Level1 News February 6 2018: I Plead(), Your Honor

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1:57 – Family of man killed in “swatting” incident sues Wichita, Kansas
4:13 – Emergency worker behind false missile alert to file lawsuit against the state
7:48 – Tesla’s Musk sells $10 million in flamethrowers in four days
9:13 – YouTube warns of ‘consequences’ for creators who misbehave in the wake of Logan Paul controversy
11:32 – Equifax, still having problems computering, releases credit locking app that doesn’t
13:24 – Court: No evidence that Twitter can be blamed for deaths in Islamic State attack
14:33 – Tinder must stop charging its older California users more for “Plus” features
15:48 – Privacy: Judges say the UK’s Snooper’s Charter is illegal
17:18 – California Senate defies FCC, approves net neutrality law
18:48 – Pentagon Reviews GPS Policies After Soldiers’ Strava Tracks Are Seemingly Exposed
20:42 – FCC chairman slams Trump team’s proposal to nationalize 5G
25:28 – Lenovo’s Fingerprint Scanner Can Be Bypassed via a Hardcoded Password
26:43 – First ‘Jackpotting’ Attacks Hit U.S. ATMs
29:14 – Apple launches free repair program for ‘No Service’ iPhone 7 bug
29:49 – Tesla Expands Sales of Solar Gear at Home Depot
31:12 – Amazon patents wristbands designed to track and steer employees’ movements
34:36 – EBay is dumping PayPal for a Dutch rival
36:06 – Songwriters Score Win Over Streaming Services With Pay Hike
37:43 – Union heavyweight wants to ban UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles
39:37 – Dell says it will explore IPO or merger with VMware
42:29 – Microsoft is now selling the Surface Laptop with an Intel Core m3 processor for $799
43:24 – Surging Samsung Electronics Takes Intel’s Chipmaking Crown
43:47 – Microsoft Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10
44:42 – Telegram temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store due to ‘inappropriate content’
45:22 – The Next Time You Order Room Service, It May Come by Robot
47:31 – Robot Delivery Vans Are Arriving Before Self-Driving Cars
51:30 – U.S. Regulators Subpoena Crypto Exchange Bitfinex, Tether
52:25 – ‘Sea Hunter,’ a drone ship with no crew, just joined the U.S. Navy fleet
55:05 – The US government just gave someone a $120-million robotic arm to use for a year
57:22 – JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America & Citi bar people from buying bitcoin with a credit card
58:37 – Despite reports to the contrary, India is not banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
59:51 – Bitcoin plummets below $8,000 for first time since November
1:00:57 – Facebook is banning cryptocurrency and ICO ads
1:03:26 – King of Kong Billy Mitchell Sees His Donkey Kong Record Stripped, Emulator Cheating Suspected
1:05:58 – Volkswagen admits to testing diesel fumes on monkeys, which is messed up
1:08:15 – Emojis and emoticons are showing up in court cases, and lawyers are all (☉_☉) about it
1:11:43 – The “Human Uber” Service In Japan Is Sending Surrogates With Tablets On Their Faces To Events For People Who Can’t Attend
1:13:14 – New porn laws will mean Pornhub asks for your name and address before browsing

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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32 Responses

  1. Jordan Sanderson says:

    Engagement from the future

  2. Lyndon Gray says:


  3. Kori Dople says:

    7:47 people like flame throwers if level one tech sold flame throwers id buy one

  4. David says:

    Say no to 5G. Phones are already $1000. ISPs haven't complied with the 1996 telecom act. Wireless is bad in non-populated areas. Broadband is horrible almost everywhere.

  5. bobsobol says:

    Did that Vagas luggage have "hundreds of tiny feet" under it? 😉

  6. grmasdfII says:

    What did the bald guy from that like Stargate but boring TV show like to say…

  7. Pedro Santos says:


  8. Aaron Muccino says:

    :-* is what you were thinking of.

  9. Sam Roy Bull says:

    i always took 😡 as silence and ;x as kissy

  10. Darryn Danger Jones says:

    Does colon sex mean kissy face? To some, it does.

  11. SrSheepdog says:

    No, getting shot is not "part of being a police officer". Really disappointed with that comment.

  12. tomtalk24 says:

    1:07:09 The Beetle was also a Nazi made car, then came VW.

  13. Silas Mayes says:

    Cats are better!

  14. Syraxal says:

    #LoveFromAustralia From 21:49 I laughed so hard my co-workers came into my office to see what was wrong with me.
    They all sadly agreed with Wendell's opinion on our wireless here in Aus.

  15. Parker Jones says:

    I am saying something in this comment thread.

  16. Main Fighter says:

    Use Paypal in Australia so eh.

  17. Terrence Knacker says:

    Could you all dig up a vintage Smith Corona PWP from 1987 and show how far we have come in 30 plus years compared to a Ryzen 7 MSI Godlike 1080ti ?

  18. sleepymike says:

    what if they drug you up, let you sleep, cover your face with a special helmet, and they work your body at amazon while you sleep?
    Perfect way to work while you sleep
    literally! Sign up now!

  19. puddles says:

    lol, easily exploitable backdoors appearing in thinkpads after the brand was sold to the chinese?? who'd have thought that would happen.

  20. Untamed Euphoria says:

    We saw that superball shit here in Australia. It's not a thing here…… at all, I had no words

  21. Charles Harrigan says:

    all the engagement. Blue raspberry FTW

  22. Gasper Erjavec says:

    Im from europe and love paypal

  23. Erich Fromm says:

    Beat the algorithm! Nice episode, made me feel nostalgic about monochromatic, interlaced video on Atari 65 – I'm sure that encoding was state of art.

  24. Justyn Temme says:


  25. starfan6299 says:


  26. Bikerchris says:

    I tend to think this guy should get a pair of robotic arms, just saying (great video as always!). https://youtu.be/KPhkVPNKtVA

  27. Alex Akopyan says:


  28. Frosty. says:


  29. Frosty. says:

    the 5g thing is seems like an obvious trick.. if they actually try to nationalize it, they are just going to "fail" and then pay the ISPs to "fix" it for them and it will end up falling into their hands at the end

    Or they just won't actually build it, but still take the money. Like they did half a dozen times before

  30. Chris Worley says:


  31. Jon Asgaeroth says:

    Best show on the youtubes! Engagement!

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