Karen BEGS to move into my House, but I WON'T LET HER! r/EntitledPeople

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38 Responses

  1. Lady Bug says:

    One time my mom yelled at some kid working a ride at 6 flags for not having a pen. This was 15 years ago and I still haven't gone anywhere with her since lol.

  2. Raj Karma says:

    Just a suggestion, your presentation and videos are great, why don't you include comments and updates, i think it will be more interesting, most of the stories feel incomplete.

  3. shelby smith says:

    Parents have no right to use their child's identity to rack up bills and ruin their child's future. I would do all I could to make sure they were charged with identity theft. Those are not true parents. They are leeches.

  4. MR.WILLIE 95 says:

    If she let her sister move in that hurt her marriage and the sister will not leave

  5. Augustine Abram says:

    You did not mess up. She is the one that lied. Now she needs to live with it.

  6. Ned Barnett says:

    1st OP would be an idiot if she let Karen and spawn move in and disrupt her new-family life. Change your phone numbers, go dark on social media, new email addresses (or just block everyone who reaches out to hassle you). Or both. Go absolute NC and F*** anyone who sides with Karen.

  7. Jan Hoyle says:

    No one moves in with me! I pay rent, it belongs to me! She needs a job & get her own place. It’s your right not to have your sister sponge off of you. No you shouldn’t have to. He moved in his brother.

  8. jim h says:

    Get a lawyer
    and sue your parents…
    Face it. Your parents don't love you
    They stole from you and ruined your credit….
    Let your lawyer fight for you
    and let them face what they have done
    and if that means prison
    That's on them
    and if they have to sell their home
    To repay every thing
    Again that's on them….
    Then terminate contact with them
    and any other relatives that thing you aren't right

  9. jim h says:

    Dude your wife lieing about buying your mom's home
    Take that gift… and see your future…
    Get out now. Save future head aches

  10. jim h says:

    Has your uncle liquidated his assists
    Then he doesn't need a loan

  11. jim h says:

    If your BF is disrespecting you now
    Moved his lazy brother in without asking
    And wants you to support him
    Your BF is only using you
    Simply pack up your things and move out
    Now your ex boyfriend can pay every thing
    and his brother can leach off him

  12. Tyger42 says:

    Geez. The inherited house story.

    "Why'd you make me look like a liar!"

    ….umm, because you lied which means you are a liar? FFS, that's some gaslighting BS right there.

  13. Gigi v says:

    It’s sad when you have to put boundaries even with your parents. But sometimes it has to be done.

  14. Michelle Kozlowski says:

    Boyfriend should have thought about that before letting his brother move in. You are NOT the jerk.

  15. Janet McDevitt says:

    the brother can work and pay his share or i,m out permanently

  16. Nemein Shirwell says:

    I love how the parents are like “you have to take care of your siblings” when they’re the parents and literally signed themselves up for it. Nah, it’s YOUR problem, not mine

  17. Nemein Shirwell says:

    Story two-

    Boyfriend needs to get a hold of their mom to either get her son or pay his portion of the rent. If not, OP needs to leave and both brothers can move back with their mom

  18. OGKnightBro94 says:

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  19. je lowry says:

    non crystal salt???? really

  20. Chez Snailez says:


    Says Karen/Kevin trying to take something of yours…

  21. Albert Gongora says:

    Opie is not the jerk for not wanting to pay 50% of the rent the most important things you need to do is break up with that dude and move on and get a better place for herself instead of wasting her time getting one half of her rent in general to her boyfriend who decide to move in his brother last minute when he should have made sure that his brother actually had a working job but instead the boyfriend want Opie support brother and that's not how things were so like I said before she need to break up with this loser and leave him to his own problems

  22. CooperGal24 says:

    If OP's not on the lease when it comes to apartments, then the BoyFriend's pretty much got himself into trouble!
    I don't think it's legal for the people who lives in the apartment to:
    A: Let others NOT on the lease to pay for your rent.
    B: You can't let anyone else live with you UNLESS they got added to the lease.
    I think BoyFriend pulled that stunt so he can have his Brother live with him practically rent free while OP's paying for BOTH of the rents!
    OP should hopefully report what BF's doing to the landlord, then break her lease before she leaves for a new apartment, or ask to move into a different apartment room.
    As someone who lives in the apartment, we have rules on living arrangements and have a type of contract with the rules and such.
    Chances are, BF's breaking a few rules in favor of his Brother, so better to let the Landlord know than never at all.
    And as for the story where OP's basically forced to "Pay" her Entitled Parents, I'd take them to court and sue them for what they're pulling, then have them arrested for what they did.
    Parents or not, they're STILL stealing from OP and using it for their own crap! So they're JUST as much as criminals as every other crook.

  23. Judith Jeffers says:

    I don’t like this post because there was no responses and no updates.

  24. Tori Vincent says:

    Not the ah send your parents to jail for identity theft

  25. Rachel Martin says:

    3rd story: Your parents have no right to forge your signature. It isn't wrong to prosecute them for it. If you do the crime, you do the time, no exceptions. It's also an easy case to prove with a simple hand writing analysis.

  26. Lady Trucker says:

    Story about the lady who moved in with her boyfriend to help him meet his bills. Darling you are not a roommate or a girlfriend, you are a monetary convenience. If you were either your boyfriend would have respectfully consulted you. MOVE OUT and on with your life.

  27. Vital Spark says:

    1:13 Do I hear a cat?

  28. Madge Van Ness says:

    I keep thinking weddings with possible stray white dresses should have spray bottles of dye, and the offender should be given the choice of dye or departure.

  29. Christi Britton says:

    inherited house claimed as purchased — looks like blame shifting to me, and 'the best defense is to get offensive' – if it was such a big deal then why didn't she discuss with her husband her intention to tell every they bought the house. She basically blind-sided him. Not his fault she lied about it. And if was 'no big deal' to claim it, then why is it a big deal when truth of it comes out?

  30. Merlin Athrawes says:

    Last story: OP said that she contacted the credit agencies to find out what debts were in her name. She should also FREEZE her credit so her parents will be unable to use her name as a scam to open more accounts. OP can temporarily unfreeze her credit when she needs to open an account then refreeze it.

  31. maria ibarra says:

    No!!!! Op you're not!!! Your bf and his brother are!

  32. Kratos Aurion says:

    Second story with the guy complaining about the seats, the airline’s goal is to get you to your destination SAFELY! On time is a secondary goal, and comfort is a luxury. It may sound jerk-like, but safety and security overrule all others. If that means you can’t travel for 3 days because of heavy persistent storms, then you aren’t traveling for 3 days

  33. Kratos Aurion says:

    First story, OP is definitely not the jerk. Her sister is, and so are her parents. They raised sister to be that way, whether intentional or otherwise, and now they’re tired of dealing with her and want to make her OP’s problem

  34. Andrew Hanshaw says:

    I currently live in a hotel and the manager there isn't afraid to kick anyone out who is a pain mostly cause he knows he could fill the room with a guest who is much more friendlier

  35. Trichome Gnome says:

    Respectfully, increasing the speed from the original recording makes those parts of the video nearly un-watchable (and does make it so when done for longer stories or majority of the video…really anything longer than about 2 min). Aside from just not sounding right and coming off as rushed, it puts me on edge like being around someone who's manic and dashing around the room, talking a mile-a-minute. Again, I mean this as respectful as can be, but have noticed it happening in more vids lately to make it an exact time…a few times I had to back out of the vid

  36. diane sabbath says:

    First story: OP is not the jerk. They are newly married and her sister is the selfish one by wanting to invade their privacy. Why do people always pull the "we're family" card, but then never step up to help?

  37. kittygirl1756 says:

    Last story- OP really should take them to court. Gotta realize they destroyed your credit and possibly portion of your future so they could continue recklessly spending money on themselves, then called you selfish to the point of your wondering if you are questioning yourself if you are or not. No, it's called wanting a good healthy future and they are literally being selfish enough steal it from you by making pay their debts to the point of even your taxes not being enough. Take them to court and hold them accountable. Just because they are late aged doesnt excuse their actions.

  38. ODF Gaming says:

    So why doesn't Karen respond to the stories anymore? I liked hearing her thoughts

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