Level1 News August 1 2018: You Shall Not MoviePass!

1:00 – Tesla asks suppliers for refunds to help it become profitable
4:06 – Tesla troll and short doxxed as heavily invested in oil industry, Musk reportedly calls his boss
6:34 – Microsoft acknowledges price increases coming for Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise users
7:58 – Equifax says it’s spent $200m on security since the breach, so everything’s OK now
9:50 – Qualcomm’s $44B NXP acquisition dies as China trade war rages on
11:53 – Mozilla executive claims that Google has made YouTube slower on Edge and Firefox
14:21 – US airlines change Taiwan reference on websites ahead of Chinese deadline
16:35 – Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps From the Play Store
17:42 – Why is MoviePass down? It temporarily ran out of money
19:47 – Someone Uploaded What Look to Be Apple’s Internal iPhone Repair Videos
21:04 – Apple confirms MacBook Pro thermal throttling, software fix coming today
22:04 – Apple’s T2 Security Chip May Cause Issues in iMac Pro, MacBook Pro
23:18 – Leaked benchmarks show Intel is dropping hyperthreading from i7 chips
24:53 – Record-breaking solid state memory stores data at 100 times the density of Blu-ray
26:12 – Robots Wielding Water Knives Are the Future of Farming
27:56 – Boston Dynamics Is Gearing Up to Produce Thousands of Robot Dogs
29:36 – Google is building “virtual agents” to handle call centers’ grunt work
30:34 – Google cars self-drive to Walmart supermarket in trial
33:30 – IBM Watson Reportedly Recommended Cancer Treatments That Were ‘Unsafe and Incorrect’
35:43 – Windows 10 will try not to reboot when you’re just grabbing a cup of coffee
37:03 – Amazon’s Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says

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46 Responses

  1. Samira Peri says:

    Not MoviePass? What about multipass?

  2. Brandon B says:

    Google Pixel Mining Operation = Giant Fireball.. Confirmed

  3. TheTron08 says:

    I kind-of understand where MS is coming from with the "You'll update when we say so" policy since I might have a family member who has not willingly downloaded a Windows Update since the Windows XP days when they corrupted an OS install by force shutting down when an update was installing and lost a lot of info in the subsequent format and reinstall.

  4. Yeti8it says:

    I hate to admit it but I work at Walmart . We have the kind of people you were talking about and MOST of the employees are just Walmart customers that applied for a job . Also at my store there was a homeless guy that management wouldn't do anything about and finally after over a month of him hanging around he took a dook on one of the porch swings part hit the concrete and naturally part on the slats of said swing . YET a customer wanted to buy it ! A manager took it from $120 down to $40 and the woman bought the swing . WOW

  5. livingstonem10 says:

    I'm the NEET that watches every video you guys put out, and I'd prefer watching you guys go through news stories instead of the trash Hollywood puts out. I rather enjoy listening to you guys cover the news, so thanks!

  6. Yvan da Silva says:

    The real problem with the w3c, is that there is a pile a proposals on the table that are not trivial. ( https://github.com/w3c/webcomponents/tree/gh-pages/proposals )
    Many are very very good.
    Google being Google is totally able to implement most of its proposals straight away in their browser.
    And Mozilla and Microsoft being how they are respectively SLOW to implement new standards.
    Some proposals are there for YEARS, some proposals are required for disabled people to get a good experience on the web, but hey… who cares right ?
    You need to understand that even when a browser implements something it will take time for devs to be able to use it widely, as most people run outdated software for years.
    [ Proposals X Years] [ Y Years of implementation] [ Z Years of adoption ]

    [ Just a simple example; tldr – chrome is just leading the pack because the others are too busy doing shiny stuff… ]

    Do you want more performance in your browser ? Less CSS mess by isolating components on the web ? Do you want reusable components recognized by the platform (browser) itself ?
    Try shadow dom in discussion since 2011 ! OH wait… https://caniuse.com/#search=shadow%20dom%20v1
    Gues what ? Most browsers do NOT support it.

    I don't like to have one player literally owning most of the webs entry point, but seriously, it's the others players that are at fault here.

    For those who want to know why shadow dom would provide any advantage in performance for a browser :
    – First do not mix shadow dom and vdom (virtual dom) they are NOT related
    – Allows for custom html tags definition (well done, this means your page can render each component separately and avoid your 20 components web page to bring your browser to its knees
    – Style encapsulation : The CSS styles inside a custom element will not bleed out of the element. Allowing the browser to NOT repaint the entire page if only your component change some css styles. (Some CSS styles trigger a full repaint otherwise)

    And all of this is not pretty and shiny… There is still a lot of problems to solve that could deeply improve just ONE aspect of the web for everyone.
    Concerning this case explicitly for example, you can't do SSR (Server Side Rendering) components, because there is no way to explain to a browser that something your backend produced is the content of the shadown dom.
    TLDR: There is no serialization of shadow dom components YET.
    But who could we blame for that, the very basis of shadow dom hasn't been implemented by most browsers yet…

  7. wwwShadow7 says:

    The last time I went to walmart I was getting cat litter., but the isle of littler was bare. oddly the same experience on previous trips with regards to apple juice.

  8. wwwShadow7 says:

    Bored wendell playing with screws. Freudian ???

  9. john beer says:

    No Wendell i'd rather watch level1 Every Day than movies. I did have unlimited monthly passes to the local cinema at one point in the late 90s. Ran out of things to watch, 95% was unwatchable crap, stopped buying them.

  10. Nocturnal 007 says:

    No Crista!? Down vote.

  11. ajeba98 says:

    This should be renamed the negative sarcastic news hour.

  12. larry Spiller says:

    Yeah good rule of thumb, read elektrec and then read news against it and then formulate opinions. That's so much better than just reading short sellers opinions like you have been in the past.

  13. Simon Vercoe says:

    I want ankles, wrists and spatial awareness before I'm buying any robot, whatever animal it is supposed to replicate

  14. Simon Vercoe says:

    I'm guessing the code that displays user profile pictures next to comments relies heavily on whatever Mozilla doesn't support because they are completely bugging out on my Firefox atm

  15. ShamanKish says:

    Just throw a rug on that dog 😉

  16. Lovrenc Košenina says:

    Could u also add links for the wallpapers in the background?

  17. Papaja Valeri says:

    16:30 really guys… really xD

  18. Josh Russell says:

    I don't know about AI, but so far it seems like Windows might finally not reboot for an update in the middle of a game in RS5. Hopefully this goes for GPU drivers too. lol

  19. Josh Russell says:


  20. Bound4Earth says:

    To be fair to Microsoft, most users are dumb and choose to not update their PC because it takes 3 to 10 minutes plus to load because of the insane amounts of garbage they still have not removed, instead letting it go to sleep or hibernate for years. I worked on quite a few PCs in the mid to late 2000s that had near base XP even though automatic updates was on. A few of them installed the first updates ever when I booted it up because they had to shut it down for once. Beyond that a lot of users have no clue what hibernate/sleep/shutdown mean and what differentiates them. A lot of the blame falls on Microsoft for this though, because the system default OS power settings on any profile use sleep and hibernate without explaining which to use and when.

    But that can be fixed simply by leaving the registry edit in the OS. Most people that would go through that trouble have an IQ high enough to understand the importance of updates. So still not a good excuse to blanket everyone into the dunce category.

  21. Dejan Vizi says:

    Sir, is it possible to run pubg mobile on linux low spec pc? It could be amazing video…

  22. franzb69 says:

    you don't really lose your data. they just claim your ssd is soldered onto the board but when you open it up it's really just a screwed on m.2 ssd. so it's all bullshit.

  23. franzb69 says:

    i want taiwan messed with so china gets fucked by the rest of the world.

  24. Vercusgames says:

    The sheer amount of money we lost from security breaches.

  25. MarcasswellbMD says:

    TIme Stamp: 36:11ish Windows updates My Pc has never just updated and restarted on it'sd own.. That's a Bit much now, I know U guy's are lynx Evangelists and every thing but Windows 10 once U shut off all the intrusive services is the best OS OUT RIGHT NOW….. Lynx still sucks no matter how hard and how many of U try to not make it NOT that way…. THE Truth…

  26. Daniel Brent says:

    You should ask the audience to do a fan remake of the intro song with an electric guitar or something funky.

  27. almost 12 dollars says:

    """"IF"""" you're a NEET and watching Level1 content every day

  28. Raydeus says:

    12:00 Here's the thing about YouTube, that only affects you on Firefox if you don't have NoScript and Adblock (or similar) installed, because when you have them the slowdown isn't anywhere near as bad. Except for some rare cases where the page/video doesn't load properly, but a quick F5 (again with very little slowdown) fixes it.

  29. Raydeus says:

    And it's finally watchable! 360p may be the future, but I'm sticking with 1080p for the time being.

  30. Shane says:

    Windows 10… Oh you have a full screen application that is using 90% of system resources, yup good time to try and reboot right? Good thing I was near by to tell it no do not reboot. Oh and I have pro and had the setting turned off for this reason ><

  31. nagi603 says:

    Hey, how about linking to the hardware video in the description next time? 🙂

  32. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Side note, you DON'T lose all your data when changing logic boards- at least not b/c of hardware. It's Apple's IGNORANT policy to NOT remove the SSD and pop it into a new board- to force them to be "one unit", replacing the board with a new one AND a new SSD installed on it as if it were soldered in (it's NOT), when you could literally remove the drive and pop it into a new board without ANY problems. Linus at LTT showed this on an iMac Pro they put a new screen on.

  33. Oren Bell says:

    In the Rekognition story about the congresspeople, Ryan said all 28 were black. Only 11 were.

  34. Árvai Zoltán says:

    it is still nicer how tesla asks for discount for long term win-win situation than apple vs qualcomm where apple said: meh, i don't wanna pay you money, because when I summarize those dollars, It is a big number.
    For china vs taiwan: neigther the usa nor the eu recognize taiwain officially. So It is really strange that people from those regins are complaining about how companies handle that stupid situation.

  35. Frosty. says:

    stuff has happend to equifax.

    they have been given new contracts by the IRS 😀

  36. DoctorWho8675309 says:

    Wait.. so MoviePass site shut down because they didn't pay their hosting bill? No… it shut down because the business model SUCKS.

  37. Ahmet C. Ay says:

    Turns out China actually wanted them to completely replace Taiwan with China not just omit it. Those airlines were just half assing it hoping it would be enough.

  38. Low Flying Potato says:

    The AI is screaming in the background. These people are criminals. As the people sit around and go this AI is racist. The AI is trying to say that the law makers are the criminals.

  39. J.D. Martin says:

    MoviePass was hoping for the gym membership model where everyone has one but nobody uses it. Turns out MoviePass members are getting more exercise from abusing the service!

  40. Gargoyle says:

    Walmart is already the neighborhood hangout in my town.

  41. SpikeDiegel says:

    I know why they are replacing the T2 chips. Not because of the fabricated story. Its because they have a high chance of becoming self aware and sending machines back in time to kill John Connor.

  42. Mandu says:

    "What is it m'lord?"

    "I am hungry….I want…..gogurt…..and skittles."


  43. Mork the Chicken says:

    YouTube engagement comment

  44. Travis Cook says:

    Who hurt you, Ryan?

  45. Brutaltronics says:

    new patron goal to afford a boston dynamics robodoge?
    yes please.

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