Lawyer Reacts to Dana Chanel Lawsuit | Scamming Allegations

🥂 Grab your wine and let’s discuss the scamming allegations against Instagram influencer & Sprinkle of Jesus owner Dana Chanel…

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32 Responses

  1. msgsterling says:

    Gained a follower off “no broughtupsy” lol

  2. J. Kelly says:

    Joanne the scammer lost his mom and fell off after that.

  3. Bella Bella says:

    Also – you have issues with people selling stuff online?….when they can get it for free??. That is true to a certain extent …but I’m curious do you plan on working for someone for the rest of your life? My guess is no – so why trash the entrepreneurial spirit. Just like a lawyer would charge for services, I would think a business owner would do the same. Again, what danachanel did was wrong, but I don’t agree with your logic in certain areas.

  4. Bella Bella says:

    I agree that what Danachanel did was wrong but someone investing in seminars is not. Not everyone can afford nor wants to waste their time in college!! Especially when you graduate with a worthless degree and student loan debt. I spent far less in an seminar than traditional college – and received more value. For example, I took a boot camp class that was 6 weeks in data analytics and now I have a new, higher paying competitive job, versus investing in the same program at a 4-year university that would have cost considerably more. Just saying.

  5. Cicely Murray says:

    I just found your channel and I am now a fan… SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CAPITAL "B"… LOL I do that every time and no one listens. LOL

  6. ShaniceDKdesigns says:

    My spirit never took her. But I’m always wary of faith based businesses.

  7. Shelcey Hampton says:

    I just fixed my credit myself. Almost 200 points in about a year and I've never understood how somebody else could fix it for me. I know my debts/finances better than Joe Blow trying to make a come-up

  8. Sonja S says:

    They seemed shady to me from the beginning. And unfortunately their victims were blinded by Christian talking points and “attractiveness”, thinking that combination equaled trustworthiness. People please use your instincts. There were lots of red flags with them.

  9. thats not my name says:

    I teach them how to do it or charge for every item removed no contract other then the company I use to track every credit house

  10. Taylor G says:

    Ummm have we seen the sprinkle of Jesus app. It’s tacky. Not quality at all so It makes sense that these apps don’t work. Her own app barely works.

  11. Abria Angel says:

    Never do business with someone who goes by an alias, why don't any of these people use their government names?

  12. Shayana Davis says:

    Ooh chile I just wandered on over and read some of this lady's content and issa mess. A whole mess. Lots of opinions and destructive messaging. Also, just discovered your channel and love it!

  13. T. Cooper says:

    I legit love you! ☺️

  14. Asher Ray UK says:

    I saw her apologise hmmmm was wondering what she was talking about.

  15. Jules says:

    Stimulus check was based on AGI. Don’t hate on the tax strategy. And folks not flexing by saying they didn’t qualify for a stimmy. They just let everyone know that they don’t invest in a good CPA/tax attorney. Sorry to hurt feelings…

  16. TrainwithMe says:

    "Nuff money"….where you from? Sound west indian.

  17. James Osanyinbi says:

    I grew up in church and can spot these things from a mile away. Read the fine print and ask for receipts and that includes the offering plate too. Know where your money is going and how it’s growing for you and your family.

  18. Brea Linn says:

    LOVE Your content! New subbie! ♥️♥️

  19. Akevia Brigance says:

    Dave Ramsey says that most credit repair companies will collect your money and not pay your bills. Once they have a lump sum they then call the companies and settle it. For a fraction of the cost. But you run the risk of getting sued before you have enough money to actually pay off the company

  20. Finding Kahla says:

    Ppl can do their nails free but they pay over $1000 over the course of the year… it’s a time thing and education thing but Dana was doing too much!

  21. Chacorya Autrey says:

    im so glad i found your channel!!!

  22. Angelina Perea says:

    You're channel is super-educational! Love all the juicy info!

  23. Senjen says:

    I swear scammers are going straight to hell! I had no idea about this lady. Good video, the GIFS were hilarious.

  24. Keisha Charmaine says:

    Are Dana and her husband legally married for real?

  25. Crystal Light says:

    She’s pregnant with baby #2 & about to go to prison

  26. Chido Danielle says:

    Wines from South Africa are not black owned. They’re all owned by white South Africans

  27. sunshine73308 says:

    lol girl i'm sorry but to be an attorney I would expect better. When you were talking about the credit repair companies you are absolutely wrong. I'm not going to go into it, but you are spreading not only inaccurate information but leading people towards never getting financial literacy or becoming financially healthy. It's partially because of people like you that the industry has a bad name. The other part is people like the woman you are speaking about. $1700 Is extreme to get credit restoration and she should have been delivering what she said. FYI, to properly dispute there are multiple Acts and laws people will have to become familiar with before trying to dispute if they want results. Fixing credit is not always as easy as people try to make consumers think it is. If it was everyone would have excellent credit.

  28. Bria Barrows says:

    My beautiful cousin ♥️

  29. Chanel Geter says:

    Apparently they’re not actually legally married?

  30. Deyana says:

    I don’t trust business owners who 1. Roll out too many businesses too quickly I.e. a new business every year 2. Use Christianity and shame to garner support 3. Target underprivileged people. To me this shows a business owner who is money hungry and trying to make money fast. I followed Dana for a little while but once I saw her shaming her audience for not working hard enough and how many businesses she latched her name to, I realized this was all about money. I think she would’ve been better off sticking with Sprinkle of Jesus and being an influencer.

  31. Antonio Dominique says:

    Can u cover the Nicki n zoo case please I need ur actual unbias opinion n thoughts

  32. Wine n' Chill says:

    As promised here’s an article that walks you through how to fix your credit by yourself and for free:

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