Is Our Future A Dystopia?

The future is a strange thing. We’re obsessed with predicting where it will lead and yet somehow it’s become a bleaker place over time. A real life Squid Game wouldn’t be surprising to most. How did that happen? Will we find ourselves in a utopia or a dystopia?

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28 Responses

  1. czolus says:

    The more powerful a tool, the more inherent danger

  2. highlanderknight says:

    We must keep consuming… I immediately thought of "They Live." Thanks for another great video.

  3. Felipe Cavedon says:

    What, I'm subscribed and with the bell Icon set to all and didn't receive this notification :/

  4. michimatsch says:

    Someone is reminding workers of their chains…
    Are you switching over to breadtube, Miss Jinzee?

  5. Joshua Henry says:

    I thought Horizon Zero Dawn showed pretty clearly what AI can do when we decide to automate our army or police. There is a lot that can go wrong when Computers are able to use resources to become better computers.
    But it's similar to Zelda: BOTW where machines were trusted and turned on Hyrule.
    I think that some big countries are pushing to spend more money on technology to decrease the amount of privacy for all.
    and from a young age, technology is shown to be friendly but the internet has not shown to be friendly.

  6. hey smilebomb says:

    "installed a Windows update, crashing their network forever. The end" 10/10

  7. Tharre says:

    I'm carefully optimistic about the future, but what scares me is not a dystopia of a ruling class or person that manages to control the world as is the case in so many books and movies. Nor even that humanity fails to take action soon enough to stop a slowly approaching disaster (climate change anyone?) and the few people that manage to survive get thrown back into the stone age.

    What scares me is that, as we get further and further away from our biological roots, our morals will drift apart far enough that we can no longer agree what constitutes a utopia or dystopia in the first place. That the very utopia that people worked hard to built is regarded as a dystopia for others. Morals are almost completely subjective after all. A world in that a righteous rebellion for some is seen as terrorism by the others. A world in which there is no more common ground for peace, where our 'human' experience is no longer shared by everyone.

    But maybe that's just me.

    Sidenote, 'Solar Roadways' is unfortunately a scam peddled by several different organisations, see Thunderf00t
    's channel for a comprehensive explaination of why they are a bad idea, and all the lies the creators told about it.

  8. GameswithDeath says:

    Amazing work. And good to know that XQC will not exist in the new utopia.

  9. XO Selhket says:

    Many many years ago… a man wrote a fiction not really dystopia book. It didn't do very well for what it was.. so that man made a dystopia that is REAL as FUCK today. Scientology.

  10. winterburden says:

    This is the present. It's already a dystopia.

  11. VipeITup says:

    CRISP have been used to restore eye sight by simply sticking one needle in the eye. It's not perfect but it's the future!

  12. Shater Lemming says:

    Great video! Idk if I feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future, really made me think.

  13. Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce says:

    I had never heard about 1984 being considered "the first" dystopian story.
    It's always mentioned as the most accurate prediction of the future that came though.

  14. m.j. just-schuster says:

    WoW so Code destroyed everything Septic and Kuulsta worked for…
    I bet it's because Antyr and/or Pizza did not programm the thingy well enough xD

  15. Overonator says:

    Solar Roadways that melt snow is a lie, the physics doesn't work. It's been debunked so many times… I would love for that to be true, but it's not.

  16. ORob Music says:

    Omg, this video was fantastic!! Why can I only like this video one time? Oh right, dystopia….

  17. Udon't Sayxxx says:

    hunger games is just a copy of battle royal.

  18. Bill Berndtson says:

    I loved this film. Please run for office.

  19. Benjamin David says:

    Are comments getting deleted automatically again?

  20. Anthony Montague says:

    As an American I can't describe our current system as anything but a dystopia. I've tried to work as an activist but the powers that be are too strong. There is no change coming and no hope for any of it ever here. Scientific advancement is wondrous, but it will all be co opted for the advancement of the wealthy exclusively.

  21. CantankerousDave says:

    Our *future*?

  22. Aurelius P says:

    This was an excellent video. It's just really hard to think of a positive future. Capitalism (the employee – employer relationship focused on solely reproducing capital – not private ownership and markets) is dying which I think is good. The problem is that it's hell bent on taking civilization with it. Climate change is a massive issue, but we also have the resurgence of fascism throughout the globe. In the U.S we have the Republicans who are basically a fascist party at this point, they idealize an imagined past, are feverish nationalists, constantly state that minorities and immigrants are inherently weak yet an existential threat to our country. We also have the Democrats who are basically just neoliberal 80's Republicans who don't do anything to address, and in fact enable the Republicans. They are preferable to Republicans, but still part of the problem.

    The popularity of Bernie is really reassuring, but the establishment squandered him twice and he's just a Scandinavian style social democrat. He wasn't even advocating for worker co-ops which would have actually been socialist. I hate that the right wing works together so well while the left is scattered. Nazis will back Republicans who back Israel, yet a lot of socialists won't back social democrats like Bernie and AOC. I feel like it's far easier for fascism to take root than socialism despite the fact that most people want to have more ownership and control over their workplace. It's far easier to divide the proletariat than it is to bring us together.

    It's easy to imagine what a socialist society will look like. It's just hard to imagine it actually happening in the real world. I wanna be clear that I mean socialist as in the workers own and democratically operate the means of production, not something like the Soviet Union or China. These states refer to themselves as communist (which is funny given communism is anarchic) but they are state capitalist.

  23. Bảo Long Vũ says:

    Those kids they interviewed back in the day must be psychic, also i want those robot arms and can we get the world free therapy? We all really need it

  24. MarkAVP says:

    Love your video, love watching you, don't agree with every point you've made. Please think about fear–fear is what destroys us as people, not capitalism or money, not the people who have money. If the people who have "power" can convince us to be afraid they can limit or remove our basic freedoms. Here in America they are trying to make our money worthless, and they will succeed very soon. How does this hold up in the idea of those with money are the ones speeding us into dystopia? I think that the pigs are more clever than you give them credit for…

  25. J. McConnell says:

    Was actually a very well thought out video. Sub well earned

  26. TheSuperRatt says:

    Our present is dystopian.

  27. Dani Rouge says:

    I loved the little plushie scene at the end of the video, it reminds me of how I would come up with stories as a kid. The comeback was just top tier along with the windows update being the thing to break everything.

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