Julian Assange Assassination Plan Exposed & Pfizer CEO Spending Millions To Fight Drug Price Reform

Via America’s Lawyer: In its war against Julian Assange, CIA officials had outlined plans to kidnap and assassinate the WikiLeaks founder who exposed the glaring deficiencies of U.S. intelligence gathering. Plus, President Biden calls Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a “good friend” despite targeted efforts by his company to fight against drug price reform touted by Democrats and the President himself. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more.

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We learned over the weekend that the CIA has never changed and they’re still an organization hell bent on assassinating anyone they feel could be a threat to their mission, including journalists like Julian Assange. Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine joins me now to explain this new explosive report. As I read it, I got to tell you something. I, I started laughing because it’s so ridiculous. First of all, let me point out, this is good reporting. Comes from Yahoo and I’m thinking maybe Yahoo is, you know, they’re, they’re serious about going toe to toe, you know, with competition now. This is, this is how they do it. Look, here’s something where the CIA was planning on killing Assange, you know, they, they, they were, they had the assassination plan in place. Pick it up from there.
Yeah. What’s really interesting about this is the assassination or the, you know, plot, the kidnap and all that and that’s basically the middle of the story. And it’s what everybody, you know, gravitates toward because it is so extreme. So just to kind of put that part in a nutshell, you had Mike Pompeo, you know, long time CIA guy, once he finally became the director under Donald Trump, he said, I’m going to use my power and what I want to do more than anything is go after Julian Assange, because he has been a thorn in my side. So Pompeo basically admits I’ve got a personal vendetta against this man because he exposed.
What an idiot he is.
He exposed what an idiot, the little punk Pompeo is and he is a total utter fool. That is the simple truth. So he puts, so Assange puts together vault 7, in vault 7 he’s telling these stories about how incompetent, I mean, if you just, just take a, take a look at it and you, you conclude that the FBI, CIA, NSA is just this gaggle of a clown car group. And so they’re, it embarrasses them, right, it embarrasses them. He tells, he tells us that they’re spying on Americans and here’s the proof.
Yeah. And, and, and further explains, you know, here’s how they hack into these secure messaging apps. Here’s the ones they’re targeting. Here is everything this organization is doing and it’s not just to track down the bad guys. They’re doing it to you average American using these. Your information is vulnerable. They can come after you and we’ve seen too many times they have. You know, they always try to say it’s an accident, but no.
They still have Pompeo on TV. He’s still a talking head on TV. The guy is a nut job. Trump knew he was a nut job when he put him in office. He would have this, I mean it, another four years of Pompeo, we had been a world war. There’s no question. Let me tell you how crazy this, the plot is. I know, and this is what I laughed about. Okay. They were, they, they said, okay, the Russians are coming to take him to Moscow, no proof of any of that, but they reduce it to Russia. The Russians are going to break him out of the embassy and fly him to Moscow. Now, Pompeo and the nuts around Pompeo said, ah, we got a plan. When they, when they drive him from the airport, we’re going to crash a truck into his car, pull him out and kill him. And if we, if we fail then, I swear, I’m not making this up. We’re going to have a gunfight in the streets of London. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to, and he gets away from us, we’re going to shoot out the tires on the jet as it takes off. This is all in writing.

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38 Responses

  1. Jem Lev says:


  2. Tori Jade says:

    I learn about all the things from both of you. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  3. Gilbert says:

    GOP COVID GENOCIDE !!!!** Our filthy rich have the best attorneys to elect chosen Representatives and Senators ,abuse & manipulate our Constitution, introduce $0.00 Federal Tax bills for Billionaires, backed by political campaign contributions by Lobbyist & CEO's (legal prostitutes) who have worked for the Government !!! It's referred to as the Casino revolving door and GREED will always outweigh the value of life for tens of millions of Citizens !!! Then there are those wanting to be filthy rich who will abuse any Law to embellish themselves as part of the Greed Cult. It's is so obvious that the enemy within (Traitors) are REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS !!!*** For you Commies and Nazi's, If you are not happy living in our Democracy , Please don't let the door hit you on the ASS on your way to North Korea, Russia, or China!!! We will gladly include an AK-47 as a gift, when you step off your plane to swear a citizen's oath to Communism !!!*** The few honorable Democrats & Republicans, GOD BLESS & GUIDE YOU !!! This will be investigated as Domestic Terrorism !!!*** Trump & Co-Conspirators will succumb to the famous RICO ACT, our Constitution, Civil Rights and most importantly the VOTING BOOTH !!!*** It seems David Pecker (Enquirer) & Putin have video on all these cowards both Democrats & Republicans, who are abusing our Constitution !!! Racism is alive and well in all levels of Government, the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, the CIA, FBI, NSA, GOP; Supreme Court, U.S. Judges,, CEO's !!!*** KKK with Degrees. You all have taken an Oath of Office !!! PURGE these TRAITORS !!!*** BOYCOTT those companies that support Politicians who are traitors and Putin's Puppets and REGISTER TO VOTE these Traitors Out in 2022, !!!**

  4. Nan Wilder says:

    My comment is in response to the Pfizer content, which I certainly could have used BEFORE getting two shots of their vaccine!
    I am now on month SIX of an EYE/Hyper-Allergic Symptoms issue I’ve NEVER had before! (Not even close). My Dr. told me, unequivocally, that it was CAUSED BY THE PFIZER VACCINE. (She’s seen the same reaction in a lot of her patients). Between the often-excessive heat, and the unmitigated, ongoing MISERY AND SUFFERING of (mostly Eye) Hyper-Allergic Symptoms, I’ve just endured an unbearable summer ; on top of being a disabled Elder, trying to do more than survive on $796 a month in SSI income.
    At this point, though it sounds like I qualify, there is no way in Hell that I’d even consider getting a “Booster shot”! In fact, I’m anxious about EVER getting another Pfizer shot, going forward! This extreme reaction has taken over my life, as it dictates how well I’m able to function/USE MY EYES—as well as causing much anxiety: How much longer will I have to suffer with these symptoms? Is this a PERMANENT affliction? Will there be more symptoms? (I was in bed for a week after my second shot, and was so shocked when the Eye/Hyper-Allergic Symptoms began). Is my Immune System under attack? Are there any as-yet-unknown symptoms lying in wait for me, now?!
    And lastly, a question, if Mr. Papantonio would deign to answer: Is there any point to a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of us Americans now suffering, because of Pfizer’s Vaccine shots?
    Thank you for your time and attention.

  5. Tonia Bowie says:

    Love TYT they go off the rails at times.

  6. Mert A says:

    How did he wind this back to Hillary…
    I mean i heard his reasoning, but thats like blaming a rape victim for being raped.

    Its Hillarys fault because she lost…no her losing doesnt stop trump and Pom from being shitty people and wanting to do shitty things.

    Thumbs down for bad logic, especially from a lawyer.

    And it is fact russia did interfer with Hillary Trump election…in trumps favor.

  7. Amberlee Sibley says:

    I also wish Bernie won. He would have already ensured Manchin and sinema were demoted and lost their committees

  8. Amberlee Sibley says:

    Pompeo thought he was the Israeli ambassador ffs

  9. Marcey Vogt says:

    Excuse me but, Hillary Clinton had 3 million more votes than tRump. Our messed up system gave him an election he LOST.

  10. Dan S. says:

    Julian gets trump elected and in classic trump fashion gives pompeo the go ahead to off Julian. trump always backstabs someone once their usefulness has been expended.

  11. WafflingMean44 says:

    The democrats keep putting forward incredibly weak candidates. It's going to cost them the mid terms and the next presidential election. If Trump doesn't die of old age he is coming back without a fucking doubt.

  12. Jon Manson says:

    CIA… trying to kill someone… and this is surprising because… seriously I’m more surprised at how many people are surprised.

  13. Sandra Herbst says:

    She did beat him in 2016.

  14. Big Theodore says:

    Please understand this dumbass, she never wanted to be president and her handle has made sure that Barack Obama really didn't care about the situation

  15. Gscalenut says:

    "I love Wikileaks"

  16. Robert Mills says:

    Goddamn, this is stupid.

  17. Simon Charkewycz says:

    Who cares in all honesty.

  18. wayne says:

    Wiki Leaks is minimal compared to the open anarchists of Bannon and others

  19. Ariyana Dumon says:

    Just remember, Pfizer makes one of those vaccines y'all thought was a great idea to mandate. Just sayin…

  20. Jabber Jaw says:


  21. chocol8milk says:

    All because Pompeo was butthurt.

  22. gus4u2c says:

    Surprised Trump didn’t protect Jillian Assange, since Assange helped get him elected?

  23. My Girl says:

    Obviously, under Trump! Corruption to its core!

  24. Mary Abdi says:

    Now is he trying to say that Pfizer vaccine could cause harm?

  25. ACTS 2:38 says:

    Did you hear what Jimmy Dore said about d pakman in one of his latest VIDEOS?

  26. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Why don’t you see the act the politicians are putting on? They make the public think they are interested in the well being of the public all the while it’s like a magicians slight of hand.

  27. Tom Plaza says:

    We need a global revolution, it's up to us in the US. When we protest in numbers, the world follows. See occupy and BLM.

  28. shinbooks says:

    Who will be arrested for this conspiracy?

  29. Elizabeth Roddy says:

    Why wasn’t Pfizer brought up before work on the vaccine !

  30. I just Don't know says:

    The Republican lead senate intelligence committee found that Russia interfered in the election… I mean that’s a fact at their pint, the report is public

  31. Elizabeth Roddy says:

    This whole topic is crazy.

  32. No Party Afilliation says:

    Edward Snowden should be given a pardon by President Biden! He told the truth and they were not going to allow him whistle-blower status,so they could cover their tracks!

  33. No Party Afilliation says:

    Drug companies have spent over 20 Billion dollars over the years to lobby members of Congress to keep Americans paying the highest drugs prices in the world! Big Pharma has over 1200 lobbyists in Washington which only shows how much money is involved , to pressure politicians to make the wrong choices for American Citizens!

  34. Duy Anh Pham says:

    Doesnt Donny Fishlips have Assange to thank for him landing that presidency though? What an ungrateful dickweed.

  35. Max RYDER says:

    Love You Guys!!!!

  36. Edward Sessions says:

    What do you think happened to Epstein

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