L&C Daily: Ahmaud Arbery – Find Out Why This Witness Could Be a Game Changer For Prosecution

L&C Daily: Ahmaud Arbery – Find Out Why This Witness Could Be a Game Changer For Prosecution

Straight ahead on law&crime Daily.

The death of Ahmaud Arbery trial. Find out why this witness testimony could be a game-changer for the prosecution.

The conservatorship of Britney Spears could soon be over.

A victory for former President Donald Trump as an appeals court temporary blocks the release of his Jan. 6 records.

The murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. We go inside the courtroom for the last time before closing arguments next week.
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Hosts: #ImranAnsari #BrianBuckmire #TerriAustin
Correspondent: #AngenetteLevy – Law&Crime Daily
Guest: #DinaDoll – Legal Analyst

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29 Responses

  1. Anthony Brown says:

    Y’all talking about drama instead of the trial. Just stick to the facts and the trial and keep your drama out of reports.

  2. Martin Andersson says:

    He wasn't jogging. As has been concluded by the court. La&Crime Network make themselves meaningless by becoming just another SJW outlet.


    he was jooooooging

  4. Tabetha Meeks says:

    I dont understand why Al Sharpton testified they need to keep these public figures that have a political bias and that has nothing to do with the case out of these courtrooms.

  5. Joey Wilburn says:

    Didn't retreat? How much farther did he need to run?
    If he had run back across state lines it wouldn't be enough for these people.

  6. clown says:

    “When you hate liberals … kill them “

    – Kyle rittenhouse

  7. clown says:

    Me and the boys go out to kill some liberals from time to time Kyle rittenhouse style

  8. clown says:

    The republicunts want their mascot back

  9. clown says:

    He literally killed people and the republicunts proud boys are cheering him on ….. the law isn’t always just especially when they let people like this go free after murder spree but lock up other minors for fist fighting ironic I guess killing people as a whiteproud boy is the way to go in life

  10. DFDFD says:

    He provoked it and didn't retreat? What is that lady talking about? He was literally trying to run away from the first guy and then tried to retreat to police (you can hear him in the video) and was attacked 3-4 other times. Which case is she watching?

  11. Kevin Johnson says:


  12. Valerie Boyco says:

    I demand to know why this "reporter" referred to the January 6th. commission as "the so called January 6th. committee"! Its official title is "the January 6th. commission" and there is NOTHING "so called" about it! Disgusting display of bias!

  13. Lydia Sinclair says:

    The video that shocked the nation was the video of Brittney finally able to speak at her own trial.

  14. J Whit says:

    Your analysis is biased. The deceased was not jogging with Timberlands on.

  15. Big Red says:

    The guy didn't report the thieft because it was not with the hassle with the insurance claim and cost.$$$$

  16. January says:

    Host's oratory skills are subpar. There are so many others better qualified who might not look as pretty but don't speak like a robot.

  17. Çheryl Haskell says:

    Abominable behavior by prosecuting attornies should have resulted in mistrials in, both, the Corn Rake Murder Trial and the Rittenhouse Trial.

    Prosecuting Attorney Maureen Hughes interjected infamous interpretation of Todd Wullis' attempt to administer CPR as directed by 911 operator's instructions – 1, 2, 3, 4; that Prosecutor claimed Wullis stated, "Die, you cheating whore." Again, while he was on the phone with 911.

    Likewise, Prosecutor Thomas Binger questioning Kyle Riitenhouse why he stayed silent after incident, when it is Defendant's Constitutional Right to remain silent.

    Equally mind numbing, after Kyle stated he stayed in Kenosha to render aid to injured and extinquish fires [set by rioters]; Prosecutor Binger stated, "Normally, if someone is injured you call for an ambulance, and if there is a fire, you call for the fire department ["Normally" is not during a Riot, where containers are being set on fire in the streets, where the Riot Squad has set up a blockade in the middle of the road].

  18. Mama Pink says:

    Off topic:

    Terri, you look amazing!

  19. Fred Flintstone says:

    It makes me a little bit sick to see how much the modern day courtroom has become a platform for political theatre. I can't help but feel this has invaded law and true justice in cases, and that defendants must now be concerned about becoming sacrificial lambs to political agenda. Kudos to Judges that will not tolerate this.

  20. General Raven says:

    None of these people are watching this “why didn’t he retreat” he did the only time he shot was when he was on the ground being attacked where retreating wasn’t an option

  21. hoaxone 845 says:

    Yea Dina doll is confused on the trial. He clearly retreated and that's not even a arguement the prosecution tried to ever make. Provoked Rosenbaum before Rosenbaum said he would kill any of them if he got the alone earlier in the night? The timeline dosent even make sense in terms of provocation if you remember the gas station video.

  22. Joe Lane says:

    The dislike ratio is for you Dina Doll

  23. Mike Camire says:

    Since when is running away not considered retreating?

  24. Crime in NYC says:

    When did Kyle Rittenhouse provoke the confrontation, and how would that help prove that he committed murder "beyond a reasonable doubt"?

  25. D Yates says:

    I usually jog in work boots too. Can we please stop with the "he was out for a jog" narrative? I'm NOT saying he should be dead, or that he did anything wrong, but please, stop with the jogging ridiculousness.

  26. Timothy McVeigh says:

    Who jogs in baggy khakis? Arbery was a thief, no doubt and started swinging. Got what he deserved.

  27. Timothy McVeigh says:

    Idk why the Rittenhouse case even went to trial. People chased him, attacked him, tried to take his gun and pointed a gun at him. It’s pretty cut and dry self defense. If it weren’t for all the idiots burning everything, there wouldn’t be a trial. This is Mob rule.

  28. Dodgers 2020 says:

    The media is so out of touch with reality

  29. never using this again says:

    Why the death of Ahmad…. It's clearly murder

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