Las Vegas Shooting Live Coverage: At least 58 dead, 515 injured Near Music Festival

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  1. Up Nya says:

    That dude talking at 1hr 6min into this sounds so fos…

  2. Up Nya says:

    Still an active investigation so you can't comment… but your quick to dismiss there were more shooters… smh you don't wanna release the "shooters" name but give his plate number.
    Active shooters in the past…. more like the week prior when you were doing active shooter drills. Smh

  3. NIKKI says:

    We need better gun control PERIOD!!.

  4. chee sengchua says:

    Kill so less… worst shooter in the world

  5. chee sengchua says:

    Why all so scare and run away… they should take out their gun and shoot back

  6. 广东马来贱种 says:

    evil conspiracy

  7. not a stat normal says:

    Why do Americans think it's normal to sell huge capacity magazines, Bump fire stocks, and automatic weapons to civilians? You are not fighting the British in an independce war anymore . Imagine if he had a 9m with only 5 magazine, he will have to stop and reload , pull the trigger evrytine he shoots rearrange his gun point , which will give ppl more time to run , hide seek cover but also to the police to locate him fast enough .The dude was playing God for 4 and half minutes only because he had a semi automatic rifle that he was able to modify easily to act like a machine gun , why such modifications are legal ? A machine gun ? Please someone explain mto me how would u defend democracy with a machine gun in a peace time, supposedly the 2a was invented as safe keep to protect the people from a dictatorship or a foreign colonizer . Why are we allowing this in a time of peace

  8. Cessna N411CE says:

    After this guy sneaks in multiple weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo into a hotel without anybody even noticing I don't ever want to see another concierge give me dirty looks when I meet an escort in the hotel lobby.

  9. Loretta Searcy says:

    They should do deeper back ground checks on people before they sell them guns

  10. Loretta Searcy says:

    It breaks my heart that this happened I feel so sorry for the friends and family of the people who lost their lives and the country music stars who were there the guy who did this is a physcopath

  11. David Arnett says:

    Sad story in Las Vegas

  12. Scott Borden says:

    I love how this vid starts with talking about how Isis and Al Queada scope out Vegas for terrorist attacks but this was a bitter white Republican American, like every single mass shooter. Domestic terrorism is THE leading threat in this country and it's always the conservative right-wingers. This is the most tragic story. I still can't believe it. I'm in a 30th-floor suite right now directly above the sphinx at the Luxor directly across from the venue. My heart breaks for everyone who was there that night. All the victims. It's the most awful thing I can imagine. People having the time of their lives, with music, friends, dancing. I just wish this country could escape the stranglehold of the Republicans who make billions off these weapons killing people. Gun control NOW.

  13. StarFighters76 says:

    It always sickens me when reporters are asking about the condition of any cop involved in this. Not trying to say cops deserve to be injured or worse, but they always jump to wondering about that. It's like there are 50+ people (that some may or not be cops) are dead and 500+ are injured, and you're main concern is the condition of cops?! Screw that noise with a cactus. How about be concerned about ALL that were involved instead?

  14. David Matheny says:

    It is bizarre that after 3 years we did not find(or at least it was not released) anything resembling his reasoning for carrying out this attack.

  15. Phil Jermakian says:

    Actually the order should be reversed.

  16. Johan Funes says:

    Yes gun does kill because a nife does not kill 50 maybe 2 people but a gun you can kill someone from a far distance

  17. Freddie Seal says:

    Good Morning America begins at 3:07:27

  18. Lee Lee Bytch says:

    dude needs to remember what he says said in the beginning they know whom it is now u gave away that about multiple ids found of other ppl

  19. Lee Lee Bytch says:

    lies all lies government did this gun control. what was he shooting at to shoot the tank? and why are victims that spoke up on multiple shooters dead? why didnt the Las Vegas police admit there was helicopters shooting at the victims and why did the fbi say the sludge hammer was by his Paddock body when it was by the window? And if yall read the victims report yall know Paddock was a fall guy. the video I seen of someone they said was him getting on the elevator with 2 suit cases was him and it wasnt. and the first call was a shooting at the lux. and thats a machine gun in a helicopter im a army vet ikn that sound. But day before this happened the news said they hd a report of Isis taking over vegas now this happened. WAKE TF PEOPLE

  20. healingv1sion says:

    The one good thing about covid is that mass shootings are down

  21. Robert Campbell says:

    Trumps America…

  22. retnavybrat says:

    It boggles my mind that people are so addicted to their phones that their first instinct while being shot at is to record a video instead of trying to get to a safe place.

  23. GFI888 says:

    Not that it matters much now, but there is no such thing as the Clark County Sheriff's Dept. It's the Metro Police Department.

  24. Jeff Costlow says:

    another mass shooting caused by obama! his blowback will go on for years to come!

  25. Jeff Costlow says:

    14 hours later ABC was still reporting that over 550 people had been atleast shot…if that were true 58 dead would be a blessing! then again a couple years later its still not confirmed 58 died, atleast records and autopsies of 58 do not exist and thats after a few roller coaster weeks of bizzare sheriff press conferences with evidence changes and statement corrections happening multiple times per week.

  26. The Studio says:

    Manchester isnt near London… it isnt "Manchetser London"…its just Manchester which is 300 miles north of London, not the same place.

  27. Bill Holland says:

    "Freedom isn't free", as Americans brainlessly say. Enjoy the funerals!

  28. Taydra Brookshire says:

    Heartless. Absolutely heartless.

  29. Peter Kier says:

    Brian, the eyewitness, gave a remarkably vivid account of this horrific day. Clearly traumatized, he was still able to tell his story in chilling detail, only a few hours afterwards.

  30. PootieSLS Carries A Tornado says:

    Funny how Vegas has been displayed on terrorists sites yet it was seemingly another deranged american doing the killing..hmmmm.

  31. john leininger says:

    The song being played ironicly was let the bodies hit the floor and damnit they sure did

  32. NIG VIC production says:

    Did they"" ever find out why .
    Cause the news is sucking

  33. A R T says:

    Now why there were no exits at the Luxor side, served several reasons. They could easily sealed this area off . First to protect the two snipers hidden in the SPHINX. They parked here also the two blinded busses to keep them free from  fleeing people and three to create  a more impressive  footage of fleeing people, instead the people could leave the venue from 6 exit in every way. This was the footage which was taken by a man with a professional camera device,  which stood exactly by this only exit at this side of the venue ground. His behaviour was remarkable to keep in mind. The same they created at the other side of the venue ground. All together it looks that there were more people then there actual were.
    I already told that there were no people killed in this FF operation.
    Nevertheless there is also evidence that indeed real bullits were fired, but these were only single shots with a small calibre of bullits. They were fired by the two snipers which were hidden in the SPHINX right behind the eyes.
    The black pupils are actual holes were they installed their rifles. Their task was to shoot at people which did not leave the concertground fast enough, so they shoot some single shots just to scare them enough to leave the concert ground right away. Everyone which not took part in this operation had to leave before they could start the evacuation of these dead actors. That explains also why there were sometimes long pauses in between the several fired salvo's to let the people flee in a more structural way. The two snipers could easily leave their hidingplace trough a door which is located under the Sphinx to walk into the lobby of the luxorhotel,  they could also left their rifles behind. The following pictures were taken when they built the SPHINX in 1993


    Now there is also a important piece of evidence which are the deliberate "leaked" pictures and the later released pictures from the LVMPD report, these pictures of Paddock rooms,   were already taken in the week prior to the shooting instead the day after the schooting at 2 okt 2017. This implicates also  that it is important to know what exactly happend in the two weeks prior to the shooting in the Mandalay bay hotel. For instance who where the other guests at the Hotel in perticular the guests on the 32thfloor ? Where are the testimonys of all the other guests which had also a room on the 32th floor ? Where are the testimonys of all the guests from the other MGM Hotels which had a clear oversight over the concertground ?
    Well i didn't see nor hear any of them. Now two of the released pictures from the LVMPD report, are modified by the FBI using a overlay technic. They manipulated those for the coverup operation.
    These pictures  and the earlier "leaked" pictures at 2 okt to the  Boston25 newsoutlet which were put on the internet at 2 okt they are secured. Because in the mean time the Britisch news paper replaced these pictures which are now dated at 4 okt on their website. Well they may try but never will work.
    Two of the released pictures from the LVMPD report will proof that this was definitly a F F operation and that these pictures were maked in the week prior to the shooting.  Everybody with some search skills with a eye for detail can find out themselves. There are several manipulated with a overlay technik.
    Now it is also a fact that a good half year later, still not one lawsuit did face any judge in Court, not by the family of one of the "58" "killed" persons, neither a lawsuit of any of the survivors victims.
    What could be the reason ? , well there is a simple answer for this. Why should a  attorney go to court to defend somebody which claim is based on a phony fake false created fairy tale. There are no attorney's which can win a case, without solid inserted evidence into court.
    All the available evidence is built on this same phony fake false created fairy tale. 
    For a killed person it is even more difficult this must supported by some official documents such as a authopsy report and a death certificate. That means that several other official entitys must produce also false documents.
    In such a procedure is the the Attorney personally responsible and accountable for these documents. 
    In the other case for a claim of a survivor victim, lays the burden of proof by the victim him or herself and will be accountable for their own given testimony and evidence. In both cases they will be based on a  fake narrative.
    So this will never going to happen.
    If there were indeed victims in the sin of any psychological  damage then they will settle this with a nice taxfree amount of money. Every planned  FF operation will have a certain budget  for unforseen expenditures, just in case for a possible incoming claim.
    Now the Mainstream media claimed that there were about 22000 people at the concertground that evening.
    Is simply impossible,  even when you divide  this amount over 3 days. Lets say for a last concert evening there were 8000 people, then this would be still a exaggerated amount of people.
    At the most there were that evening about 1500 people present at the concertground, but it is more likely there were even less then that. If you look at the available footage you can see that all the video's were taken in the frontpart of the venue which is a compact looking area. Why there is no footage taken  from the back of the concertground there is not one video available !.
    Now when you look at the LVMPD pictures you will see that there had to be many people sitting there, if you look at the all these furniture they left behind. Well this is all staged at night.

  34. A R T says:

    There is also evidence secured which shows were the shots came from. There is also one of the snipers known by name, you would be surprise who that person is. The only footage which would proof that Paddock was indeed the shooter does not exist. That is the footage when Paddock shoot his 200 rounds of ammo into the hallway towards Campos and Schuck allthough there are security camera's in these hallways. Now the   bodycam footage which we got to see now, when the Swatteam breach into Paddock's room 135. This whole scenery on the 32thfloor is setup and staged.
    There is not one Swatteam who only breach into one door when there are actually two.They will never give the advantage of surprise away. Now if you look at the pictures of the hallway and this "SEALED" door, that is simply laughable. First of all, if you want that people can contaminated a crimescene then you do it this way. Otherwise you put the breached door straight up and you nail it into that gate. But what is even more insane is to see that right behind the door there is that  assaultweapon only a armlength away, are you kidding me. No way, this is all staged and fabricated it is one laughable mess.
    A open door and block this with a few crimetapes is completly nuts. Just show the American public the footage when Paddock shoot into the hallway, just to clear up some things here. Believe me, this  will NEVER be done. Because it does not excist. SIMPLE. Now the shots at the fueltanks were also fake. These holes were just "grimed" on.
    When this were real bullit holes,  then the holes would look quite diffrent then on the LVMPD pictures. Such a bullit hole would never make a perfect round hole into metal. The holes will always show some bended metal .  But thats not all,  when you look at the angle where these bullits had to come come from then it would even impossible, to make this marks on to the tanks.
    It is more likely to assume that they scratch of from the tanks instead to penetrate them End of discussion.
    The LVMPD report claimed also that they know where  the first 8 single shots were fired at and also exactly know where these shots all landed. Now show the public this footage, so that we can agree about this issue ?  Why not what is the problem here ?  Well we never will see this, because there is no footage. It stays by some not proofed words in a phony Lvmpd report.The LVMPD report contains several more contradictions.  Now one victim died at 3 okt. in the late afternoon in a Hospital, which is also confirmed by the victims family. Now how is it possible that one day before this man died the final dead count came to hold at 58 dead persons and didnt change after that. Then there also many dead victims without knowing where they were found on the venue, they just got a seperate number. That would implicate that these dead body's already were removed from the concertground before the arrival of any medical care.!! I just can't get it. There are also several off the killed persons with the time of decease 22.30, which is only 10 minutes after the shooting was ended. So they had still be some where on the venue ground, so why there are no numbers of these victims locations marked on the LVMPD venuemap to find ??

  35. A R T says:

    This one is about some open  questions
    1)Did you ask yourself why there is still not one lawsuit gone to court by a attorney ?
    2) Did you ask yourself why there were only two dead victums represented by a laywer ??
    3) Did you ask yourself why there is no footage what happend in the back of the venue ???
    4) Did you ask yourself why all these footage taken from the surrounding hotel rooms were so short during the shooting ?
    5) Did you ask yourself why there is not any footage right after the shooting or during the night what happend on the festivalground.
    6) Especially from any off the many hotelwindows which had a perfect oversight ?
    7) Did you ask yourself why there was not a single shot fired towards to the two broken windows at the 32th floor
    8) Did you ask yourself why a swatteam would give any advantage away of surprise. Why should a swatteam breach only one door instead both doors at once in the halway ?
    9) Did you ask yourself that the times of death on the coroners list not match with the official LVMPD statements ?
    10) Did you ask yourself how it is possible that in the early morning of the 2 oct some  Newsmedia knew already the exact amount of 58 dead victims. The LVMPD were not able to do that .
    11) Did you ask yourself how it is  possible that the  last deadly victim died in the late afternoon in hospital at 3 okt, while the LVMPD already at 2 okt confirm the excact amount off death victums ?
    12) Did you ask yourself why some victims where already declared dead at  22.30 on the concertground but are not marked on the oversight picture of the LVMPD report. Like officer Hartfield ?
    13) Did you ask yourself why the LVMPD would left  such a important crimescene while  several assault weapons were in sight. Instead to block the entrance
    in a secure way.??
    14) Did you ask yourself why there was no SWAT TEAM in sight of the venue ???
    15) Did you ask yourself why the released footage of the MGM has such a bad quality and give no further evidence ?
    16) Did you ask yourself why there were no interviews from the guests from the Mandalay bay ?
    NOW BE AWARE a coverup operation is designed to deceive, to misled, to distract, to manipulate and divide the public.
    A coverup is a important part of  a FF operation and is controlled by lots of people. Now most of the MSM media are partioners in this corrupt organisation they  are used as a service-hatch for the Deep State. The same occures here on YouTube, there are many created fake channels which are a extentions of this Deep State.  They are to find in every thinkable  catogorie. Some of them have are well known names
    To recognise these channels take a look into the following points :
    1) Allthough the most have diffrent opinions they always will follow the official given narrative of the crimescene.
    In this case the  Paddock story and all what happend on the 32thfloor of the Mandalay bay. They all will follow this story and will endlesly repeat this story in all details.
    2) Some of them show once in a while remarkable
    " evidence" by which you can think, from whom he got that from ?
    3) The most will tell you that they have reliable sources but never giving any specific names or will be a secret to protect this source.
    4) They also refer to other channels,  but these channels will be also working for this criminal  organisation.
    5) Many of them have video's which follow the official narrative and " researched"  details with actually are worthless to know.
    6) Some others  work with "live" broadcast with guests or in a interview radio style. The guests can speak for hours without actually saying  nothing.
    7) They all will follow any new issue which is actually launched by the Deep State and their bias MSM. 
    8) When the Deep State wants to distract you, they just create a new lead, In this case the ARAB story, the role off the Heli's, all the other reports of Shootings and the Paddock story and  everything which related to that.
    But the official  narrative will be the same.
    9) Many channels are 24/7 on YT.
    When the Deep State executed a FF operation there will more channels popup on YT.
    But also will disappear when they are not longer needed.
    10) They all have censorship tools just to handle the smart comments.
    Notice these comments are not blocked for using foul language, no it has to do how smart your comment is.  Remember these channels are only here on YT to misled, to deceive  and to manipulate the American public to keep  them to believe in their own created narrative. !
    11) You will be stunned how many of these channels excist on YT.  Some of them with well known names. So when your comment content the truth or will give the public some true answers they will  ignore, delete or block you from completly. Just to prevent other viewers from reading them. Now the smart thinkers under us, can check this for  themselves. Create a other YT account and to be 100% certain use a other ip-adress and device aswell. Check with that new account your comments where you left them. If they not longer there, you look again with the original account and device. Now when they popup again then you will be sure that they deleted your comment.
    A other reason is why they use these fake channels on YT, is to collect all of the FREE incoming Information from these channels to analyse them and when nescesarry they will repond with a adjust answer. So it works actually as   a sort constantly surveillance for  unwanted moods changes by the public. Now if you are to smart them, they will located you aswell. Simple
    Now if you have your doubts about a channel, look then first how they handle your comments. When they delete them check then also the points which i mentioned before. Now these points will give you a fair indication to value a channel.

  36. A R T says:

    THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING . About the released footage from MGM.
    FIRST  It is impossible that the Mandalay bay hotel have such bad quality security's  camera's and some are from the ICE AGE . No way.
    TWO where is the footage when the recorder stops at 5.22 until then a empty trolley, when the footage starts again the trolley is already loaded. Now look at the drivers side  there is standing somebody "frozen" to the ground. Who is that person ? could that be MARILOU ?
    THREE the trolley by the car is not the same trolly in the next clip,  this  trolley is diffrent loaded with other suitcases.
    FOUR The suitcases on the trolley's or the luggage which  Paddock self carry or rolls doesn't match with the suitcases in  Paddock's room.
    FIVE NOW  He is suppose to be a high roller or big whale but he is only playing at slot machines. IMAO
    SIX Time and date says nothing this can be manipulated. What is more strange that not all camera's have  the same letters and are also not at the same place in the footage.
    SEVEN this b/w footage is typical for a FF operation   the reason is simple in this way they make it for those who has a eye for detail, more difficult to see details. Like clothes or in this case the suitcases also to recognise faces and other details like scars  skin teint.  Now remember the b/w footage from this security camera at a parking lot of the end of Haven st where they dragged a stuffed doll in front of the camera. The b/w footage had to  coverup that there far less crisis actors needed because the most run more than onces from right to left in your screen only in a diffrent setting or with other attributes like bags, hats, jacket enz. If you watch into the left lower corner of your screen, you be able to see that these actors also running back. How convenient. 
    EIGHT the lack of audio has also a significient purpose , in this case to hide that this footage of the parkinglot was not taken at the same evening as the shooting occured. The footage was created prior to the shooting, like the pictures.  About this footage i can spent a whole chapter so much is actually wrong here.
    NINE Look when Paddock takes the elevator not one time he push on the button for the 32thfloor.
    TEN the released pictures by the LVMPD are even more important because several of them are manipulated with a overlay technic to cover up that they were also taken prior to the shooting. Better evidence you will not find unless they must show the American public the footage when Paddock shoot his 200 rounds into the hallway towards Campos and Schuck.

  37. A R T says:

    There is also a connection with the names which all related to this shooting which no longer can be a coincidence . Now  the illuminati have a need to express themselves with all kind of symbols or certain signs, which is for them a important way /habit to show the public of their excisting. A lot of these expressions you can find back in your own banknotes and cash money.
    They have many of these symbols or hidden messages to identify themselves. The Illuminati sees themselves as the real rulers over the world. For so far you don't know they owned also the American FED.
    The American Central Bank is actually owned by  some private bankers. At the time they "founded" the FED they deceive the congress but even more the American people. To achieve their own goal which means, the one which control the money off a country has actually the absolute power over this country.
    Believe me that is not only the case in America there are a lot more  country's which are in the same situation. How, Why and Who, well these answers you can find yourself on the Internet.
    Now it is well known that the  Pyramid is one the most important symbol of their organisation. It shows the diffrent  layers of the society and ends at the top with the overseeing eye which they identyfied themselves with. The Las Vegas pyramid with that strong light in top which suggest to be the overseeing eye. Now i will explain the meaning of the names and how they all related to this event.
    First of all i must say, to find the meaning of a name you must use several diffrent languages  and sources.  When you find the adjust meaning they all connected with eachother and fit in to this event.
    I will start with
    LAS VEGAS = Meadows/ Fields Paddock= Enclosed Field
    LUXOR= the Castle/the Palace
    Secluded Field/
    Gatekeeper and Passage to Immortality/ in Mythology terms speaking is the SPHINX the one who gave the people puzzles to solve/ The SPHINX'S Love for GOD causes an inner Victory over the Lower Forces of its own Nature !!!
    The SPHINX represents also human's future :
    The Triumph made it possible by Love of the higher SELF over the LOWER.
    The SPHINX faces to the East because of his affirmation to his eternal relationship with the RISING SUN, GOD RA.
    The SPHINX has a important role in this event, because he is bearing the MESSAGE . This message is to long to write down here, but who is interested can follow this link :

    The message contains two parts

    HARVEST= the  consequence or result of any act, proces of a event.
    FESTIVAL= is a
    christian religious event where people meet eachother.
    STEPHEN = the first Martyer of Christ
    PADDOCK= small enclosed Field in front of a house
    (birth name)
    Ocampo= Field
    Natividad = community in California/= Nativity= s Change or Modification/birth of Jesus
    Jesus Fields
    STEPHEN first martyer of Christ 
    S.CHUCK= device which held something in place (Campus)
    or chuck the corn= Fooling,
    Deceiving, Swindle, Cheat.
    CHARLESTON= church massacre/
    Historic city just lookup.
    HARTFIELD= he was the LVMPD officer " killed" on the venue Field
    JOSEPH=Joe= improper "out of line "
    LOMBARDO= con to minors
    AARON = bearer of martyrs
    ROUSE =snitch or traitor
    HAVEN = Sanctuary or safe haven (for refugees)
    Remember the
    B/W footage on the parkinglot with the stuffed doll which they drag into the camera that is Haven St. the people who were fleeing into the parkinglot which is in one straight line with the SPHINX.
    St a holy person in  Christian faith as being in heaven after death.
    MGM =Mystery Guitar Man
    METRO = underground
    GELBFISH/GOLDWYN = Goldfish /Golden
    MAYER= headman
    /Mayer Rothshild
    I got many diffrent comments about my writing, but there is nobody which can undermine my explanation.  How come ? Because it is much easier to threat somebody or to tell that he is a liar then to debunk his story, which is only built on facts. Facts can everybody check for him or herself.

    May the TRUTH will become the standard in our lives.
    When you have any additional material or idea for this last Chapter, feel free to give me a comment.
    I yield back

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