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  1. Stroka D says:

    The guy from India is a true hero

  2. Simo says:

    help people>>>>fuck people

  3. LookAtMyHands says:

    Watch Kitboga and how he deals with these guys

  4. The greatest Ever says:

    I would get these calls all the time! Asking for my social and that it’s Been suspicious activity on my ssn. I consider myself to be very smart but I Ain’t gonna lie I was scared as hell thinking it was real but I didn’t give in I cursed his ahse out and told him “if it’s real have the social security administration contact me by mail”! Then he started laughing so I knew it was fake! So I called up the ssa near me to see if it was legit they said it was a lie smh! But I’m broke Anyway so they wouldn’t have gotten much lol!

  5. mega man says:

    Whoever falls for scams you literally deserve to get scammed

  6. ChubbThaGOAT 216 says:

    How do the scammers get anyone To believe them? Lmao people are so gullible. I’d laugh if I got a call asking for thousands or I’m going to jail.

  7. linton makz says:

    i get harrased by these guys. i replied calling them a benchod and now they target me of all diffrent numbers

  8. José Kanucee says:

    anything and everything done by government is done by mail. remember that and you won’t get scammed.

  9. Succ Ubus says:

    So is the undercover guy just not getting paid? Cause he has to scam to earn money- surely someone would notice he hasn’t scammed in a long time….
    Just curious to know how that side of things is working

  10. LaptopThugNSTG says:

    I’ll pull up

  11. Susie Blanco says:

    Pleasant Green >

  12. Repent!. says:

    Repent to Jesus Christ!
    “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.””
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  13. Boy Lakwatsero says:

    Sometimes its very easy to find credit card information of americans. Most businesses in US are recording phone calls. This is where call center agent comes to play.

  14. Adam says:

    Scambaitors are doing God's work

  15. cubi lord says:

    My man pleasant green

  16. Corbin Dallas says:

    How dumb are these people. No ever calls says we are talking you to jail. They just kick your door in an take you to jail

  17. Alex Ford says:

    KITBOGA doing gods work

  18. AngelToxicity says:

    Yessss please tell green is finally on vice

  19. Real Steppa says:

    U police

  20. Minnesota Yangtze 9 says:

    My gosh I hope this guy safe he is a superhero. India start having bad vibes to tourist.

  21. WoodLifeSmk says:

    People that take advantage of the vulnerable need to just die

  22. Devon Spain says:

    Anyone who believes this stuff on the phone deserves tp be scammed lmao son as i hear a none American voice i hang up

  23. MUI Gohan says:

    This guy is the true avenger

  24. Cassi Goldman says:

    When I was a kid, I really wanted a puppy and one day a scammer emailed me saying that got puppies. I was tempted, but my mom stopped me. Some people don't have people to help them out

  25. foozeball says:

    Well done to the guy who went undercover , same should happen to all of them scammers

  26. zakali92 says:

    Jim browning is the best

  27. bump uglies? says:

    Vice had the opportunity to interview Kitboga.

  28. John Martin says:

    Yet when we call customer service we get routed to India and have to give our credit numbers. No thanks

  29. alex says:

    vice has made a comeback tbf

  30. Chris Ess says:

    I urge you all to watch Pleasant Green's videos about this exact story, it's a really well made, well told story. – 'Befriending a Scammer in India | The Other Line Chapter 1'

  31. ELECTRO WIZARD says:

    after all we all are in the race of having a good life !

  32. ELECTRO WIZARD says:

    i am a cybersecurity student in indian i have contacts with delhi cybercrime cell . i myself have shutdown 2 call centers near my area , i dont know how much i can continue as all the scam boss are too powerful but i will try i have a team who is also working with me we putting RAT( remote access trojan ) into scammers phone to track their callers and manipulate them. we are also in the race . watch out and take care!

  33. Jeffery Flood says:

    It's crazy cause I legit gave somebody my card number that had no money on and I feel really dumb because I'm in a real jam and at my lowest. I don't even know all the info I gave but I truly wish I didn't give any money at all

  34. johnny drams says:

    how does he work at a scam center without scamming people…seems silly

  35. VodShod says:

    They say anyone can be scammed just like saying anyone can be pulled into a cult. I believe I am someone who would not fall for either. Just like you cannot remove water from a rock you cannot get money from my bank account using a scam. For one I don't trust anyone anonymous and I have no money for them to take. Also for cults I have specific goals I am working towards and cults are made to get people who are lost in life. Even if I end up on the street some day I will be working towards finishing the projects I have as goals.

  36. Xivlex says:

    Pure heroism right there on that Indian dude. It takes a lot of courage to put not only your livelihood but also your life on the line like he did. Mad respect to him

  37. truth betold says:

    Damn dude sounds like he from the UK

  38. Michael says:

    karma will get these scammers
    and there maker

  39. Antiomnis says:

    Never believe unsolicitored callers. Always follow-up with the actual company, or institution they claimed to be and always make sure you find their real number to call, not the one the callers give you.

  40. VICE says:

    WATCH NEXT: How we staged a UFO hoax. –

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