INCLUDEnyc LIVE: Turning 18 and Supplemental Security Income SSI

When your child turns 18, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review and determine continued eligibility for SSI benefits under the disability rules for adults. Join us for an opportunity to learn about the age 18 redetermination process, including timeline, required documentation and due process.

Host: Steffany Ruiz, INCLUDEnyc Family Educator

Special Guest: Michelle Spadafore, Senior Supervising Attorney and Project Director of NYLAG’s Disability Advocacy Project (DAP)

Download the packet here:


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  1. DIY Life says:

    Thank you. Very useful. Why none of those officials give email for forms and communication? Then it would be not lost and it would be very clear what was submitted and when.

  2. Cassidy Colgan says:

    Very helpful!!

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