If MrBeast Made SQUID GAME

Have you ever wondered if MrBeast made Squid Game ?
Well this Squid game animation is about Jimmy and Karl and Chris, except I guess they’d call it Mr Beast Game animation or somethin.. or you could call it mr beast squid game. it’s kinda like $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life

#Squidgame #Mrbeast

(DISCLAIMER) this all justa parody, don’t take it seriously

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39 Responses

  1. EpicAce says:

    If mr beast made horror videos this will be exactly what ue will make lol

  2. J B says:

    He actually did lol

  3. minh son le says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u make bad videooooooooooooooooooooooo i will repoter

  4. Zan Rosos says:

    this vid gives me nightmares!

  5. Angelo Dela Cruz says:

    He already made one

  6. Fnaf player says:

    Mrbeast made a squid game u said it your self

  7. Red Laurenti says:


  8. Adolfo Miralda Ruiz says:

    Oh shiet

  9. Erwin Johns Posadas says:

    Mr beast is crazy



  11. PURPL3 says:

    This aged well

  12. Efsanevi rico says:

    Karl R.İ.P.

  13. Bedigar says:

    This animation predicted the future.

  14. Urgers Burgers says:

    Haha, this is mr bean!

  15. Eymen Aydın says:

    Xd he did it

  16. Hydden Apollo Cillan says:

    This is kinda sus

  17. ClipBotAli says:

    In an alternative universe

  18. Anh Phan says:

    @Mr Beast

  19. 3gyptian_sn1per says:

    plot twist: he did

  20. jagjyot says:

    and then he actually did it

  21. Khairul Animation says:

    Mr beast already make squid games 4 days ago

  22. Super cell says:

    0:26 pause real quick-
    to be continued…

  23. Thuc Mai says:

    Do the turkey and vegan

  24. Dominic Tan says:

    In the animation it looked like people died

  25. Dominic Tan says:

    What the fuck did you make MrBeast Look like a serial killer

  26. Isabella Grace Salayon says:

    I think this video might be in a horror movie

  27. The sithtrooper says:

    He did

  28. Golden Bunny says:

    Where is Khandler.

  29. RMP says:

    Fact : he did it

  30. Spectrum BG says:

    Fun Fact: This Came Recommend In Everyone's Youtube Page But After Mrbeast Recreated This Game

  31. Supercat says:

    What if one of the player is survived?

  32. smile :) says:

    he actully madd squid game

  33. Around the internet says:

    Is this like serious? Like i have seen many MrBeast hate videos before, are you one of them?

  34. liynxxxx! says:

    "remember removing your masks is against the rules"
    Me: yea especially in pandemic!

  35. J o u r y says:

    Watching this after mrbeast make it lol

  36. Kingrichard790 says:

    he did itb tho

  37. Shyam Sunder says:

    Evil Mr beast

  38. Cryptic Clan says:

    That’s not the first game

  39. Avocado Animations says:

    I'm kinda late to the Squid Game party, but I hope you guys still enjoy 😀

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