Illegal Debt Collectors Exposed

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how to dispute debt collection on credit report

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2 Responses

  1. rancor453 says:

    Just got my first call from Pinnacle yesterday. They wouldn't tell me who they were until I verified my home address. I refused to answer since they refused to answer, then just Googled the number. Super sketchy, 10/10 do not trust. Is that part of the groups who are being disbanded?

  2. Dominique Hardy says:

    Hey what's your email address. I'm needing help, I'm located in Atlanta Georgia and recently received my lexisnexis consumer report and my lexisnexis consumer report is only 44 pages and the only thing reported is my clue report, but with the credit bureaus I have numerous accounts. All that shows on the 3 credit bureaus reports none, I mean none of the information shows on my lexisnexis consumer report. Confusing and needing help.

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