🌕 In Aries Y'all ~ Happiness Is Already Manifested, The Wheel Turns Either Way @this Point


Welcome 💜bugs,
Those Who Have Wandering Minds ….. Here’s A Look At Some Of My Placements.
☀️ In Cancer 🌝 In Capicorn, Scorpio Rising, Taurus In Venus.

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9 Responses

  1. Aarti Vedi says:


  2. Aarti Vedi says:

    What useless talk

  3. So Lar says:

    great message , thank you

  4. Morné Assam says:

    Beautiful read, tx

  5. Cord K says:

    Love your realness… so appreciated.. and always so on point.. incredible!!!

  6. Angel Mamy says:

    New kids on the block = step by step

  7. Tarot Traveler17 says:

    He’s already legally divorced as of 2 weeks ago, but he’s still not free from her, still deals with her and allows her to manipulate him. He doesn’t see it. She’s straight up mentally unstable and materialistic. She’s sleeping around and neglecting and using the kids but she can’t do no wrong in his eyes. I had to walk away.

  8. Fiery Moon Child says:

    Kicking it in Tennessee! Aries moon!!! Having a blast, just me and my dog. With my Ruler!

  9. Mauigirl 1 says:

    Love You Court! Been watching You since the beginning! Your Children are all Beautiful! You are Beautiful, YOUR DAUGHTERS ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! Cayden John is Handsome And REAL! Love that You share Your Family with us! Thank You for all You do! You’re an AMAZING MOM! Reader! Friend and woman!

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