Jamie tells Cersei that Olenna poisoned Joffery | Game of thrones | S7 E5

Game of thrones season 7 episode 5.
Jamie tells Cersei about Olenna poisened Joffery Baratheon.


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20 Responses

  1. Sparrow Prince says:

    Unbelievable how just he walks past Qyburn, without so much as a nod, like the guy didn’t save his entire arm and give him a replacement that again saved his life, in Dorne. Ungrateful bastard. Qyburn should have quit working for the Lannisters when the writing was on the wall. When ser Gregor said fuck it and split, that was his cue to bounce too. Instead he got all up in ser Gregor’s face, of all people…LMAO

  2. Hera says:

    “I shouldn’t have listened to you.. she should’ve died screaming.”

  3. ARCtrooperblueleader says:

    Jaime is like: I seen some shit. I cannot listen to your bullshit right now.

  4. Joy says:

    Cersei was blinded by her own ambition

  5. Airess Santana says:

    Bitch you alienated your own brother for nothing. This is all you, and you deserve everything that's coming

  6. King Creedo says:

    It's amazing.

    She claws her way to get keep her status.
    While slowly losing everything as well.

    Her arrogance, greed and Stupidity were really strong.

    Yes she was smart with some things but entirely stupid with others. But she hated being told no and hates being wrong. She must always be right.

    In the begining when she had people to manipulate she was at her strongest.
    In the end she died being the weakest version of herself believing that now nothing was in her way.
    Indeed nothing was in her way. Nothing to stop her and nothing to step on. Like a dragon breathing flames all around even burning thier own wings.

  7. Erik Carrillo says:

    Ill always remember the scene where Tywin told Cersei that she's not as smart as she thinks she is. The last few seasons are a perfect demonstration of that

  8. Aditya 6996 says:

    yo wtfdym joffery baratheon, its joffery lannister

  9. Leon Paelinck says:

    Honestly why don't they sue for peace? They haven't done anything unforgivable.

  10. Leon Paelinck says:

    What is she whining about her father? She hated him almost as much as Tyrion.

  11. Jason Johnson says:

    @ 2:08 is when Cersei realizes she's the reason Tywin is dead.

  12. Dylan Villain says:

    If anything, Cersei's blind and stupid hatred of Tyrion caused this mess.

  13. JHL says:

    Cersei is informed of one of the most fatal mistakes of hers and she chooses to blame Jamie for providing mercy to Olenna. A perfect example of narcissist.

  14. rodney quinn says:

    Jamie made the mistake of listening to that psycho

  15. Tori Aucoin says:

    She killed herself in the end. If she had never been hellbent on hating and blaming tyrion she might have survived. I feel like im the only one to realize the bad writing started long before danerys dive into madness. I get power plays and all but i never understood why she was after the tyrells. She knew her son needed a queen and heirs so why not let him rule and leave his bloody life alone. Or instead of trying to fuck shit up she couldve helped not hurt. Or was it after myrcellas death did she feel the prophecy was unavoidable and he was dead long before he jumped? It never made sense. She had creaul and reckless actions before like killing a wolf that had nothing to do with the situation. But this didnt make sense to go after them.

  16. Senthil Sakthi says:

    I would have loved if kings slayer would have became queen slayer. Olyeena tried her level best to do that, but Jaime's love for Cersei was more than that.

  17. Daniel Leza says:

    The downfall of house Lannister is entirely due to the hatred of Tywin and Cersei towards Tyrion. Without it that house would be unstoppable.

  18. Aaron says:

    Everyone says she didnt admit but actually bragged about it but she seemed genuinely apologetic. At least for the brutality of the poison used.

  19. bob494949 says:

    Cersei is just the epitome of an evil self centered bitch. The girl can’t help it. Kudos to the actress, she was magnificent.

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