I’m Depressed About My Credit Score Going Down!

I’m Depressed About My Credit Score Going Down!

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28 Responses

  1. Henry Moore says:

    hello there, thanks to DUMPSGURU on telegram who helped me fix my bad credit score in a short time up, I'm in your debt for life man!!i can now get good loans..

  2. Steve Fulton says:

    Thanks for this wonderful video! I strongly recommend upkeepfinance..com for fix of credit report, Erase of criminal records and you can also get benefits you are entitled with…

  3. Kelvin Amanda says:

    Thanks for the video! I strongly recommend upkeepfinance..com for fast and reliable source to get rid of hard inquiries and paying off long time debit. I got help using their new platform.

  4. TANGO USA says:

    my credit score was ZERO! but everything pay for included 2 houses kids in college

  5. Music48790 Music48790 says:

    Easy to say when you have an estimated net worth of $55 million…

  6. K S says:

    Talk to you Congressman. Come on Dave think. Really ur worth 10 of millions of dollars and ur gonna compare ur situation to his. Have some empathy.

  7. Paws Not Claws says:

    How do you buy a house if you don’t have credit

  8. Ryan says:

    This seems to happen with more than a few vets, I hope they get this worked out.

  9. razoraudi says:

    Your depression is a choice? Did I just hear that?

  10. Ben says:

    People talking to Dave about credit. Smh. People only hear what they want u guess.

  11. алексей мисин says:

    comunication line with represintative folow up was prety good and the cost of the funds in the interest-rate and the term were very satisfactory.I would recomend use them again by caling +1 (304) 362-0022

  12. W K says:

    I've lowered my credit score Dave's way and I've lowered it by defaulting on 6 credit cards. Dave's way is a much better way to lower your credit score!

  13. Chris Baker says:

    Your not debt free if you have a mortgage.

  14. Destinee Gabrielle says:

    I make $40000 a year. How do I purchase a home without a credit score? I’m gonna have to save up for at least 10 years +

  15. Michael Ares says:

    I am at 794 on my credit score. I’m trying to get 800 just for the heck of it. Sorry Dave.

  16. dkcmusic says:

    The Fico score system is a bunch of malarkey.

  17. Mr Rob says:

    Get used and get kicked to the curb !

  18. Espresso Q says:

    after hearing so much stupid answers I am wonder how could this man is sitting here as a financial advisor for so long? He’s hosting the show for what? Ruining audiences’ life?

  19. Abdul says:

    Sell your home and take the money you made to pay for a completely paid off home somewhere cheaper. Then you won't need a credit score whatsoever

  20. Usman Khan says:

    My credit score is top because the bill i have to pay i pay from credit card and pay off to credit card in full at the end of month

  21. Eddie says:

    Medical collections do not affect FICO scores after they are paid.

  22. Robert Smithers says:

    Decide you're never again going to take out debt on anything, then you never have to care about your credit score again

  23. Lady Libra says:

    If he is a disabled veteran he should apply for compensation & pension (c&p) and get a disability rating

  24. Steve Wiseburn says:

    Call your Congress critters’s office. They should contact Treasury on your behalf

  25. Squid Rider says:

    So he was injured in combat, and he has to pay for his medical bills? They sent a disabled veteran's medical debt to collections? Am I understanding the correctly? Are you serious?

  26. G.DoloresPlants says:

    That happen to my son too, He called them and they fixed it.

  27. NeoAndersonReloaded says:

    Its just part of the matrix game. Good luck

  28. Ibhenriksen says:

    Who's afraid of the big FICO big FICO big FICO?

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