Kudlow: The reconciliation bill, as we know it, is dead

FOX Business host gives his take on Senator Manchin derailing the congressional bill on ‘Kudlow’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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38 Responses

  1. Red Panda says:

    Finally some good news! We already have excess funds out there, yes we need to spend wisely

  2. McConnell is no genius. He's following the obvious RINO path. He's letting the Dems fight it out.

  3. Too bad we can't say the same about the Democrat party.

  4. LethalMayo says:

    1 bad bill down and 1 to go

  5. As is your moral compass, Kudlow…

  6. Dhi 2667 says:

    Finally there are Democrats who are tired of this radical left.

  7. Ricky Mc says:

    Selling America to the enemy

  8. It is very likely that a large part of the Western World wants to live in the United States of America, but for that to come first, you have to love the United States and its History, Values and also be worthy of that.

    The United States of America will always receive them but there are conditions that must be met by those who want to be part of the Best Country in the World.

  9. Interesting commentary, I'm turning into a Mansion fan.

  10. I'm actually proud of a democrat. Hell must be freezing as we speak.

  11. Pelosi must be eating more and more ice cream in despair with her face exploding in rage

  12. R. k. says:

    The dems are doing all the wrong things they could possibly do to damage this country and their idiotic political party.

    Over spending. Driving up inflation. Bringing in too many immigrants with false promises of getting whatever they want. Promising free education. Killing jobs and energy independence. Making the US dollar almost worthless.

    And then, they think by opening the border will make their careers in DC permanent they are sadly mistaken.

    Once the finances of our country go over the cliff, there won't be any printing money to cover any free social programs. The new arrivals will wake up and realize they too, have been told lies.

    And, you can only take away so much out of every workers paycheck before they revolt. Plus, with jobs going over seas because taxing corporations at 70% will only diminish the coming in of tax revenue.

    Also, all these two faced companies that vote blue, who will buy your products when 99% of the population is fighting just to eat food and feed their kids everyday?

    You greedy CEO's are hanging yourselfers long term for a few short term profit gains. Also, are your board members that stupid?

    You can enslave the entire planet, starve people, pay them next to nothing. Tax the life out of what's left and maintain your billionaire status.

    It's easy to see how unstable your greedy plans are but it seems you are the only ones unable to see that your greed will be your undoing.

  13. jack maddock says:

    It's ironic that a Democrat can do what dozens of Republicans are capable of besides talk.

  14. If these politi8cionswould " live with in the truth", all of this is a lie.

  15. Jeff S says:

    The sooner we see the exit of these 'progressive democrats' from DC, the better.

  16. Manchin is a fiscally conservative Democrat. He is doing what he must being in a red state. I expect they will end up with about 2 trillion in the reconciliation bil. It will be interesting to see what the bill ends up including.


  18. Vic Pardo says:

    Keep the pressure on these so called moderates. Call the dc leave voicemail everyday. Machin and Sinema

  19. ticarot says:

    Kudos to Sen. Manchin. I wish there were more Repubs like him who are unafraid of the Left.

  20. Good.
    That's the best thing that has happened to America since January!

  21. junior adam says:

    Do not forget Biden wants to Build Back Bother which he so wants the bill to pass

  22. Manchin is smart enough to know that Pelosi living on borrowed time.

  23. Roger Odle says:

    It would lose by more than 52-48. Manchin and Sinema are stalking horses for the other demsens who wouldn't vote for the resolution either.

  24. Web TC says:

    ok rubbin it, when you relieve the pressure from the earth on the oil dig, the blue dog democrat doesn't know it builds back up in another spot at the same time. The thickness of the crust is deceiving.

  25. Poor Manchin the LIBS are going to CRUCIFY HIM! WATCH!!!

  26. Ed Ram says:

    Republican obstructionist leaders only interested in corporate socialism and obstructing should grow some balls and pass Legislation most Americans approve of.
    Over 2 trillion of Americans tax payer money spent in Afghanistan for conflict yet these same politicians are against investing 3.5 trillion on 90 percent of Americans.

  27. W D says:

    Democratic voters hate America.


  29. yu stu says:

    So what is in the 'insane reconciliation bill'? Hopefully the DEms can not cheat their way to a majority in both houses next year.

  30. Dean Babcock says:

    Balance the budget! No tax raises! Get the people out of Afghanistan!!! Close the borders!!! This shot is just a distraction!!

  31. Sam I Am says:

    Thankfully Hopefully True

  32. Rick Nelson says:

    All these politicians are lining their own pockets with billions of dollars. Complete and total criminals. They will not stop until they have stolen as much as possible.

  33. David Rivera says:

    Another scam to garner votes

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