Immigrant Detention Was Built Around Haitian Migrants w/ Carl Lindskoog – MR Live – 10/20/21

Sam and Emma host Carl Lindskoog, assistant professor of history at Raritan Valley Community College, to discuss his recent book Detain and Punish: Haitian Refugees and the World’s Largest Immigration Detention System.
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36 Responses

  1. snappycatchy says:

    Tanner on Tanner, might buy for the DVD extras.

  2. RitaMarieWeiss says:

    Sam – you're quitting "Ring of Fire"? wow .. you were excellent on that show .. sorry to lose you .. 🙁 .. but understandable .. I've been unable to keep up with it for a while … I'll need to go back and listen to your old ones .. one thinks you'll be around forever .. but .. nope

  3. All The Smoke says:

    Kyrsten Sinema can SMD.

  4. w5winston says:

    Maybe competing pizzarias Could compete to see which pie the strikers prefer, get creative people.

  5. Tormund GiantsBrain says:

    Hey Seder nothing exacerbates far right xenophobia more than leftist isolationism of the last decade. Isolating yourself from the world because aMeRIcUh bAd is only the first step in the logical conclusion that America should also tightly pull its shutters down.

  6. Variance Within says:

    2:22:00 – if someone wants to see my edit on Sam going "uhhhh" "ummmm" for 21 minutes. Rip my lawyers. Watch it while you can!

    And watch the BLM video debunking a Fucker Carlson segment

  7. kbb19622 says:

    So good to hear you, Carl! I get to say I knew you when . . . Go CUNY Grad Center History Department!

  8. Baci302 says:

    Tucker Carlson has such an annoying squeaky voice.

  9. Hernan G says:

    What the fuck is going on? The show feels so energized and I'm here for it!

  10. Sir.Craze- says:

    Does YouTube allow you to force someone to unblock another person under threat in temp ban?
    I don't care, I've just never in my life considered the question.
    I mean. Maybe I do care. YouTube chat is toxic and obnoxious. If you want to have a real conversation you have to block people just spamming.
    Dude just wants to have a real conversation and y'all made fun of him the whole time. Not the best moment I've seen on here…

  11. Miss O.P. says:

    the level of enjoyment he got out of the chatter who got ban is kinda shocking lol

  12. Hayden says:

    22:55 we totally can’t hear you

  13. Cameron Tietgen says:

    Fun tidbit about the Fartenberry video is that it was shot weeks ago. Its harvesting season and all the corn is brown. The corn in the background is very green.

  14. Jimbob Robob says:

    Gee…the mood and quality of the show has lifted now Sam has cancelled the Peacock obligations…

  15. jake goldman says:

    I can’t believe that guy hung on the phone for that long, what an amazing call

  16. Nand Fednu says:

    glad to see you're at no mercy because I am at NO MERCY

  17. Pranay says:

    Schumer was doing what he always does help the gop.

  18. Lorelei Martinez-Neddo says:

    This is why I love Sam and MR so much. Thank you, Dan.

  19. Randie Vietti says:

    the dog in the Fartenberry video looks very bored

  20. Robert Nicholls says:

    I think Sam is naive about Corporate Dems for some reason. He really think they want that 3.5 trillion bill. They just want credit for trying, pretending to be progressive. In reality, they are there to solidify right wing policies, expand on them and sell it to liberals. We saw this with Clinton, Obama and it's happening with Joe.

    It's a pimp game.

  21. TapeManX2 says:

    +1:33:12 ish

    If I didn't like this show so much I'd spend like 10 minutes replying to every comment calling people infertile but I like this show.

  22. Bucky Seto says:

    Dan from chat is the best caller of all time?

  23. Tmanaz480 says:

    A ton of new york cops=6 cops

  24. J. Blood says:

    None of this is a failure. It’s a success for those whose role is to ensure that the Democrats are a vessel for ruling class will and progressive capture.

  25. Pranay says:

    All cop who were not wearing masks during covid should be charged with negligent homicide.

  26. MadOcelotGod 81 says:

    ForceTheVote was correct

  27. Baci302 says:

    Check out how much money we give to the Defense Dept. every 7 years or whatever the time frame. I believe it's close to $8 Trillion. Give me a f-ing break. The main stream media is not doing its job to the extent that we need them to do it. The journalists at the NY Times and Washington Post, et al., are a bunch of pansies.

  28. Baci302 says:

    Why doesn't Manchin have a conflict of interest concerning his position on the Energy Committee and his financial interest in that West Virginia coal mine he benefits greatly from ($500,000/year?)?

  29. Pranay says:

    I blocked the MOD autumn leaves and can't figure out how to unblock them.

  30. Mike Cavallaro says:

    Sam Seder, establishment explainer extraordinaire.

  31. Pranay says:

    Dan is Lying sam I called him a "Selfish Randian Incel" and I stand by my comments because I checked out his channel.

  32. L Ka says:

    Please clip the guy complaining about getting kicked out of the YouTube chat!!!

  33. Pranay says:

    The BoogalDore Trolls are so poorly educated they sound just like MAGA chuds.

  34. Nigel Cox-Hagan says:

    It’s ok Sam, you still have more hair than Cody.

  35. The Rich Meister says:

    Let's go, Brandon!

  36. Tmanaz480 says:

    Sorry Emma. Seersucker masks are inappropriate after Labor day.

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