Let's Talk. Credits and Banking. Rumors and Speculation. Robots and Telephones.

This is going to be something. I have no idea what this something is gonna be…
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32 Responses

  1. Johnny Zen says:

    If DSP was really living paycheck to paycheck he wouldn't be spending money on doordash.

  2. Epsilon Eagle says:

    I've watched this video five times

  3. B. O. says:

    I think he has a gambling problem. Thanks for the tips guuuuuuuys.

  4. Alex Faring says:

    That guy apologizing for posting the dox is stupid… he is basically admitting to be the one who committed the crime.

  5. EclipseMints08 says:

    Jesus, an excel sheet with data on DSP's purchases. lmao, dang that's autistic.

  6. CellarOrcs says:

    bro i wanna play rate my credit card purchases too

  7. jazzy3113 says:

    Why do some people refer to Phil as Dave sometimes? Is Phil just his gamer name? Dave his real name?

  8. AllAboutYouTubers13 says:

    Where can I get the info like the pie chart etc anyone from kiwi without going threw thousands of posts? I've tried search by title

  9. Michael Kitchin says:

    He spends 3 times the average yearly income for Renton. $120k (over an 11 month period). There is one late fee in all of that. One. Looking at the numbers on the sheet, it's $128k going out, $97k going in. That's a chunky deficit.

  10. Sallow Dawn says:

    The Lord's work

  11. MadRoberts22 MovieGuy says:

    Was this even that big of a suprise no not even

  12. D T says:

    DSP is the personification of evil.

  13. xNizmoo says:

    I guess the bankruptcy taught him nothing. He just spends it all as soon as he receives it. I always thought there was a chance he's stashing money away and pretending to be broke. Funny how after the July begathon he immediately goes out the next day (july 12th) to spend $200 on 3 different restaurants. During the begathon he said it's to "make ends meet" for the month.

  14. Sigma-rific Sperg-ster says:

    Piece of Peace is a God among lolcowz for documenting all this, and you truly are the BEST FUCKING SAMARITAN, SIR….for uploading all this. Lol

  15. OD says:

    I'm conflicted as on the one hand it's crossing a line, but on the other hand he lies to people for money day in day out, he's a scammer effectively, taking money and donations on false pretences.

    That he's a toxic horrible person on top is just the cherry, the scamming is the big moral problem with phil.

    But what's done is done is anyway, this is how the world works – if you act like a piece of crap over and over again for 13 years straight it will catch up to you eventually, I can't really sorry for the guy. He's never owned up or take responsibility for any of the wrongs he's done, so eventually someone was going to force the issue.

    Sometimes it takes a villain to take a villain down.

  16. Michael Kitchin says:

    It confirms a lot. Phil's income, what he does with his money and the confirmation that he doesn't hold any money back. After all this time, it turns out he really is that stupid. And, let's be honest, it's a pretty boring life he's bankrolled.

  17. Aliekexie says:

    Let him waste money on gacha and gin. Its hilarious.
    Cant say Im envious, Im more annoyed at how he wasted his luck. Its kinda the same when someone wins a lottery and instead of investing or buying a house, they waste it on drugs and parties to end up in a worser position than when they started.

  18. GloriousRevolution51 says:

    I wish I were this autistic about my own finances.

  19. Albert Cole says:

    We'll ride in 24 hours

  20. B Fletch says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the Perry analogy. We’ve all gotten to see this wonderful decline into hilarity that Dave has taken over the years now. We’ve gotten to watch him prove that he has no integrity time and time again, and we’ve watched him lie and squirm to get around his lies. He really is a TV show for us all to watch. There will always be some autistic adult like OIC funneling him money, so I just view it as free entertainment now.

  21. BrandonIsWhoIAm says:

    Even though what this person did is illegal, it’s literally the only way we could know what he really does with his money.

  22. Grooviebones says:

    Who released the bank info was it?
    -the karl coalition, in revenge of the karlocaust
    -burger king, to have the last laugh over the chicken sandwich
    -OIC, who has finally gone over the edge?
    -or punished jasper? A cat son denied his claws.

    Find out whodunnit next time on, detractor ball Z

  23. Mike Trepanier says:

    Apple iTunes purchases are for any sub based app purchase through the App Store

  24. PTRD 41 says:

    I do hope this is kinda the end of this. Like, they gottem, the one thing the D-traktors couldnt see (and Philbert would brag about) was his bank account and now they have. Its proven, its done, its time to end it here. Further digging into his bank account at this point would be malicious.

  25. David Stout says:

    First off: Phil didn't need to get his bank account hacked. That's just going to fuel his victim mentality rants and he'd be in the right for once which is not great because he'll milk it for all it's worth and its going to get him pity bucks.

    Second: the information is interesting, its also getting me to look at how I need to manage my own money better because Phil spends his money right as he gets it.

  26. Heinzy says:

    I can already predict what will happen.
    DSP will think he won the lottery, will sue the bank for releasing his private info.
    He's going to parade this in our faces for yrs to come, we'll never hear the end of how he was "MISS TREE TID".

  27. J Van says:

    Can someone explain why anyone cares? I enjoy watching DSP fail at his play throughs, but who gives a crap what the guy spends his money on?

  28. ObiWanJabronE says:

    Ahbiously, Ricky Horny was the best part.

  29. Jasper 500K says:

    See the thing is that I really wouldn't care what Phil does in his streams the problem is that some of my tax dollars goes to some of his wheelchairs in turn goes to him. Also forced in Supporting him so honestly I won't feel bad for him if anything happens to him.
    As for Josh the kiwis is already winning a fight against a glowie's (CIA) psycho daughter and she tried to send lawyers after it ain't working for the feds

  30. Captain Average says:

    What's the music from the first couple of minutes of the vid with the retro background pls?

  31. DispairNL says:

    Maybe its Kat that does all the drinking , i mean can you blame her for having a trainwreck for a husband ?

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