Lauren London PAID Royalties For VL Whole Album

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37 Responses

  1. Tamara36 says:

    Very deep inside job

  2. Tamara36 says:

    I believe Eric was the fall guy

  3. Tamara36 says:

    You have been right from day one!! Keep up the good work

  4. Beth Fabian says:

    LL is so scandalous she helped get nip killed and she is living high off the hog she is a disgusting excuse for a human being!!! Period!!!

  5. Jaina Mcgee says:

    There are stupid people in the comments do your thing girl

  6. Keyaaamp says:

    That question and answer game that Nip and Lauren did was questionable. Some people knew what time it was when Lauren was sitting on the pale white horse and Nip was standing next to it.

  7. Strong Faith says:

    Black Sam is over his estate not Lauren

  8. Strong Faith says:

    She is talking not singing. He gave her a credit to get her royalties.

  9. peacola love says:

    The song Mona Lisa if you listen to that song. It will tell you everything about the set up of hussle. And then listen to the song Funeral. And that will tell you what happen to hussle that night.

  10. Angela Johnson says:

    I Enjoy your content! You are right no other YTs talk about Nipsey.

  11. Spiritual Gangsta Ms Tonya says:

    How crazy does that sound she set him up how broken she is her light …What did Nip tell her the biggest inspiration..She had his child she would be richer with him alive…please stop idiots

  12. Ann Williams says:

    Hi I just ran across this video and you are dead on. You are saying the same thing . Alexus’s Tylor is saying, she does celebrity readings. She has 4 parts about LL . And she spoke with one of the other females that he has a child with. If you get a chance pls listen to it. She is on YouTube.

  13. Mesha H says:

    Yall go watch Alexss K Tylor videos Nipsey is pissed off , Lauren was in on that man getting killed, they wasn't even together when he died.

  14. chilly mack says:

    You tube Malcom x hoax,tu pac hoax ,mlk hoax. It's all fake!!! Cia agents & operations

  15. The Time To Think About It says:


  16. Zandra Ashley says:

    U are a hater get a life and pray for God to remove that hate from your heart. Vengeance is the Lords not yours. Let God handle them you sound so full of hate making money off of Nipsey got a YouTube channel full of Nipsey yet the mother of his child is wrong for getting it. And so what they were not married.

  17. The Time To Think About It says:

    oooo I followed you back then… you were always RIGHT..I DID MY RESEARCH. YOU WAS RIGHT!!!

  18. LIBRA LIBRA says:

    Lauren was said to be a industry plant. She was put on Nipsey…

  19. LIBRA LIBRA says:

    Jay-Z made a killiñg.

  20. LIBRA LIBRA says:

    Holder was under MK Ultra….

  21. LIBRA LIBRA says:

    I apologize to u. You were correct!

  22. Cheryl Glover says:

    Yes, you did say it all about Holder & Lauren even about the custody of his daughter Emani. People need to really be careful about what they want, Nipsey said that Lauren could get it but he got it! She made him put her in the music or she would not get her friends to promote him and his album.

  23. robyn fenty says:

    you keep bringing up the fact that they weren't married like who CARES?! when he was putting in work in the studio, he would FaceTime her and show her rings telling her to "stay down" and "stay down for the come up".. if he hadn't been killed, they would've been engaged that same year. it was evident that they both loved and cared about one another outside of just a surface level, and everyone around them who were able to witness their love can attest to that! Nip was no fool by a long shot, he knew what he was doing when he put her in the credits and had her apart of his album. he said himself that her energy was influenced in that album. Nip would be damn proud of her for the way that she's been holding shit down and taking care of things, why wouldn't she make sure that their son would be set?

    and as far as Tanisha, you wanna make it seem like people were bullying her when this girl has been bullying Lauren for YEARS. REAL ones from LA know that Nip and Tanisha weren't even together after he had Emani so thats another lie that you just told. he never left her to go be with Lauren, they were already split. they were co parenting up until word got around that she was cutting up at the Slauson Swapmeet yelling "FUCK LAUREN". she was already in a relationship dating someone else, was posting him all over her Facebook all while BAD MOUTHING Nipsey. she was saying fuck him and she hopes he dies every chance she got on her Facebook, you can look that up yourself and add that to your channel. and snoop never set them up, Nip BEEN checking for Lauren for years and vise versa. Nip's DJ set them up and their other close friends.

  24. Melvina Willoughby says:

    Wow, serpents with smiles and Dimples.
    Today's music gets you killed.

  25. Beautifully Brown says:

    Eric Holder pleaded not guilty not insanity so how he going to get off for insanity without pleading it?

  26. Beautifully Brown says:

    She had a child by lil wayne

  27. Beautifully Brown says:

    HEHE already had a child by killing Wayne who had way more money than nipsey hussle at the time so I'm sure that she was already getting a pretty penny from lil Wayne for child support so she was already holding her own boo. Get it right. We know that ur not a fan ur a hater is what it sounds like to me.

  28. Beautifully Brown says:

    His brother is the Executive of his Estate not Lauren London. U need to proof read ur work b4 u put it out.

  29. Beautifully Brown says:

    It wasn't victory lap that he sold for a $100 it was chainsaw mixtape in 2013

  30. Beautifully Brown says:

    I hope the prosecutor is smart enough to check for the record shifty cuz recorded the day after he killed Nipsey. That song describes the murder in detail. I don't think a crazy person would b able to do that. Murder a man and then record a song for the streets b4 he turned himself the next day. A child can see thru that

  31. Lois McDowell says:

    If I was Tanisha will be still fighting 4 my daughter

  32. Debra Garner says:

    The truth always stands out!

  33. Ms. London says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is about no amount of money can bring her love back but he’s a smart man and provides for his own so I ain’t mad at it.

  34. MerelyMo says:

    Good job

  35. BESTBRAN says:

    you on point

  36. Levan Walker says:

    VL symbol looking suspicious

  37. keke c says:

    Lauren wasn't even with nipsey in 2013

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