It May be Over For The Credit Bureaus | Credit Bureaus Gone Forever

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It May be Over For The Credit Bureaus | Credit Bureaus Gone Forever


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how do you dispute a hard inquiry on your credit report

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23 Responses

  1. wee cee says:

    Sooner CB's can be scrapped the better.

  2. Beginning says:

    One world order

  3. Paul D says:

    Trans Union is the worst!

  4. Dee says:

    There's no way that you could increase your credit score yourself I have been working on my credit for the last 6 months and the credit bureau is not increasing my credit score. I have been on time for 2 years with my creditors, my utilization I keep this low on all my credit cards and my credit score is not increasing like it should. They also reported false information so that they couldn't increase my score in fact they took 54 points away from me, how do I fight that? I will say when I started working on my credit my score increased by 70 points, but that was it and I was able to get a another cc.

  5. Adrian Bradshaw says:

    This will be a nightmare. NOTHING the government does is efficient or thorough. I have a mistake on my credit report from the state regarding my child support and you cannot do anything about it. Even the state admitted it was a mistake but they will not correct it.

  6. JMJ AUDIO says:

    When a collection agency comes after me i just send them A Notice and Demand letter making them prove their so call claim and provide the contract i signed in wet ink They always fail to provide.

  7. M Teevie says:

    Have you been to the DMV lately? You wouldn't like it if the government runs it.

  8. Luis T says:

    Does nobody about a credit consultant that actually works. And do the work?

  9. S Jinvestors2 says:

    Where can someone get the letters

  10. S Jinvestors2 says:

    How can someone start building their credit

  11. Enlightened Anthony says:

    Thanks for heads up big homie! ❤️

  12. Wen says:

    TransUnion refused to correct incorrect info . They reopen, re aged a charge off. CFPB only told they to respond, but didn’t help with getting it removed for inaccurate reporting

  13. J AT says:

    DEA knocking? REALLY?

  14. Divine Apology says:

    They need to get rid of Dun & Bradstreet. They have had a worst track record than the credit bureaus.

  15. Charles Maxwell says:

    Yup… I did that junk on my own and I’m climbing solidly

  16. Wayne Baiey says:

    Make a deal with the people you owe money too. They will take it. Work 2 jobs. Do whatever you gotta do legally and pay them. Its amazing how much a person can spend on beer, weed, flexing on dump stuff. It all adds up very quickly. Lets go to work people and keep your money.

  17. 1sexysportsfan says:


  18. Sheldon Jackson says:

    Damn feels like I just subscribed to you yesterday and you had 9k subs. Now your at 22k. Glad to see your channel growing g. Just got my navy federal card last November and I’m working on my relationship with them now.

  19. Ronnie Mackie says:

    The government is in the process of controlling your while life and setting up a electronic money system to trace everything you do and spend currency

  20. TheTrojanPrince says:

    About time. Peace you fuckers!!

  21. Victor Pinto says:

    Thank you!

  22. caliph's world says:

    Yes we post everything on YouTube they watch and they adjust accordingly….we need a new platform

  23. LaPana507music says:

    DEA? Why would the DEA get involved? FBI maybe….

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