Kate nearly dies laughing after one of the boys pull the patient's head off


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All the credit for this short video goes to Kate

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17 Responses

  1. Jonathan Shields says:


  2. Zian troy Corpuz says:

    Red is sus amoogos

  3. Bhojaiah lokesh says:

    Pun compilation

  4. tobot says:

    Loaf: hmm I wanna kill this guy proceeds to use his bare hands to rip off the head

  5. Your Man Da Silver Beaver14 says:

    Kates not the only one who almosy died

  6. KittenCocoa 03 says:

    SSundee forgot the ray of purification!!!
    Sigils new netherite apples thing

  7. Aiden LaMarre says:

    Do when Garry boasts about finishing his tasks then dies: Admin Role 1:31

  8. Peter Y says:

    Please do a compilation of SSundee's death noises!! They are so ridiculously funny.

  9. Pawsy says:

    Nice Job loaf…

  10. Andrew Warren says:

    Poor Kate

  11. I am Just Misa says:

    Why do I feel like it was Loaf that took that mans head off XD

    edit: nope I just checked that was Lookumz-

  12. SYBLUS_X says:

    Want pinned what i never gets

  13. Cecily Kelly says:



  14. toy bonnie says:

    Hey guys have any of you made a youtube short?

  15. Dan Masters says:

    this has alot less views then i thought it would

  16. GH05T28 CBR says:


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