

  13. Winthrop Liquors Reviews says:

    i think that the electric dog has a 5.56(under plastic) on its back because that ejection port is kind of small. plus the added weight of a 7.62×51 nato wouldn't give you any real benefit since i dont think this is the long range sniper variant

  14. nycameleon says:

    Facebook glasses that could tell you who you are talking to at a party would be great for knowing large crowds.

  15. joe jane says:

    Beam me up Bezo's

  16. TheRealMrRoboto says:

    Give us your wallet address so we can tip you.

  17. Hans Maulwurf says:

    In Nuremberg/Germany some of the subway trains are driving autonomous. No AI BS. Just plain automation!

  18. TheEviling says:

    48:40 Wonder if the larger wheels is to prevent it from committing suicide in a fountain.

  19. TAP7a says:

    If there is a team that is supposed to be making the algorithm woke they're really doing a crap job

    It still railroads watchers down the alt-right pipeline, it still flags videos about LGBT+ issues as adult only regardless of actual content, and it still prioritises anger over information. Most explicitly left leaning content is still being suppressed (channels with multiple 100k subs and videos with ~10k or fewer views, not unique to such content by a long shot but clearly any pro woke adjustments aren't actually happening). The algorithm is still just optimising for profit, just now there's been a few high profile removals of ToS breaking stuff after a long period of ToS breaking

  20. H K says:

    I love Raycon, seriously one of the best wireless buds for cheap out there.

  21. Carlos Garcia says:

    How is YouTube so bad at controlling bots.. hell how the fuck is Google horrible at controlling this.

  22. betoh finger says:

    ..look up…see whats downstairs…

  23. Glimtech Arms says:

    So if your running AMD and Windows 11, you're saying to load Windows 10 instead??? Or should I change to Linux, as this is a gaming only machine..

  24. Sylwester Irla says:


  25. Snow Crash says:

    What a great episode, thx guys.

  26. Phuk Hue says:

    Your knowledge of warhammer is impressive

  27. Cauda Miller says:

    @30:26 XD true … im thinking of strangelove

  28. Brandon B says:

    Guess I am going to need a dedicated machine for gaming and a dedicated machine for anything thing else personal…REEEEEEEE

  29. Jetpil0t says:

    Ricochet might seem oppressive, however the cheating situation on Warzone is crazy bad, 90% of games at least, so kind of not unwelcome introduction. Naturally, you are going to want a "gaming only" computer to run this on, which is applicable for Valorant and Faceit anti cheat as well; highly invasive, kind of works sometimes, totally necessary if you know anything about the cheating scene.

  30. Tom B says:

    From the horses mouth:
    Cable Co Threatens Past Customers to Get Them to Return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar4nGeAoj5Q

  31. Liqtor says:

    55 minutes of torture of my soul. By Slaanesh, I love it!

  32. nateo200 says:

    @40:42 The requirement of 50 miles is space and the US will give the same wings Army/Navy/Air Force use to any civilian or military pilot. Space crewman also get badges I think they are different. NASA and the FAA will give their wings to any civilian pilot as well as another badge to the crewman. I always thought this would be the easiest way to earn a badge and be a dick about how you went to space lol

  33. Jeoshua Collins says:

    For the record, Cốc Cốc is pronounced with the letter /o/ as in bellow, with a high-rising tone. So it almost sounds like a high pitched question. The word means "Knock knock". It's an onomatopoeia.

  34. p5eudo says:

    "I wish my mom could get around like that"… Did I really just hear that?

  35. Jarrad Tait says:

    12:00 I worked for a company in the past that absolutely prototyped things we predicted we might need due to future requirements or regulations. Makes total sense Apple has already tried USB C but they want to milk their lightning accessories for a few more years

  36. Joshua Shorey says:

    oh boi, Best Buy has joined the scalpers xD if they're successful in this, i bet other places will follow.

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