Kyle Rittenhouse trial: November 8, 2021 (via CourtTV)

#KyleRittenhouse #Rittenhousetrial #KyleRittenhousetrial
Trial is held for Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois man charged with homicide after he fatally shot two men and wounded a third during street protests in Wisconsin two days after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

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39 Responses

  1. Halo Topic says:

    Regardless of the verdict, rioters with big shopping bags will be pillaging tonight in the name of “social justice” lol

  2. Leslie Propheter says:

    Used to be you would have sent this kind of guy into the service.

  3. MadC 1977 says:

    What ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ is. None this had to happen, the world needs to do away with ALL media. I guarantee if they did away with the media people would get along way better than they currently are. All the media does is instill fear and panic, it’s the perfect tool for it.

  4. Jay2pay says:

    And I’m not a white dude

  5. Jay2pay says:

    Not guilty

  6. Gail Kaplin says:

    Oh my God the closing arguments of the prosecution were outstanding! Kyle Rittenhouse and his little medic bag killed two people and blew somebody's arm off and then ran away with guilt and shame and horror. Little ritten house is an arrogant little f*** who played too many video games in his mother's basement and then came out wanting to be a vigilante and fucked that up too. If he doesn't rot in jail may he rot in hell.

  7. Nancy R says:

    Really prosecutor to the defense can you help with my case? Please?!

  8. Nancy R says:

    How is it the videographer seems to get it right on the mark for the prosecution but not for the defense? Even the defense attorney knows this! He gave the look! Lol

  9. Nancy R says:

    If the first shot is self defense which it clearly is Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased down by rosenbaun and as we know that the jurors don’t know is rosenbaun was psychotic and had severe anger issues and was bi-polar then the rest are self-defense. Self-defense all the way!

  10. Arturo Alvarez says:

    Here is a minor going to another state carrying a military rifle and killing people doing a very adult thing now crying like a baby he knew what he was doing a vigilante

  11. joshua lahrman says:

    I guess we should be saying white lives dont matter becouse thats i he killed but if it was a person of color he would most definitely be getting life

  12. joshua lahrman says:

    Self defense please he was even shoot at

  13. joshua lahrman says:

    Cops point guns at people all the time doesn't mean u can shoot them

  14. joshua lahrman says:

    Death sentence

  15. joshua lahrman says:

    Hes faking it

  16. spybotist says:

    By the Looks of the 3white rioters killed he's not a racist, he's a hero.

  17. Steady Eddie says:

    I want to know what's up with Gaige Grosskreutz and his gun possession. He was convicted of a crime, yet he possesses a firearm. He had a carry permit but it had expired and he didn't renew it. He failed to disclose to police in multiple documents that he was carrying a firearm. Did he forfeit his right to own a firearm with his criminal conviction? Maybe that is why he didn't renew his carry permit, or disclose to the police he had a firearm? All speculation, but he's hiding something.

  18. maria feltrin says:

    If this case isn't found for anything other than what it obviously is SELF DEFENCE than I don't know what is wrong with the legal system… Thank God there are no blacks involved or he would be screwed…

  19. TG says:

    I really hope Kyle gets his gun back.

  20. derek johnn says:

    That boy was staying alive that all he was doing walk free kyle

  21. derek johnn says:

    It's looking good on Kyle's defense . This trial is in the air.Very interesting.Seeing this after watching today's Nov 12 trial date.Also would like to add Grosskreuts statement was minipulated to his benefit

  22. Thu Huong Le says:

    The video sound is pretty good, beyond my imagination

  23. chetwyn says:

    He's only lying so his 10million dollar claim can go forward, what a tool!

  24. Mikaiel says:

    Gaige has a smug look on his face. He would always look towards the jury as he answer questions. I’m sure some of them see through his act.

  25. Ablev 13 says:

    Is no one gunnna point out the detective changed his story about whether people were seriously injured? @ around 6:24:00 he says no one was injured, and then at around 6:44:00, he says there were multiple incidents of people being injured for the defense?

  26. Robert Bishell says:

    the bald guy/, im a citizen journalist, your a keyboard warrior probably living in ya mums basement

  27. lYmli lYmli says:

    one of those "victims" was a child rapist that only got few years for raping kids… if kyle gets life sentence for killing him… it means that the so called system justice cares more 'bout pedophiles than kids…

  28. Jeff Cooper says:

    Ear rings. Not guilty

  29. welder s says:

    Go watch the ballad of the Kenosha kid it's awesome.

  30. welder s says:

    I like the part where the guys arm explodes .

  31. Mountain Man says:

    The judge is flustered when he shouldn't be, he's not able to cite case law, he's unaware how modern basic technology works and his cell phone disrupts his own trial. Time to put him out to pasture to enjoy retirement.

  32. Orlando Podcast says:

    The question and answer from 3:06:51 to 3:07:02 tells the whole story.

  33. Jason says:

    The star witness for the prosecutor just handed the case to the defendant. It’s game over for Binger as they have no case whatsoever

  34. richard balogh says:

    Innocent until proven guilty by the media propaganda machine

  35. MJR says:

    bottomline kyle killed 2 people and injured 1, kyle having a loaded assault rifle in full display feels threatened and acting in self defense from what? he is a kid who should not be carrying an assault rifle who also dont have the maturity to handle such situation. no excuses

  36. F B says:

    Hey Kenosha next election vote in a real DA, look’s like a Laurel & Hardy don’t do very well in court!!!

  37. john schwalenberg says:

    Free Kyle………….

  38. Mr. Flip's Neighborhood says:

    Kyle says he's there for medical proceeds to kill people then runs away instead of administering medical, like this kid up he's a psycho his mom to

  39. Kevin Healey says:

    3:06:00 is the whole case.
    3:07:25 The assistant prosecutor's gesture and the expression of Binger have clear meanings.
    At this point Grosskreutz chances of 10 mil are out the window.

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