Is Privacy Dead?

Recorded April 2, 2014.

Katina Michael with Natarsha Belling, and James Mathison. “Australia’s Privacy Amendments: Online Dating, Cross-border Flows, Credit Reporting and More” Wake Up, Channel Ten Apr. 2014: 6.45 am-6.55 am.

Do you know what is happening with your personal details on public web sites and social media platforms? How sure are you of your personal details remaining private or even being private? Between 2 and 4 million Australians are on dating web sites like And many do not realise that at least some of their personal details are available publicly. In some of my testing of these web sites, I did not have to even register an ID with the company to begin searching profiles, see a picture, search a postcode or read about someone’s political or religious beliefs. Perhaps the issue of privacy hit home to me when performing a a few test search case in my home town. I came up with profiles whose name I did not know but with whom I was familiar with at community clubs and events. I suddenly had access to much more than just their name, including birth dates, sexual orientation, number of kids etc.


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