In Wake Of Equifax Breach, Should Social Security Numbers Be Scrapped? | TODAY

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Amid new concerns over the massive data breach at credit reporting agency Equifax, some are asking whether Social Security numbers should be done away with altogether. NBC’s Tom Costello reports on TODAY and explains how consumers can protect themselves.
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In Wake Of Equifax Breach, Should Social Security Numbers Be Scrapped? | TODAY

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how to dispute something with equifax

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25 Responses

  1. Michael Hauser says:

    A credit freeze is not really secured because Experian had a data breach a few years ago and hackers got into their database and stole people's security freeze pin numbers to unlock consumers credit reports. Remember there's more than just a major 3 Credit reporting agencies out there you have to freeze all 25 credit reporting Agencies.. To find the full list on consumer protection finance bureau

  2. Michael Hauser says:

    Everything you do They ask for your Social security number.. And plus I can't keep your information safe they don't care you're just a product you're nothing but a number

  3. Tomeka Cooley Pettus says:

    My company has partnered up with one of the fastest growing companies in personal cyber security. I want to help protect you and your family. Try IDSEAL there is no contract or credit check, you have homeowners insurance, car insurance, and health insurance. With the way technology is being used it isn't a matter of if your data is going to be breach it's a matter of when will you find out.

  4. Bobby Bingheimer says:

    Yes get rid of it have to do something else for I'd

  5. Michael Hauser says:

    There is more than 3 credit reporting agencies. I froze all 16 there is small companies that bleed off the big companies and no they won't be froze even if you froze the big 4 credit reporting companies. A freeze doesn't stop a soft pull either. You been warned.

  6. Michael Hauser says:

    If your information was compromised now it's on the dark web. To late now.

  7. Michael Hauser says:

    Everything you do they ask for your social security number. It's all over.

  8. Seven Saturn says:

    Change it!!!!!!

  9. rick dickerson says:

    Equifax is free until August after all this it's 10 to $20 2 freeze and unfreeze all that adds up

  10. rick dickerson says:

    Just put it in other words the credit reporting agencies are making Mass money over this they don't care about you trust me

  11. rick dickerson says:

    You really need this put a freeze on a small reports to they don't tell you this there is small credit reporting agencies out there and if they get your information on one they know your life history because one of reporting agencies have your life history on the report everything you own all your bank accounts your house your automobiles everything is in this report no one knows about it if the hackers get ahold of this they have your life history

  12. rick dickerson says:

    They charge you and they're making big money on it Equifax is making record profits over the data hack.

  13. rick dickerson says:

    You put a credit freeze on all the three major credit reporting agencies and a small companies they will mail you a 6 digit PIN number in the mail take that paper and shred it up throw it in the garbage that way your identity will never get stolen again

  14. rick dickerson says:

    Everything you do they ask you what's your social security number

  15. rick dickerson says:

    Protect our information from being overseas will be called the credit bureaus they should not be overseas they should not access our identity overseas in another country they do this because they're paying them $2 an hour overseas to answer phone calls all three credit reporting agencies do this because of corporate greed

  16. rick dickerson says:

    They operate overseas credit bureaus
    Our identity should not be overseas. Yeah the overseas call centers got swapped

  17. Mike Hause says:

    Equifax Outsource call centers overseas so basically when you call Equifax people from overseas have your information your identity everything that needs to stop because the corporate greed wants to pay them $2 an hour overseas to work

  18. Mike Hause says:

    They charge you for the credit freeze $10 to $20 depending your state then you have to pay that amount to take the freeze off ridiculous

  19. Andy M says:


  20. Brian Earle says:

    Social insecurity Numbers more like it.

  21. B. Eder says:

    Any Bank or Insurance Company ANYWHERE! can get your Tax Return without TELLING YOU! The FULL RETURN! From the IRS!
    We need the RIGHT to change our SSN!

  22. Taylor H says:

    Equifax: "That's a nice credit score you have there, it would be a shame if something happened to it… pay us a small monthly fee and we'll keep it safe for ya."

  23. Mary Pitt says:

    Identity theft is an incredibly serious concern worldwide. A couple of years back one of my friends had to deal with Identity theft and I remember how daunting it was for him. I have been extremely alert since then when it comes to monitoring finances and taking steps to avoid such a situation. I believe this video has some really helpful advice for those who are planning to take precautionary measures against identity theft.

  24. rich whiteboii says:

    Do i type it in or handwrite it in ?

  25. deedee h says:

    Do not do that…. freez please think about what is going on with the credit bureaus….

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