Idi Amin: The Butcher of Uganda

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Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Steve Theunissen
Producer – Jack Cole
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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Source/Further reading:

Kaylani Mookherji: Idi Amin (Kindle editiion)
George Ivan Smith: Ghosts of Kampala; The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin


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37 Responses

  1. arya anggit says:

    Hello there

  2. SHAHIDKC says:

    Idi used dashlane to hide his genocide.

  3. SHAHIDKC says:

    The ultimate sigma chad even committed a genocide against asians.

  4. David Brewster says:

    I've listened to a number of these stories and the one fact that's always apparent is when white people try to explain Idi Amin Dada they say he eats human heads and has a 12year old wife and drinks the blood of Virgins etc.
    When explained by Black documentarians we see his family his actual functions as a human without being asked white people questions keeping in mind their preconceived notions of who they think he is,I'm not saying Dude wasn't a beast but being a fairly experienced man in the life of being a Black-Man nothing white folks say will surprise me….

  5. Patricia Musinguzi says:

    I'm Ugandan…and there's a place that amin used to torture people at which is a tourist site today…..has never been cleaned….Still has splatters of dried blood all over the walls…..and just stinks of death…..


    Am a ugandan , we have never had a president who loved uganda like he did

  7. guydreamr says:

    "His mother was a witchdoctor" Nowhere to go but up, folks.

  8. Bernie the Kiwi Dragon says:

    Moral of the story: if your officer threatens castration and then follows through, DON'T PROMOTE HIM!

  9. omonil Biff says:

    Something I have found fascinating recently is post-Independence Africa. Very fascinating stories. Very under reported.

  10. Nathan David Veitch says:

    Thank you for all the amazing video's you have done. You often ask for suggestions and I was wondering maybe here or Geographics, cover the Rwandan genocide?

  11. Richard Alfaro says:

    General Idi "Big Daddy" Amin Dada

  12. Anthony Ali says:

    These guys are given every opportunity to succeed in their evil ways, from witch doctor Mom, being glorified for fighting out his weight class, being described as dull" , yet he flourish , what we sow we reap

  13. ThePuschkin1986 says:

    Worth mentioning about the aftermath of the Entebbe raid is that Amin had several army officers arrested and shot because they were suspected of collaborating with the Israelis. When Dora Bloch was dragged from her hospital bed, several doctors and nurses who tried to intervene were killed as well. On their way back to Israel the IDF planes made a refueling stop in Kenya. Angered, Amin had well over 200 Kenyans living in Uganda killed, a further 3000 fled the country.

  14. Lee Hilton says:

    Funny how they all end up living in luxury when it all goes txts up, I think he'd took few quid with him, don't believe handouts bit for a second

  15. Mike Porten says:

    A black guy that could swim?

  16. Josephine Mwaka says:

    Do Mubotu

  17. Business Cat says:

    This man does not know de way

  18. Toiness Boss says:

    1:24 “and the officer pulled some string to get him into the British Colonial Army”
    Thanks for pulling those strings asshole

  19. Misi Victoria says:

    The fact that this man owned the title "the most brutal leader" for simply trying to take full control of his country instead of letting the outsiders take control or have a say in everything, especially the economical development of African countries, is quite disturbing. 'm still doing my research on this man, and I haven't yet discovered the brutality which he practiced

  20. Shafro says:

    There was a lot of awful things that happened in the 70s i swear.

  21. rasaak adams says:

    The British European Rulers and british european elites came with Ships and Powerful Guns to Steal Australia from the Hands of Aborigines who are ligistment Landlords and ligistment Owners of Australia.
    For example, the British European Rulers and british european elites came with Ships and Powerful Guns to Steal America from Hands of Red Indians who are ligistment Landlords and ligistment Owners of America.

    For example, the British European Rulers and british european elites came with Ships and Powerful Guns to Steal New Zealand from the Hands of kiwis who are ligistment Landlords and ligistment Owners of New Zealand.
    For example, the British European Rulers and british european elites are Greatest International Theives of all times in the World History.

  22. Mohammed Aslam says:


  23. Ashintha Welagedara says:

    Why do you have a footage take of queen while she was in Sri Lankan (ceylon) in 1948 , between 3.26 and 3.32 minutes of your video??

  24. Josephine Mbugua says:

    It's mau mau…. Maaauuu maaaauuu….

  25. Zoe zebra Xd says:

    And they say hitler was the worst.

  26. Tom Perkins says:

    Reliable sources say that Satan gives Amin a quarter turn on the spit every millennium.

  27. HeliRy says:

    Wood love to see an episode on Equatorial Guinea’s “President” Obiang

  28. Mcdonald Lennard says:

    most of the information you got from this video is deformed and exaggerated (propagated)
    by the British and his enemies, he has been best president Uganda will ever have, despite collapsing the economy i cant imagine uganda if he hadnt expelled Asians who were in the controlled of the ecomy.

  29. sipioc says:

    He got off too easy.

  30. Akanfo Yawu says:

    Liars. Nana Amin was ousting the Arab who were to take over his country later. Do not believe these devils.

  31. Ndhavuko Gift says:

    0:52 simon in African culture it's not a 'witch doctor' but a 'traditional healer'. All western allies call it 'witchcraft or doctor' because they can't do 50% of the job traditional healers do. You must stop promoting propaganda for our society.

  32. daveeD says:

    He was just a sigma male

  33. kiberenigest sebez says:

    I no longer believe stories the come from major media and that talk about African or Asian or Russians leaders etc.
    …mobutu seseko was brutal but friendly to west , so we don't hear gruesome stories about him.
    … it was said sadam Saddam Hussein had WMD and horrifying story was told about him. But there was no WMD
    … and the media outlets like aljazera, BBC, CNN, AP, are elements that George Orwell wrote in animal farm. : the men like john and his people were in businesses of misinformation about the farm . So are you. And you are reitrating lies ; Why he put bodies in firidge and eat them. Uganda never been in drought , Amin is not a non human being that crave the flush of human . May be, you are telling us these africans are scary monsters that dont have human feeling. what you are telling us is not pure history but a mix of proganada and history

  34. BMW Programming & Encoding says:

    The word dictator doesnt means tyrant or evil ruler, the word dictator means "speaker". You European deceivers are always using certain word very wrongly. Its is because this guy's UK people were humiliated by a black african leader and kicked out the country is why he is talking against idi amin. But he failed to say that UK, USA and all European nation are the number 1 enemy to african people.

  35. Grosse Pointe Guy says:

    idi amin was a nationalist

  36. G Kimani says:

    His mother was the witch doctor, we call that foreshadowing.

  37. Biographics says:

    Hello everyone. We've been experimenting with a bit of a podcast (a few people were asking for audio versions so they can get Biographics while doing other things)! Fair warning: none of these are new biographies, but rather me having a bit more of a free form chat around the script. I'd love to know what you think, if these are useful, wanted etc :). Thanks, Simon.

    Trolled people:

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