Journalists Hangout | Gov. Obiano Hits Malami Hard Over Emergency Rule Comments On Anambra

The Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, blasted the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami for suggesting that the Federal Government may consider the possibility of declaring a state of emergency in the state if the security situation continues to degenerate.

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48 Responses

  1. Remy Eches says:

    If an AGF could make such statements that goes to tell you how hopeless Nigeria current situation is. What a disgrace.

  2. Emmanuel Okafor says:

    Malami is totally incompetent as a lawyer. He did not read the constitution concerning state of emergency. If he is supervising the blood shed in the North and could not suggest such thing, then he is only appointmented as polical party representative.

  3. david nwaosu says:

    With what is going on in Nigeria system of law now, I don't or convinced that Attorney General, Malami pass law examination at approved university because he have totally messed Nigerian law, does he at all know the meaning of terrorists because he call every offender a terrorist. Many of them are misdirecting the president Buhari. Being a SAN doesn't mean that you know the law, if he is asked to sing Nigeria Anthem public, I hope he will fail it. What is happening at Sokoto or Kaduna are dangerous than Anambra State where he called for Emergency protection.

  4. Gee Obiukwu says:

    Where did this mumu Malami study law. He needs to go back to primary school. He is too ignorant of the law n he has no idea what justice is, or is pervert of the law. Shame on him and who appointed him

  5. Chiddy Mgbedike says:

    Thank you Lord BKO. Malami was lectured 2 years by a Level 2 Law student from Unilag over misquoting the constitution. 88 people were killed in his own HOME STATE, he went to have siesta. He is following the Canne Script.

  6. Madubulke Chris Uchendu says:

    Long Grammer malami knows what he is doing ,he knows that buhari is dead so they are the people in charge of your zoo

  7. Benjamin Njoku says:

    Malami is the President, President is the Malami, yes president will deny supporting the move for state of emergency but he will deny been part of and sponsor of political process of the Fulani caliphates and northern Nigeria. This is not the first time the so called alterney general is displaying his incompetence and his sharia law movement for the conquest of Islamizing Nigeria. For those of you in the studio is still holding on to one Nigeria that is killing everyone in Nigeria just because you are in the payroll of the evil governance. And why should you said that those abroad are posting rubbish, this is the act disrespect to humanity and tribal hatred from you.


    State of emergency should be declared in Aso Rock first, then Nigeria

  9. philip ogbenna says:

    How are we sure that all the refugees are Nigerians ?

  10. harriet osuji says:

    Obiana Otaku, ogogoro

  11. prince Mike says:

    Drama will never finish in this contraption called "Nigeria"

  12. Gosioha Angela says:

    Malami has become presidency also.where is Aisha Buhari we no longer hear her.obiano did you confront presidency or president nawaaooo.

  13. Mobi Ella says:

    Thank God Obiano did not drink Ogogoro today, he have learned that fulani never love Igbo and will never love them not today not tomorrow. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God bless Biafra.

  14. Anthony Enwere says:

    At times your conversations starts getting rowdy, we can't hear what you people are talking, please speak one after the other. This room should not be children's class room


    Y..are U.. people avoiding what is causing problems in Anambra State….release…NMK…that's all…u are all evil men

  16. jane nduoyo says:

    Buahri can never say no to what malami had said

  17. jane nduoyo says:

    Please I want to know where malami read his law

  18. MAUREEN MAU TV says:

    Did u ppl think malami knows the meaning of state of emergency?

  19. Nwode Hilary onyebuchi says:

    Oh yes, are you blead,..
    We all the south eastern is not comfortable with evils spirit evil man called Buhari…

  20. Nwode Hilary onyebuchi says:

    Two brothers are having misunderstanding, and family members have not settled it,is you stranger that we come and settled it..
    By than I and my brother will join hands and kill you stranger..
    Because my people say that if you go way you're not invited that if you damage anything you will pay for it…

  21. OCA O says:

    Tiers of government in Nigeria is all one ppl fulanis, so what are you ppl don't know about…lf there's then it's has to be all Northern Nigeria where insecurity is so rampant..This is an agenda of fulanis APC government to come down to Biafra land. The will not succeed and for Malami to say that then there is no president as so many people believe that Buhari is dead and not incharge of the affair of Nigeria.

  22. Basil Sugochukwu says:

    Babatunde I want to prove you wrong that the citizens residing outside NIGERIA are posting nonsense. Most of you in the country don't even know what is happening. Even if you Know, you wouldn't say because of government pacecution. If not Nnamdi kanu, would you know the plans of the Fulanis who have surrounded the forests in Yoruba land? Which let to the formation of Amotekun! Etc

  23. Basil Sugochukwu says:

    The northern cabals want to install another Fulani stooge in Anambra state as they did in IMO state.

  24. Happiness Ozoemena says:

    election is a thing of the mind, where every one has the right to exercise he,s or her,s franchise to vote. Not disturbing hunger people who are not happy about the past, to come and make another mistake.

  25. Willa Frith says:

    Nothing has changed! Culture (do you know me?) vs the Law. People are above the law especially those in power. This is why they bristle with arrogance. Body language and man know man is the order of the day. Sad sad sad. Lots of education, lots of resources to make people's life comfortable but no heart for the people hence they are slaughtered in the streets. Where is the Army? Where is the police? Police are collecting money at tolls. Commercial drivers are filming them but they have no shame and their bosses do nothing yet the country pretends it wants to stop corruption. 2023 is around the corner and we can expect the same people to do the same thing they have been doing…elect more incompetent and corrupt people who will appoint incompetent and corrupt others. Shame.

  26. Willa Frith says:

    I have never known the AG to speak without arrogance. Privilege of office??

  27. AGWU Samuel says:

    Malami is the President. Bihari is no more.

  28. John Smith says:

    He's trying impose another Uzodima on the people of Anambra State

  29. Charles Nwanna says:


  30. Victory Victorious says:

    The Little Man Of Kaduna hahaha

  31. Dembe Mema says:

    Let them declare State of emergency in katsina State because Boko Haram and Fulani terrorist in Army uniform is killing people there that make them to flee away to another country's

  32. Dembe Mema says:

    Let this Northern criminals in APC go and sit down because Nigeria does not not need blood suckers party, if Fulani caliphate try themselves Somalia will be better than Nigeria, let Fulani declare State of emergency in dura and Boko Haram also to Fulani terrorist.

  33. Patrick Osita says:

    Poor Agf

  34. Amechic Azuka says:

    Quiet do u have president?

  35. Amechic Azuka says:

    Obiano should be quiet let him enjoy what they all bargained for,, aboki does not have anything Good to offer

  36. Abdullah sanni M says:

    Shame on malami is bias in everything concerning other's region my advice for him is to stop fooling himself

  37. Uche Abiona says:

    Babajide you always like on the truths but why are you guys afraid of talking about the release of mazi Nnamdi Kanu,who did nothing wrong against the nigerian state or are you guys not seeing the problems it creating and is gonna creat more and more if the keep refusing to release him,pls you guys should speak out against evil because all them notherns are always in backup with there own people with there on wrongs doings but MNK is an innocent man to say yeah

  38. Edu Cyril says:

    Malami is an embarrassment…How did he become SAN. I thought that title is for the best of the best.

  39. GodLoveLife Truth says:

    People who want Nigeria hear what Mr. Ola said that there are people pursuing personal agendas using their office positions to achieve it. Since people from East are not wise to secure their own lives and land, see how Fulanis are gradually taking Igbo and Biafra land. Fulanis as cow men with guns attacked Delta, Ebony, Abia, Enugu states and now Fulanis in army Uniform are attacking Anambra state. Biafra men if you are wise bring out Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and established Biafra. Nigeria gangster government can not survive. No lives in Nigeria is secure. Government that threatens and killed people who speaks truth. No more brian wash by President as dialogy. Youth want reasonable actions. Do you guys even travel? And how many years will this talk with not actions continue in evil system called Nigeria? See Nigerian refugees in small neighboring countries. Please let us consider Biafra and Oduduwa. Nigeria can not be one. Malami stop your impotent threatens.. ..

  40. Chukwuma Don says:

    France doesn't give money for you to born but there's child's support.

  41. O-BUchy Onwuka says:

    The other man should learn to listen not to interfere when jide is talking, I can't remember jide interrupting him na

  42. Joseph Ogunyemi says:

    Malami should be removed from Buari Government, his too wayward and proud .

  43. Ayobami Ojo says:

    I have said it times without number that Abubakar Malami is a SAN by Quota system. He lacks the intellectual capacity of being an Attorney General.

  44. Joseph Ogunyemi says:

    Malami is one of bad adviser to Buari Government.

  45. Bubu Ike says:

    People are not complaining and you guys are worried for us.worry not we want Biafra.


    Good morning sir/ma please we all know that everything is clear both a blind eye man can see everything happening in the country, we know too well that God created every Biafra blood in his own images and likeness , without IGBOS Nigeria can not exist now they have started playing with our great men intelligence is that not better as we have discovered this people agenda we come together as a Biafra blood and say no to all that and it will not take NIGERIA 2 hrs to declare Biafra instead of fighting ourselves

  47. Ebuka Ikeakor says:

    Only quota system can bring empty headed people like Malami to that kind of position, this is so unfortunate

  48. judith kate says:

    Malami is a fool

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