Level1 News May 9 2018: Too Ugly to Smash

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1:08 – Cambridge Analytica to close down after Facebook data scandal
1:44 – Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata
4:29 – Equifax board members re-elected despite massive data breach
7:03 – Tesla Plunges After a Bizarre Conference Call
11:13 – Nikola Motor sues Tesla alleging design patent violation
13:10 – Comcast won’t give new speed boost to Internet users who don’t buy TV service
15:45 – Blue Origin launches its first test flight of 2018
17:42 – UK officials will summon Mark Zuckerberg to testify
19:14 – Facebook’s Zuckerberg unveils privacy tool ‘clear history’ ahead of F8
21:25 – Facebook commits to civil rights audit, political bias review
23:51 – Facebook Reaches Its Natural Conclusion As A Dating App
27:15 – Facebook security analyst is fired for using private data to stalk women
30:44 – Facebook shrinks fake news after warnings backfire
34:23 – Confessions of a marketer: Agencies forced brands to in-house more marketing
37:18 – Art Paul, Playboy magazine art director who created bunny logo, dies at 93
41:19 – Smashing Magazine Embarks on Radical Redesign

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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26 Responses

  1. Richard Woo says:

    use facebook purity on desktop and remove all of facebooks shit

  2. 7rich79 says:

    I imagine the 'Emer' in Emerdata is 'emergent'

  3. Nick says:

    I want sum dat noos doods

  4. Jonathan says:


  5. Jonathan says:

    What is the red and black plaster in the background? Berserk?

  6. Addictive_LiquoriCe says:

    Nasa isn't competing with space x. They're joint – venturing gaining inexpensive launch access. In relative terms

  7. FLANS says:

    Best video title everrrrrr lol

  8. and, eggs says:


  9. EKDesign says:

    Comcast TV is like AOL CDs

  10. Myroslav says:

    My confession here. When I was working for a bigger company I was using our tools to look up user profiles. On one hand it was a part of the job, because we were restoring their accounts that were linked to Facebook profiles, block fake accounts, send warnings etc. But I admit that sometimes I went further than needed, for instance going through the profile of user that we were having problems with and had a long conversation. I was looking at the profile thinking "Here he is in his 40s, has a wife, kids, decent car, probably makes a lot because donation history is extensive. And this adult man is sending nasty insults to other people on the Internet, using his real profile, to people he never met before, because he didn't like what they did in that stupid application."
    It is was wrong and absolutely unnecessary to resolve the issue, but I still did that. It is weird but I often felt the temptation to do it. Glad I don't work there anymore. And think now what Facebook employees can do with the information they have.

  11. Tuchulu says:

    Wow a "Lemme Smash" button is a great idea

  12. MyTech says:

    My issue with ads and marketers is that they choose to spread heaps of BS and waste money pushing garbage and insulting my intellect rather than simply informing me of a genuine new [quality] product.

  13. Trooper_Ish says:

    16:06 Go Jeff Bezos giant space Penis, Go!

  14. Adam 1066 says:

    Bloody cheek of ex-colonials

  15. Aaron Garza says:

    27:20 – “He used his powers… For evil.”


  16. carbonsx says:

    Emergent Data…

  17. Nauggers says:

    Tinder uses Facebook data which I foolishly used in the past. I hope that they still don't have my data but thinking even a little bit about where your data is being stored can be a scary one.

  18. Warren says:

    As a brit angrily put's my vinegar down

  19. Dev Dhamija says:

    Billions of years shaped sperm into the optimal shape for traveling through uterus to meet the egg. It makes sense to mimic some of its features for minimizing air resistance in flight.

  20. Faf Dus says:

    true winners play tes legends

  21. Dev Dhamija says:

    Emergent data. Data that emerges.

  22. Jason Brown says:

    Emma is a Mercer Co. Mercers daughters are director along with Nix director. See the Companies house website :

  23. Elliot DeMatteis says:

    en gage ment

  24. Laurent 74 says:

    The Tesla logo is a segment of an induction motor

  25. CamberwellCarrot says:

    Bezos' rocket looks like it's got a lot of thrust. Does it land normally, or just smash head first into the wet, foaming ocean?

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