'I want to clear my name': Woman speaks out after being falsely accused by Scottsdale police

While detained, scared, and crying, Scottsdale police officers repeatedly called her a liar and ignored clear video evidence of her innocence before handcuffing Garcia for a hit-and-run she didn’t commit.


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27 Responses

  1. Ben Andrick says:

    I think if you have get a lawyer to defend yourself and you're found innocent the prosecution should have to pay your lawyer. They abuse poor people knowing we can't afford it.

  2. Ana Nicole says:

    It was about time, karma has caught up to you.. check her background.

  3. Mrs Chappo says:

    The video CLEARLY shows that someone runs and jumps on to her car, CASE CLOSED!! Nobody should be saying anything negative, she shouldn’t need to clear her name because you can SEE ( with your own two eyes ) that she did NOTHING WRONG.

  4. Mark S says:

    The story of almost every black person you know……….without that camera footage she would be in prison and her life ruined for ever. I guess we should be happy they didn't beat or kill her…… as they would have lied about that too.

  5. Knighty Knightz says:

    Imagine all the people who were send to jail that judges decided to incarcerate on purpose to make an example and all u did was argue with your mom outside about money this justice system broken btw you get stripped searched in jail

  6. just sayen says:

    Isn't that cute they got a DUI so they got paid and they innocent person in jail.
    And they were looking for a pat on the back to get a hit-and-run driver..
    That's right he was probably going to do a interview on television.

  7. frank's mobile advertising says:

    Cops are the dumbest mfs on the planet

  8. Jim Hatfield says:

    Sue the hell out of the city and sue the officers especially!

  9. Derek Miller says:

    Wow all faith lost

  10. Cali Kiwi says:

    I can’t believe it’s only after a new chief is assigned that they decided to do an investigation. In fact for her to be told to drop the suit because she couldn’t win against the cops is the cause for concern. They need to be held accountable for the defamation they’ve caused and it starts at the top!

  11. videofandude99 says:

    White cops never listen to minorities.

  12. videofandude99 says:

    Standard Operating Procedure is to blame the minority first. And then ask questions later.

  13. Fattyman says:

    You cooperated, I bet you'll never do that again! I can't believe the cops released the picture of a person accused of a crime as opposed to someone convicted of a crime. "Stupid is as stupid does"!

  14. KJ&Troop says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Get a better Lawyer and Sue the crap out of these dirty cops. The Police wonder why the public is up in arms… Go figure. what a bunch of garbage police.

  15. Prototyp3m1nd says:

    Amazing that people can be incompetent to the point of harming the innocent and letting the guilty go free yet still keep their jobs. Also amazing how often AZ police come up in the most heinous situations.

  16. Sw33tsciense says:

    This seems like a setup by the police. Everything aligns too well. That was probably a off duty cop stomping on her windshield.

  17. Maxine Davidson says:

    Confirmation bias on show.

  18. Berton Wolfenbarger says:

    Another dipshits thinks he got it all figured out they wanted to check out the women naked perverts they only put dumbasses on bicycles losers

  19. rolturn says:

    Did the police stop to consider that the genius who smashed her windshield probably knew about the hit and run and used smashing her window to get away with it.

  20. rolturn says:

    Qualifies Immunity shouldn't apply when basic logic overrides a police decision.

    Police should be expected to look for evidence with the assumption that a person is innocent until evidence proves otherwise.

  21. Mark Flint says:

    Stupid cops could of just put their hand on the hood and see if it was hot, what a fucked country

  22. edward starling says:

    She should get a better attorney. She got a shitty attorney.

  23. edward starling says:

    This isnt my first day……well then you should def quit and start flipping burgers.

  24. Brian Emmanuel Grey says:

    Typical contemporary America, detectives (plain clothed cops) hit a snitch with their car, plain clothed cop breaks window in near by parked car, registered to a Hispanic name. Have cop who reviews the video say the video is inconclusive. Boom patsy. The lady must be a stand up citizen, have money and know "people", because 9 out of 10 times, cops skate and chumps take the pumps.

  25. Rahsaan Benjamin says:

    She should sue them why drop it after all that embarrassing moment

  26. TyrannyTerminator says:

    Qualified immunity is unconstitutional as such is null and void as it negates due process. Hold these cowards responsible and charge them as well.

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