John and Ann Bender Case Analysis | Bipolar Disorder and Folie à deux?

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of John and Ann Bender?
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31 Responses

  1. Renee Catagnus says:

    Having to pay 1 million dollars to get her Own Jewelry back says Alot about the Corruption! I feel so bad for Both of them.

  2. Katelyn Brooke says:

    I love you

  3. C S says:

    Imagine if they had kids.

  4. Usama Zulqarnain says:

    Hi Doctor Grande can you do an analysis of Jack The Ripper?

  5. MICHAEL GREER says:

    The Bender "mansion" has the whiff of hell itself. Rather than celebrating the Creation, the Benders turned inward, finding their own unique way to damnation.

  6. Edward Pincus says:

    I believe "Folie a deux" is a localized, specific mental illness that doesn't generalize, doesn't spread to masses of other people.
    You mentioned "Induced psychosis," I think. 'Induce' — "to lead by persuasions or other influences."
    Having no reluctance whatsoever to politicize, seems phrase is a concise framing of the collective nuttiness America is struggling to deal with. The phrase helped me grasp (in a layman's way) what's happening to millions of Americans under the sway of Trump's unrelentingly perverse barrage of lies, distortions and rampant condemnations.
    What might be people's mental/emotional predilections for such a contagion to spread through a population?

  7. Rose Keyes says:

    I think she was guilty because he had his ear plugs in when he was shot. I feel badly for both of them though. The shared mental illness explains my grandmother. She was always paranoid, but her daughter was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. They lived together and fed off of each other's delusions. My grandmother died at 95 with a knife under her bed because my aunt made her belief all kinds of crazy things.

  8. Mike Houle says:

    You're not fooling anybody, Bender. The next screw that falls out is gonna be you

  9. B d says:

    This was definitely far more interesting than a giant windowless house in the jungle!

  10. Ill Slang says:

    Your videos rock ! Im obsessed with knowing why people do the things that they do and your content scratches my itch quite thoroughly!

  11. Cal says:

    Fashionably insane with more money than sense.

  12. Haley W says:

    A little scary how similar I am to young John

  13. K-J says:

    Reminds me of the John McAfee case….

  14. USALibertarian says:

    They could hire 5 full-time personal physicians. But why do that when you can do DIY bloodletting?

  15. Donna Dells says:

    I wonder who was the first person to have said, "money does not buy happiness"!

  16. nnoneymoney says:

    I knew a Johnny Bender in Salem,Oregon.I had a audio hallucination one day while watching t.v. now opening credits for sitcom sounds like my mom saying my name every time it airs.Jan6th. 1995 I believed I was surrounded by an unknown force,1000 maniacs if you will,I had woken from knee surgery 1-13-1993 full blown schitz from anesthesia side effect I was the 4 horseman to Dinosaur-paranoiD Eden/need target.I beat the perps single handedly every day all day non stop continuous mental battles for last word on every subject with the inability to just let it go…ever..I became somewhat of a Psychiatrick Psychiatree expert.If ee were energy squared then truly t-r-ee could be Pi-r-square 4gery.(c)Dino Sherman.

  17. Charlie B says:

    John Bender was great in Breakfast Club movie

  18. marigold_ exe says:

    “Hi I’m Dr. Grande”
    “No, I ordered a Venti”

  19. dhippstarr says:

    I worked executive security as a K-9 handler for ludicrously wealthy people/families for a decade. 10 million is the number where folks loose their minds. 10mil Is FU money and makes people go bat shit crazy. I had a Ukrainian handler on my team that was as good a friend as I have ever had. He and I caught a principle molesting a 5 boy under 12 dungeon of young boys. This is not In the US.. We went
    In our pockets… in full disclosure I was getting 225k a year to handle a dual purpose Belgian Mal Full on Man killer/ Bomb dog. If he ever finds his penile member or hands maybe he will do better next time. Big money makers crazy people.

  20. My 3 Sons says:

    George Soros enough said….

  21. Althea Crawford says:

    Dr. Grande, you crack me up, which is a good thing! Thank you for your thoughtful critiques, peppered with your desert dry humor. 🙂

  22. Aileen Burke says:

    I think I saw this house for sale recently!

  23. Kelli Gray says:

    Thank you Dr. Grande. This case has always intrigued me.

  24. cattycorner says:

    Wow. What a story. That poor woman. Kind of reminds me of John McAfee. Even their houses are similar, except McAfee lived in Belize.

  25. EgaoKage says:

    I can't help but wonder if believing that a wall-less, windowless, easily entered structure, could ever be considered "fortified", in itself constitutes delusional thinking.

  26. Sheila Gravely says:

    From your description he sounds like a real keeper……. Just kidding. I'm not really into all the shirt loving stuff( I don't get it) but I do like the one you have on today, I'd like to find one like that for my grandson.

  27. Stop the Philosophical Zombies says:

    Sounds a little like Owen Benjamin, except on a much larger financial scale.

  28. Scallop O’Hare says:

    Bipolars are interesting. The ones I have known are intelligent, and well able to manage most aspects of their lives. They are officially psychotic, and at times they do not seem to be realistic in their thinking. But, they can also be extremely manipulative. And it's deliberate. So, how to weigh up their responsibility?

  29. lynncrf says:

    The 48 Hours episode on this is great. I really don't think she did it.

  30. David Barr says:

    Psychiatry the pseudo medical fraud all bullshit and lies

  31. Guilherme Campolina says:

    When having too much money is a curse…

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