Kajiado: 4 friends killed on suspicion of being livestock thieves

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33 Responses

  1. hasara tupu says:

    Livestock thieves with sport bikes? Their faces? Huezi kosa kujua mwizi jameni. Kuna kitu hatuambiwi hapa

  2. Patrick Mufumba says:

    Youths please be friendly and saying high to villagers while travelling around,some villagers shall mistake you for thugs comparing the fact like what you are wearing plus rastas please watch out

  3. David Kimanthi says:

    Manze Kenyans should wake up…Skiza ngoma ya kaka sungura "wajinga nyinyi'i..News iko hivi reality hakuna we just listern the 2 brothers…They are killing only brothers check Embu town…Am just fed up…

  4. David Kimanthi says:

    Sports bike ad u still…Even news report Investigation well..There is something fishy

  5. Moses Njenga says:

    Inaitwa crime scene sio location scene!

  6. Miranda says:

    On suspicion… SUSPICIOUS.!!!! WTF is wrong with people nkt

  7. Bancy Pius says:

    Kenya has a problem

  8. Betty Nyakiba says:

    Mob justice should be a crime…..

  9. Ali dubabaxaka zoom. says:

    Pikipiki ni bei ghali kuliko ng'ombe hii families wapate haki yao

  10. Bonga Sasa says:

    Mob justice si poa let’s be civil jameni!

  11. فرانس بالقو says:

    Dunia imeisha

  12. RICHARD WAROGA says:

    Your reporting Ntv is unprofessional, this guys re sportsmaniacs .

  13. Karanja Antony says:

    Those who participate in Mob Justice should be arrested without delay.Who gave the authority to judge others….

  14. John Mburu says:

    No value of live in this country, please put yourselves into the shoes of the parents, brothers and sisters of these victims. It is painful. Police too are behaving like everyone one else. Where does our help come from? We can only depend on Jehovah.

  15. Jonah Mugo says:

    Those pple should be dealt with harshly not ever do that thing again

  16. Sharlene Moodley says:

    Why are people taking law into own hands

  17. Beatrice Wanjiku says:

    Surely that is too cruel

  18. Braco ozito says:

    No stones should be left unturned.. justice prevail…

  19. Kenneth Matiba says:

    My question is, if let's say they were thieves were they supposed to be murdered??? There are police to arrest them,take them to court, and let the court decide if they are guilty or not.

  20. Purity Kimondo says:

    So sad these are kids brought up well ,not thieves . Sorrry to her mom whom I know so well.

  21. noniot alexas says:

    Anyone who has ever participated in any form of mob justice or watched one and did not call the police for help is responsible for the deaths of these 4 young hardworking men. Everyone deserves to be heard. My goodness they are humans not animals!!

  22. Mister Yummy says:

    WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! Someone responsible tell us

  23. Eye Opener says:

    "Cruel mentality of mwafrika" inherited from childhood passed on from father to son, mixed with poverty is a dangerous combination. The result is "HATE".
    Parents have failed generation upon generation of African children. Leadership has failed generation upon generation of African children.

  24. Muhura Dedan says:

    This is why I fear dreadlocks

  25. Alice Powers says:

    What if those people are all punished in a certain way. Why not send gsu in like 5 trucks to deal with the whole community

  26. Josh Sharon Shalom M says:

    We are planning Acountry day. Kenya day to protest of police brutality very peaceful demonstration will take place we Are tied of police killing innocent people human are not birds or insects people are in the image of God and we will thrive in to the pinion of the wing of God to protest to demonstrate against evil things and killing of our innocent people to refuse what some ignorant policemen in the force have been doing to the society by violating human right our soil have drunk enough of innocent blood of the citizen. Kenyan wakeup shaitani in our police force want to finish everyone. God bless Kenya. In God We Trust.

  27. Alex Muya says:

    Remove those nonsense called dreadlocks they give impression of a thug

  28. tuforu4 says:


  29. Martin Akula says:

    Ok…why lynch them then.

  30. Vincent Rutto says:

    A failed country that doesn't acknowledge it yet.

  31. John Ndungu says:

    When people are together don't think… Psychology proof that….they suspected them yet they had no evidence…

  32. lizzann best of African says:


  33. billy maroko says:

    That's why I tell my nephew to shave his head like a balloon. Dreadlocks gives a bad impression

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