I'm Getting Fired If I Don't Get The COVID-19 Vaccine!

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28 Responses

  1. Caleb Gibbs says:

    Oh he's based!

  2. J Y says:

    What will they want you to do next to keep your job? You let this take hold and it opens a whole new world of corporate authoritarianism.

  3. Crunchy Buffalo says:


  4. Lando norvarg says:

    if the 75 % of all of us are vaccinated why should we have people carryng the sickness around because of their political views, these is about life , people unvaccinated is going around spreding it!

  5. Above says:

    Just get a different job… that will solve all of your problems.. great advice Dave ??? Your like a genius, just totally different…

  6. Catherine Flynn says:

    Thank you Mr. Ramsey for saying these things.

  7. Catherine Flynn says:

    Dear Sir, "Leaving in droves". I listened to someone say that this is just something that is being said by the Right, is not real, and that everything will be just fine.

  8. Rick Sanchez says:

    People and companies who either mandate vaccines or those who agree with the vaccine mandates should be shipped off to an island where they can fend for themselves. This is extremely anti-American, a gross violation of rights in general, they want a 2 tier society, but if they keep it up they are likely to see war. Lot's of American's willing to fight for their rights let me tell you.

  9. Yomo Cute says:

    Is the same BS every where, health insurance will go up due to the pandemic, "shortage of chips" car prices go up, yet all car dealerships are full, a gas company spills and contaminate and their solution is to raise the gas prices.

  10. Just JAEJ says:

    Well, this certainly aged poorly…

  11. Cbar65 says:

    17 year old here in Ontario passed after getting the shot. The only reason he got it was because he needed it to play hockey

  12. Mark Shawn says:

    there's only a shortage in nurses because they're firing the ones that refuse to get the vaccine

  13. Elizabeth Danskin says:

    This is timely for me today. Thanks for the advice. I am in similar situation with my company right now.

  14. ammerudgrenda says:

    I wouldn't want my nurse to be unvaccinated.

  15. Victor Finamore says:

    This is getting way out of control until people team up with attorneys and start bringing out law suits. why should anyone be forced out of work when there is no proof only what the media tells you. people are being told what they can no longer do – what happened to freedoms . 1000's of people being forced out of work to settle for less, damaging people lives over this.. Time to start suing businesses filling the courts with cases, will start that pressure..

  16. tom dickman says:


  17. Devin stallworth says:

    my job mandated paying less i quit n found a job not mandating paying more

  18. James Haney says:


  19. Mark M says:

    Start your own clinic. You have a huge workforce ready to sign up for cheap.

  20. Kean Woodman says:

    Thank you I needed to hear that

  21. Sole Survivor says:

    Dave is The Man!

  22. D. Grem says:

    Dave is out of his lane. Sad.

  23. scornedforlorned says:

    Great! More jobs for us ❤

  24. Crizurdo says:

    I think he is wrong in this one, the ones that go away are going to get replaced with vaccinated people , maybe is wrong for companies to take this route but they already make you do other things. Being a nurse Im surpriced he doesnt want to take it.

  25. Nevada Smith says:

    How about you just get the vaccine and move on with your life and job?

  26. Richard Thomas says:

    Your not getting fired .You quit rather than get the Vaccine. In your next career make sure it's one that doesn't care for the health of others .Nursing is a SELFLESS CAREER.

  27. ?????? says:

    So this guy has kids and isn't getting vaccinated to protect himself and his kids? Glad he's not my dad.

  28. The Ramsey Show - Highlights says:

    Say goodbye to debt forever. Start Ramsey+ for free: https://bit.ly/3w15GxH

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