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Lemnis Gate is a turn-based combat strategy shooter taking place in a time loop. Tactical cunning is key to victory as you outwit your opponent in 1v1 and 2v2 matches where no two rounds are ever the same. Cerebral combat across diverse futuristic environments rewards creative thinking and forward planning, letting you disrupt the past to change the future. With endless scope for game plans and countless ways to execute them, Lemnis Gate is the subversive and skillful 4D FPS that changes how you think about time travel.


Game: Lemnis Game
Platforms: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation
Embargo: September 28th 2021 at 3PM BST
Release Date: September 28th 2021 at 3PM BST
Developer: Ratloop Games Canada
Publisher: Frontier Foundry
Trailer: YouTube

Game Features
Seven distinct playable operatives each with their own unique skills
12 unique playable maps, each with their own game mode
Four playable game modes: Seek & Destroy, Retrieve XM, Domination & Deathmatch
1v1 or 2v2 online play with both turn-based and simultaneous options
1v1 and 2v2 Turn-Based Local – Play with your friends at home either by swapping seats or passing the controller between up to 4 of you
Operative cosmetic customization options and collectibles

Challenges/Level Extras
Hero Challenges
Heavy Challenge (Deathblow)
Scout Challenge (Rush)
Engineer Challenge (Vendetta)
Sniper Challenge (Striker)
Chemist Challenge (Toxin)
Assistant Challenge (KARL)
Drone Trials (unique per level, accessed by going into drone mode)
Photo Mode (accessed by going into drone mode)

You can find out more info about Ranked play here:

#lemnisgate #timeloop


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36 Responses

  1. ryushi17 says:

    this is going to be like watching rocket league. fun at casual levels but when you see pros play its going to make you feel bad about yourself.

  2. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg says:

    LOL, this is getting progressively more and more mindfuck-ey. The last rounds are like Unreal tournament when you ate a LSD blotter after drinking two bottles of cheap vodka, hehehe.

  3. Destin Patterson says:

    I know this isn't your usual kind of game that you play on the channel, but if you want to play more, I'd love to see it

  4. Magnum Knights says:

    Give me more of this Commander! Buying this now. Screw New World, this is better

  5. Justin Friesen says:

    Love your videos with Luckless, you two have a great dynamic! Firebros for life!

  6. Juliett A says:

    This is complete madness.

  7. Peter B. says:

    The 1:08:00 match was just a 'Squad wipe' scenario…lmfao

  8. Varsung Anasurimbor says:

    I missed Luckless

  9. Xanderj89 says:

    I thought this would be way more confusing, after watching the promo I figured I would have to play a ton of matches to really get all the mechanics down, but even just doing the "Time Loop Tutorial" made it instantly click. It's really easy to just jump in and play, and having Local game options makes this a fantastic couch game, I played it for a few hours last night with a buddy and we're both hooked.

  10. Bee says:

    Great game to watch, the volume was a little too loud though

  11. Eli says:

    Hello, Mr Odd. I was wondering when the next ME stream is going to be.

  12. Stigmatogaster says:

    This IS just like 4D chess. Time is the 4th dimension.

  13. OneSchwiftyRick says:

    I just noticed but when the drone doesnt move, the propellers stop. So how does it hover? Lol

  14. Stigmatogaster says:

    This is some high IQ shit

  15. Slanghappy says:


  16. DH says:

    Watching 200 IQ pros playing this will be cool … I mean … not that you guys aren’t 200 IQ pros … … awkward

  17. terry tredinnick says:

    The next big e-sport

  18. seekerhound says:

    This was the game I didn't know that I needed. Not for me to pay, as I suck at any shooter game, but the tactical brain games in this is fascinating to me. It isn't overly complicated, but it does have a good amount of tactical gameplay.

  19. Konradkurze says:

    This game was so much more fun to watch than I initially thought. The whole planning 3 moves ahead, and reacting to what the other player does makes this so interesting. I normally don't like PvP (its much to reaction-time based for my taste), but this is so tactical, you do have to have good reactions but you win by being smart and planning and psyching out the opponent. I could watch a ton more of this!

  20. Shane White says:

    I wonder if this game with get big in E-sports because this is a tacticians wet dream and I bet you could do some crazy things

  21. Dylan Walsh says:

    Technically no. This does not follow Tenet rules.
    This is more like the Clock Blockers video by Corridor.
    It is physically impossible to make a real-time Tenet game, because you have to have advance knowledge of what the player is going to do, before they even think of what to do (I.e. predetermined outcomes).

  22. Bigc187 Stevens says:

    This game looks too spastic and convoluted. In theory it's supposed to be mensa level genius tactics but it's more just random button mashing.

  23. Red Asgard says:

    I know this probably gonna sound dumb, considering there isn't a whole lot one dev team to another can really do.
    But why do so many games use such identical menu formats

  24. Jacob Sanchez says:

    This is insane. I love it

  25. Jätski.fi says:

    you are putting in new actors in the same scene, no time travel

  26. Rawmon94 says:

    imagine pro's playing this, 3000IQ plays

  27. Asper Gale says:

    Why are the titles of all your live streams lately in full upper case? So much shouting :'D

  28. Isvoor says:

    Having 2v2 enemies play together seems like a balance between what you liked in the two extremes. Half of each team gets to use the drone and see how the round goes everywhere while the other plays. Every round you might go into completely different parts of the map and never meet your enemy, you doing your own thing and your enemy countering an older play far away, at which point it is like the turn-based style. But you can never shake off the feeling that they might be sprinting towards you or lining up a sniper shot at any moment.

  29. Samuel Rivera says:

    Odd would you try diablo 2 resurrected?

  30. Jon Alen says:

    This is amazing! I love the play-counter-play nature of the game. And I'm super entertained by the evolving commentary as the match progresses! Such a cool game. I'd definitely enjoy watching more of this.

  31. terron says:

    So basically Quantum League?

  32. terry tredinnick says:

    I clicked for a quick look , still watching an hour later , very addictive to watch

  33. Austin Stephenson says:

    How'd I miss this? Great job odd!

  34. Deadput says:

    Anybody who decides to play this game, you need to absolutely turn up the FOV since the default was very tunnel-vision and distracting or at least that was the case for me before I did.

    But then again I didn't do any tutorials or anything, I just jumped right in without practicing which wasn't exactly good for me in comparison to Odd/LL who had already played some rounds prior.

  35. SwindlerOnTheRoof says:

    Brain. Hurts. So. Much. Awesome game, great fun to watch.

  36. Jex-the-NoteBook-Guy says:

    dang it's a small world after all. i was in luckless's stream chat. i was wondering why you sounded familiar. scrolled through a ton of your videos to find one i watched part or full of. it was the fort triumph one. got it from someone's leftovers of humble choice

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