Jonathan Luna Case Analysis | Mysterious Death of an Assistant U.S. Attorney

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Jonathan Luna?
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36 Responses

  1. Current events by katie K says:

    He stabbed himself over 30 times while driving (there was blood on the toll ticket)? And caused his own genital mutilation? This makes no sense, Dr. Grande.

  2. Cryptic Cookies says:

    Layers loves there hookers

  3. Alex Stone says:

    I'm so glad I'm married and not in the dating scene any more. It's Brutal out there.

  4. Shermika Duffy says:

    He had stab wounds to his back!!!

  5. Toney Hardy says:

    Why am I seeing this case on different channels in the past two days?

  6. imjusthere8 says:

    Everyone commits suicide by stabbing themselves…C’mon. I can’t disagree with it more. First time on the channel, probably my last on account of him believing it’s a suicide.

    His friend was quoted as saying “….He was trying to expose them”

  7. Jake Mooshian says:

    Oh my god, I almost spit my coffee out my nose @ "High note' .. deadpan

  8. workoutfanatic787 says:

    is there really a city called “king of Prussia”?

  9. WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C says:

    Can Am studio probably

  10. JO MAMA says:

    Super scary stuff !

  11. Trust No one says:

    Would love to see the good Doctor speak about Luis Elizondo

  12. Jeremy Juckett says:

    "High Note" hahaha I love the little inserted comments

  13. Joyce Yagoda says:

    Was the poor investigation due to color?

  14. mwheeler138 says:

    There's many cases similar to this where there is debate over the manner of death – suicide or homicide. And like the others I feel as though it's often made to seem bigger and more complicated than the evidence shows. Like they may have a few odd details and these details are made much larger to insinuate the case is insurmountable when coming to a proper explanation, or built up to push a conspiratorial theory. I agree with Dr. Grande. I think he killed himself. Same goes for Phoebe Handsjuk. Although in that case it may have just been an accident.

  15. MultiBloo897 says:

    Sadly, the comments on this channel makes light of his torture and homicide. It was murder.

  16. cath tf says:

    I don't see any reason for suicide. Mixed up with shady people, is a possibility. You don't need $200.00 to drive up to lover's lane and stab yourself.

  17. SC Bland says:

    the fact a second person's blood was found in the car makes me doubt it was a suicide

  18. Charlie The Cockatoo says:

    Quite literally my only criticism of your videos is that the volume is a bit too low unless I'm using headphones.

    Any chance you could increase the volume in post? :/

  19. Oddwad says:

    If he was gay , had met someone (sex worker ) that knew his other life as married and an attorney , he could have been black mailed ? His testicles may have been bruised during an altercation from a kick . Or he decided to break up with this other person and a fight broke out ?

  20. O’Shack Hennessy says:

    The dry humor is gold

  21. Golden Flower says:

    I remember being shocked and saddened by this case as I lived near Elkridge at the time. I read about it in the Baltimore Sun. It was all so mysterious and don’t remember there being any follow up or true closure. Thanks for your analysis.

  22. ed k says:

    I remember learning about this case a long time ago. Very very strange and sad. What happened? Why?

  23. DeFCoN says:

    you can slightly hear the noise cancellation on that mic, its so faint that most people wont pick it up though.

  24. Chris Creaser says:

    We Don't think his death is ANY loss to planet earth!!… 🙁

  25. Joanna Harlowe Jamerson says:

    I think about this case, a lot.
    I believe it was an inside job.

  26. Lemon Dishonor says:

    Sounds like he had a extramarital affair probably with a man.

  27. Ken Konard says:

    Does Trump have an alibi?

  28. Blu Halo says:

    He hired someone to kill himself because he didn’t want to do it. This is not unheard of. Also he definitely had a double life. I suspect he was gay and never came to terms with it.

  29. druisi says:

    Nice NJ rip

  30. chente Pacololo says:

    No law inforcement is corrupt. This guy was taken out

  31. Marc Spark says:

    Who’s blood and prints were in the car? Also about the two tanks of gas? Why is this odd behavior to fill your car up with gas? I do that every time I go to the gas station?

  32. DV 8 says:

    Loan Sharks.

  33. charles romano says:

    I wonder if you could look into and possibly comment on the "suicide" death of Christopher Sign. He is the author of "Secrets On The Tarmac" (a meeting between Lynch and Clinton whereby the discussion was about "grandchildren and golf"). Mr. Sign had everything to live for and, I believe, was suicided due to his revelatory book on a clandestine meeting to not charge HRC with any violations of sharing intel and taking part in the "stand-down" in Benghazi, as well, the Christopher Steele phony dossier that was initiated against Trump. I know this may not be a standard review and if you prefer not to comment, I understand your hesitation~Many thanks for your time and consideration on this topic~

  34. Ricky says:

    Soundview projects

  35. Zach Rogozin says:

    Lunas Body was found 5 minutes from where I live, and I drive past that spot almost every day… I highly doubt that location was ever used for people to meet up for sex

  36. Susan Arsoniadou says:

    His unusualness first manifested itself when he showed up in high school dressed in a business suit…

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