In Future, Afterlife Is Proven, So Suícide Rate Skyrockets

In the near future, due to a breakthrough scientific discovery by Dr. Thomas Harbor, there is now definitive proof of an afterlife. While countless people have chosen suicide to reset their existence, others try to decide what it all means. Among them is Dr. Harbor’s son Will, who has arrived at his father’s isolated compound with a mysterious young woman named Isla. There, they discover the strange acolytes who help Dr. Harbor with his experiments.

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42 Responses

  1. Plunged says:

    “life sucks”

    jumps in front of a car

    opens eyes slowly

    some guy: hey you’re finally awake

  2. superzilla784 says:

    Life sucks. The afterlife is better!


    Guilty Spark: I will deactivate the security lock. Please wait here a moment

    Flood: He's gone! Hurry, everyone gang up on the dude in the green armor!

  3. soopahsoopah says:

    Convenient that although the "Discovery" had been known for two years already, Isla waited until just that moment to attempt suicide.

  4. Arpon Sadhukhan says:

    Seems so much like a Korean webtoon

  5. M B says:

    Corny shit imo. I guess movies are made to make you feel good that's why they are make believe. Just deal with your regrets people.

  6. atalamat al wasim says:

    Afterlife is such a riddle that human imaginations could never make up.

  7. Rodrigo Mali says:

    "Life sucks"

    Slowly Opens eyes

    " Welcome to the gulag, if you survive you earn your freedom "

  8. Baby Bear says:

    Reincarnation of Isla and Will is another story.

  9. Jipsu mies says:

    I will never wanna watch movie like that

  10. Saintsinnz says:

    Wouldn't do much go considering Suicide is a sin, therefore the one afterlife you would be going too would not be disneyland

  11. V M says:

    There is afterlife but you don't have a physical body anymore

  12. Jacob Lalmuanpuia says:

    Ohh how wrong they are… there is only two path after death… hell or heaven

  13. DannyZed says:

    The concept is cool. But this movie looks like it is fucking horrible. Bad execution of a good idea.

  14. Wortenheimmer says:

    "Life sucks, afterlife is better"

    "Do you have the DSM?"
    "Yes sir"
    "Good, we're going home"

  15. R H says:

    So you die to go back to fix the failures you created the soul cannot live in a dead body and is released. The release is called reincarnation and chance to either make the same dumb choices or somehow by freewill not. It sounds like rolling the dice to me. One life you are Jeff Bezos – a living demon The next life you are Joe Bob in Texas running cattle. Meh….

  16. Eli Herrera says:

    What happens when you have no regrets? Secret level of the afterlife

  17. Red army says:

    Life is suck but school exist in after life too

  18. FBInoob2 says:

    The reason why i don't suicide even if its proven is that i need more karma so I can go to heaven not hell

  19. Wade Dwigans says:

    If afterlife is proven.. people wouldn't be committing suicide… theyd realize theres judgement coming
    Its surprising that today people think theres no afterlife but still choose to get up everyday to live this crappy world for no reason

  20. Blake Bergman says:

    Me: “Man, this life sucks! Better live a better one.”

    The afterlife: “Hi, so we’re finally here to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty.”

  21. Memeneuver says:

    Guys i'm gonna try this, wish me luck

  22. sherman3737 says:

    Our YouTube comments will most likely out live us.

  23. JBOBROSKII says:

    What happens after you finish the second chance? Where do you go then?

  24. Anonymous says:

    A radical yet very euphoric concept.

  25. TEM4TEM says:

    My mind is fucked up after this

  26. Arny T says:

    Maybe the "somewhere" that the conciousness goes is AWAY, NOT SOMEWHERE BUT JUST GONE

  27. mister rikks says:

    Choose again

  28. Troy Zombie says:

    I know it does! Because I’ve been convinced that it does. Or something does in this case!

  29. Nick Sibilla says:

    Super interesting.

  30. CloudyPanda says:

    Alexander Pierce is that you

  31. Ratchet Rorschach says:

    this is not the kind of isekai I was hoping for

  32. G Morgan says:

    My biggest regret was not protecting my little sister from my step mom. I will take a do over gladly.

  33. Francisco Lopez says:

    Imagine killing yourself to escape a tyrannical society, only to end up in 2021 under the Biden presidency.

  34. Masked says:

    to be honest, if I ended up in heaven after I die, I would commit suicide right now.

  35. Solomzi Nkuna says:

    The afterlife seems pretty stressful tbh. Imagine having to relive all the worst choices of your life over and over again

  36. Duck says:

    “Life sucks, afterlife is better”
    hey greenie welcome to the maze

  37. Andy Harrison says:

    Afterlife "proven"- would be logical to keep going. What is proof anyway?

  38. John Hadleigh says:

    I have nearly died about 3 times, twice in a Coma around 12 days. I saw total darkness, then angels. I have had a heart attack then Pneumonia. God has a plan for us. Any short cuts like Scuicide, just brings us back for a more prelonged life that is much harder. Don't make this mistake, ever.

  39. despicablemonster says:

    It's funny all these "afterlife" comments u will all of a sudden become fictional characters or things? Lmaooooo ok go morph into a book lol

  40. Eric Sloan says:

    plot twist…suicide sends you to the wrong afterlife

  41. An Alien says:

    Wakes up in next life
    "Eat this hair to gain my quirk"

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