Increase Your Credit Score With Leaving A Balance | Why You Should Pay Off Charge-offs

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We all want a high credit score and we probably all believe paying it off in full will increase your credit score. In this video I’m going to show you that leaving a balance can actually increase your credit score. I’m also going to talk about why leaving a balance is still not a great idea.

I always hear paying your charge off is a bad idea well its not a bad idea if it can actually help out your credit score to get higher. In the video we talk about that too.

Increase your credit score with leaving a balance and why you should pay your charge-offs is a real thing to level up your credit score.

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0:00 intro
0:59 social media to join
1:55 why you should pay your charge-offs
5:00 charge-offs effects your utilization
6:06 paying debts are a good investment
6:56 why leaving a small balance can be good for your score
9:35 run experiments with a balance
10:12 why you should pay off balance
11:26 outro/ contest

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how to dispute a balance on your credit report

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17 Responses

  1. L says:


  2. Realtors Are A Joke says:

    Like that advice about handling/paying your collection accounts. That's good advice. Financial institutions do not want to lend to anyone who has delinquent outstanding debt

  3. Agape Love says:

    U are absolutely correct. I pay my balance off every month before the reporting date and have 0% utilization across the board. One month I left a small balance of 1% and my score went up 1 pt. When I paid the balance off and my statement reported 0% utilization my score dropped 16 pts.

  4. George Magana says:

    That’s not good advice! Keeping a balance is not a good thing! Sorry my Man but this is wrong! It comes down to utilization. What I do….keep 10% utilization and pay off card in full on statement date only! I Never pay interest with 800 plus scores.

  5. SpaceRanger says:

    Always get it in writing..Don't trust anyone..sad u have to do that

  6. Indeka 268Gyal says:

    Yooo Level up I work A lot but when I get free time I be trying to play catch up cause u the real deal. I reported 0 balance twice last 2 months this happen to me -18 point for Experian & -10 for Transunion & like -12 for Equifax! Experian always be doing the most tho lol. This month definitely leaving a small balance. The credit bureau’s want you to be in debt. SMH!

  7. Skillet 30 says:

    Check to see if it’s outside of the statue of limitations (Varies from state to state); if it’s outside of the statue limitation’s they can’t sue you.

  8. AG Keyz says:

    This worked for me 20+ pt increase across the 3. Thank you brutha

  9. YC Lawson says:

    Thanks great content

  10. Celly Tyree says:

    You should never cancel your credit cards just keep that good history/ aged credit in play

  11. Jeff Castro says:

    Appreciate the information, although I do believe you forgot to mention and or go into detail as far as when you do leave a balance when should that balance be paid before the statement closes or how long after payment is do. Would like to know that if possible. Thanks

  12. 08breezy08 says:

    love you page it inspirer's me to keep on my cards sometimes I get burn out, can't wait to have everything paid off lol

  13. cyril chatonda says:

    Hey My man! Big follow of the Channel and wanting to follow in foot steps did you have like 5 minutes to email or DM me?

  14. Enlightened Anthony says:

    Congrats on 10k bro I been following since before you had 1k proud of you!

  15. DarkEmpress81 says:

    I looove a man that’s out here getting it! Kudos my brother, keep moving and shaking in this world

  16. Helsea Jefferson says:

    Good Discussion. First off your voice captures my attention. Secondly I want to purchase those sticks. I know your asked about sticks often. Can you leave the link pinned in description box? Thirdly have a super amazing day.

  17. Paul Lomax says:

    Hey bro that's to get a high credit score hack on your statement bill and your credit score will shoot up every month it works I was in the low 600 now I'm in the upper 700 because of that hack good content is always thank you bru..

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