Josh Aubrey, Everything To Know About Credit, How To Get Business Loans, How To Get Credit Cards,

Tyler, Texas native, Entrepreneur and former NFL Football Player Josh Aubrey sits down to discuss his background growing up, NFL Career, How NFL Players get paid, how to get Credit cards, what banks to get credit cards from, what banks to get loans from, How To get business loans and secure funding, how to liquidate a credit card How to increase your credit score to a 750, adding authorized users to your credit card, trade lines, what is credit utilization, benefits of a credit card, Debit cards are bad, what is finacial literacy, Should college football players get paid, credit card reward points, and so much more in this loaded interview.

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  1. Diamante Wright says:

    Damn talked to bro a year ago and now my credit up to a 700 he put me on game Henderson Tx checking in

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