Jeff "The Killer" Patient Interview #2 [The Pinehearst Sessions] (TMF)

This is a followup to this video:

And a sequel to The Morgue Files Case #2:

And get caught up on all things TMF related here:

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25 Responses

  1. MonsieurMaskedMan says:

    oh wow haven't check this channel for a while (prolly over two months) and i got to see another patient interview and a full length episode, have not seen the episode yet but i gotta say this patient interview is keep getting more interesting, great job dave and co

  2. Tatters The Psycho says:

    I love this!

  3. Billie Joe Dirnt Cool says:

    You would think that at 18 I would finally be over creepypasta and yet here I am-

  4. Cheyenne Boone says:

    Is the mine on Hills grove coming out today still or is running late

  5. Waylon Park says:

    Hey. Can i ask why did you delete the og interviews i loved them so

  6. Yo Flow says:

    So mr widemouth was the one to slit Jeff’s wrist?

  7. Insane Villain's says:

    This just keep's getting better and better.

  8. Robert Burton says:

    I bet Jeffery Mason has been expelled from Forest Lawn High School.

  9. Maniacal Matro says:

    Hey, David, I miss the Bendy and the Ink Machine Voiceovers.

  10. KJ says:

    Really enjoyed this one, we get a lot of insight into Jeff and the world of TMF. Btw Jeffery Mason is my favorite version of Jeff The Killer!!!!

  11. Nex says:

    I missed watching your videos, I’m so glad you’re still posting!!

  12. Moody Dragons says:

    ooo that end was sooo good!

  13. Moody Dragons says:

    Yay! Thanks for the upload!

  14. Christopher Lopez says:

    I wish David nears cover of, this is Halloween was still up

  15. Lovell Horrors says:

    Jeff's kinda making Forest Lawn sound like Gravity Falls if it hadn't been made for kids.

  16. Nijagen says:

    I've been watching your videos for years and it's always so cool to see these og creepypasta characters come back.
    Thank u for all this content over the years, I truly appreciate it

  17. XXIce BearXX9675 says:

    Can you do a voice of skitzo the killer bear plz pretty plz with a CHERRY on top

  18. ijustwantsushi says:

    your portrayal of Jeff is amazing tbh

  19. ijustwantsushi says:

    so so so excited!!!

  20. Magnus says:

    To be honest, I see him in this strange…neutral state…he isnt a total monster, but hes also not a victim. He had his problems, yes. But the "treatment" wasnt helping. His parents failed to recognize it. Hes lost. And, likely he would have snapped eventually. But…I do wonder what would have happened if he managed to get home and not be assaulted by the Rollins gang. What liu would have discussed.

  21. Bittles The cookie aka Cait Cat Skull says:

    5:21 why is no one talking about this!

  22. X-Rex says:

    Im a bit confuse, Does Jeff really hate his family even before becoming insane or is it just Jeff's insanity twisting his views to view them as toxic?

  23. Tyler Sauvé says:

    already watched it so many times

  24. sfm animácie says:

    David near please voice for puppy Playtime.

  25. Dream Sweet says:

    Yeah for real can't wait ❤️

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