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Hey Hey! Welcome to another LIT segment of Credit Makes $ense w/ Netiva, The Frugal CrediTnista

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This week we’re BUSTING some Credit Myths! Meet me Monday – Friday ***This Week Only*** at 12:30p EST as we BUST a New Myth Each Day!!!

Today’s Credit Myth: “I heard that if I want to get a quick boost on my FICO scores, all I have to do is dispute it and FICO will ignore it when calculating my credit data. Is this True?”

Let’s Make $ense of Some Thangs!


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if i dispute something on my credit report

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  1. ana bev says:

    hello I am writing you again to ask your advice, Midland sent me a copy of a old bill that they're saying validates the debt.I wrote you a while back and you gave me advice I sent them a debt validation letter that's what they sent me back I know that is not a debt validation, is there any other advice that you can give me before I go to court on December the 14th? Because I don't know what the next step is that old bill doesn't validate anything in my opinion…. Also they didn't send or answer anything else I put in the debt validation letter they just sent a copy of a old bill with a account number and name saying this validates the debt

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