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Clarification: FICO scores are one kind of credit score and your score may vary between the different credit reporting agencies vs. FICO scoring.

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how do you get something off of your credit report

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19 Responses

  1. Ray Starky says:

    Wow! sounds very challenging! can not imagine doing this given this day and age of VERY BIG PIT FALLS/FAILS due the government policies. This is a very good knowledge of what to do to SWAY the tide into your favor. I know this and dealt with some of that in 1988; rents were low and interest payments were high, + property taxes + insurance payments. Praise God for letting me work 10 to 12 hrs and i needed the overtime. My business partner my Mom worked overtime as well to make ends meet on our investment property. + i had a side job sell sporting goods that helped income. It is the old story with this again, cut everything out TO MAKE THE SHIP LIGHTER to stay a float; and count your blessings everyday. Just like the example you gave in BOOSTING/TURBO CHARGING the credit score to help work hard for the investor, to help create more options!

  2. Rights dont come with Permits says:

    Fiat currencies are not money!

  3. Ben Martin says:

    Truly Inspired. I just paid off my $300 balance. I then will repeat until my score climbs. Thanks for the motivation. KUDOS!

  4. Ray Starky says:

    Thank you for the great advice. Very good information to have

  5. The-Beneficiary * says:

    Because you have a bunch of credit cards and you owe shit load of money on them. and you probably have loans on cars you are still paying. try paying off a vehicle and see how fast your points drop.

  6. manny flores says:

    That's how I use my credit. Family is Debt free but I'll charge a fuel tank here and there in C.C. but pay it in full just to keep card active and score in low 800s. I hope I never have to use it again but is a tool good to have ready just in case.

  7. John Smith says:

    When it comes to charge-backs using the Federal Laws, I found out a few years ago that you can't charge-back a credit card charge if the balance on the card is zero at the time the charge-back is requested. You can only charge-back up to the existing balance on the card.

  8. louis raya says:

    Mine is 858 so what is your point?

  9. FIXXHACKXSPY AT GMAIL . Com {SolutionX says:

    The name above help me and saved me from my student loans and all negatives on my credit profile. I highly recommend .:

  10. SOLUTIONx {Fixxhackxspy at gmail . c o m} says:

    The name above ⬆️ saved my life. I'm now a home owner and part of 800 credit clubhouse all thanks to Mr X .if u need help too, I highly recommend

  11. Jozee says:

    Great videos. I am going to debunk your philosophy. FICO is a big scam. You don’t need it. Local bank won’t need your fico to buy home. Been debt free for 17 yrs. I have the lowest insurance, I get preferred rates for everything. Have an emergency fund to cover emergencies. Credit cards will ruin your life. You are a slave to debt. You are borrowing your future to live beyond your means today.

  12. A B says:

    My FICO has been zooming over the last 2 years. It's been so easy for me to apply and receive credit cards. Lovin' it.

  13. Mary A Ward says:

    Cool!Thank you I have to watch this video a couple times so it can sink in!

  14. Paul Hogsten says:

    Our Matrix is beginning to break down like a defective Star Trek holodeck (would you believe in this episode it's powered by omicron particle field)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duBfmD0iABU

  15. Oscar DO gee says:

    Outro beat is on the hopeful side love it ❤

  16. DarkSide Blues says:

    How does one get that many credit cards.

  17. Oscar DO gee says:

    I used to buy things cash now I use credit and use the cash I was gonna pay up front and pay the card off first statement no interest fees and makes you look good on the credit score

  18. Mike Huffman says:

    I'm sure the algorithms for credit scores have been 'modified' to pull more people into the debt trap … there will always be more losers, vs. the winners who can actually service their debt.

  19. Swampbilly says:

    I have next to no debt all bills paid on time or early for years and I can’t hardly get past 700

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